Here’s Why Heart Monitoring Devices are So Important

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It is extremely painful to see a loved one suffer from ill health, and if they are suffering from heart disease, then the cause for worry is significantly heightened. Fortunately, the latest technology developments – like these heart monitoring devices from Omnyk – are here to help you through this difficult journey, as a person suffering from heart disease or as their family member. Here is why heart monitoring devices are so important:


Things have changed drastically after the pandemic. Now hospital visits need to be avoided if possible, which means that chronic patients must take on the responsibility of staying on top of their vitals themselves. Hence, remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, particularly in the category of personal heart monitoring devices, are the most effective solution for medical care at home.


In the last year itself, I have heard of numerous young people ranging between the ages of 25-45 dying of sudden heart attacks. Not only is this truly shocking, it makes young people seriously concerned about their own health and that of their loved ones. Data show that the rate of cardiac arrests, even among young and fit sports personalities, is increasing at an alarming rate due to increased levels of stress. Hence, regular check-ups with medical professionals are a must, as is investing in a heart monitoring device if needed.


The last year has shown us that our healthcare system is not equipped to deal with more than it can handle. It is our responsibility as citizens of the country to reduce our dependence on our already overburdened healthcare system, doctors and professionals. An easy way to do this is to consult doctors about the use of personal heart monitoring devices. Now, with greater access to healthcare at home, even serious diseases can be managed in relative comfort.

Here’s why heart monitoring devices are so important

Now that you have read about why heart monitoring devices are so important, here is one that is revolutionising this industry:

Omnytraq, launched by Omnyk, is a continuous Remote Patient Monitoring device focused on patients of Cardiovascular Disease. This slick and state-of-the-art ring device is prescribed and provided by Health Care Professionals in Hospitals, Independent Clinics, and Senior Care Centers, as a service to patients.

Now that we know about the latest technology in the sphere of personal heart monitoring devices, let’s talk about the benefits of using these devices.

The Benefits of Personal Heart Monitoring Devices:

  • Improved efficiency of doctor visits
  • Ability to collect data remotely, away from the health care facility
  • Continuous RPM
  • Preventive Care

For many of us Covid-19 was a call to action to address our serious underlying health issues. One simple way of doing this is by reducing the tremendous burden on the medical fraternity. Useful devices like Omnyk can help to significantly reduce the rates of readmission in hospitals and also prevent a large number of deaths. Hence, this is a subject worth looking into.

Have you asked your doctor about personal heart monitoring devices? Let us know your experience or ask any questions you may have, in the comments section below!

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    1. Hi Smita, these devices are usually prescribed by doctors. You can ask your medical practitioner about it. They are in the form of rings – super easy to manage and real-time tracking results go straight to your doctor.

  1. This is really useful for heart patients. It reminds me of the sugar monitoring device that is quite popular. Thanks for sharing about this. I will surely forward this to my relatives.

  2. Both my parents had heart problem. Dad passed away during his 7th heart attack. Even then I used to think that if there was something that will not cost me an arm and a leg and I could keep it at home for this. Years later this device is there. Its just great to see that people will be able to keep a track.

  3. Such sleek heart monitoring devices are a boon for heart patients and their families. Thanks for the article, I’ll share the information with my family and friends.

  4. You are absolutely right. These days, hospitals need to be avoided unless extremely necessary. The monitoring device is indeed very useful. One of my uncles uses a blood sugar monitoring device that works on a similar concept.

  5. Definitely worth investing in if you have people at home who are aged or have heart conditions. During these 2 years there has also been an exponential growth in fitness bands too as people have started taking their health seriously.

  6. You always write about useful products and resources. I’ve found some good stuff from your blog. It’s certainly scary how young people are dying from heart attacks nowadays. I wonder if these are the after-effects of COVID-19.

  7. This is one useful device for monitoring heart health. I am sure it is really going to help many people who want to avoid hospital visits.

  8. I do use my watch for similar purpose. However I’m sure this would help the masses to keep a track of such sensitive and life saving information.

  9. If we can have such monitoring device at home then it will come handy when needed. You are right, the increasing death rate is disturbing. Regular monitoring can help in controlling it to some extent.

  10. This is really an useful option for heart patients. I agree during pandemic period, we all need options to collect the data remotely to reduce the burden on health care facility. in my family, my father is cardiac patient, will surly check this device for him. thanks Noor for sharing this informative blog with us.

  11. Such a well researched post Noor, love it, With increasing technological advanced it is so easy to get such equipment installed and managed even at the comfort of your home. all we need is to know more about it, thanks for sharing

  12. It is very important to monitor the health at regular intervals and when people avoid hospitals in the pandemic this device seems very helpful to monitor so that one can reach the hospital on time if readings are not normal. Sharing about this with my family and friends.

  13. After this pandemic most of us have BP and oxymeter devices at home and to add on to that I agree we should also have heart monitoring device at home too especially when see people are more stressed out in today’s world. I agree to all the reasons you have given.

  14. Aah! This pandemic has changed our life in so many ways and it is all the more challenging for people who have some or the other ailments. Omnyk is a great way to provide remote health monitoring service especially for patients with heart conditions. Thanks for an informative post, Noor!

  15. This is something I will definitely want to know more about.Being able to monitor patients remotely can help many get help on time.I an going to find out more on this Noor.

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