5 Reasons to Try Make a Wish Box: Healthy Meal Boxes for Kids

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If you are a busy working mother juggling multiple roles – as a professional, homemaker, caregiver, wife, mother, daughter, friend and so much more, you will appreciate anything that promises to make your life easier. Today, I’m here to share a tip on a service that does exactly that. The Make a Wish Box is a one-of-a-kind healthy children’s meal box that will deliver deliciously prepared healthy meals to your doorstep!

Make a Wish Meal Box

Read what their website has to say about the unique service they provide:

“To all the parents who are constantly anxious about planning a day’s meal, when all the thoughts revolve around what to cook that is delicious as well as nourishing so that they can feed their kids a balanced diet while managing a tight schedule, your wish has been granted. Make a Wish Box has finally arrived with scrumptious recipes to be delivered right at your door step! It’s the first ever cloud kitchen in Delhi-NCR that solely focuses on making the meals convenient, wholesome, and less hectic for all the parents out there. At MAWB, we are devoted to using ingredients that will improve your child’s health as well as sharpen their memory.”

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons why you must try out the Make a Wish Box service:


Make a Wish box provides freshly cooked, radiation-free and preservative-free food items that are baked (not fried). This is so that you can ensure your child is eating healthy while also enjoying the flavour of the meals. They don’t use refined oil, and the food is made in pure ghee. Soups contain no cornflour and they don’t use maida or even the microwave while preparing the dishes. 


As children can be fussy eaters or have special dietary needs owing to allergies and other issues, Make a Wish Box customises the meal as per your child’s (and yours) dietary needs as well as offering a concentrated mix of ancient herbs to improve the gut health and immunity of your kids.


The team at Make a Wish box knows the importance of keeping children engaged during meal times. Hence, they created their box to be used as entertainment, for drawing, colouring or any other purpose that strikes their young and imaginative minds.


There is no denying that children are the future of the world, and most parents have valid concerns about their kids being mentally bright, physically strong, and able to face any problem that comes their way in life. With these healthy pre-planned meal boxes, you will never have to worry about your kids lacking in nutrition.


Make a Wish Box is committed to making meals enjoyable, satisfying, yummy, and balanced. The team ardently believes in the fact that healthy meals need not be boring. Their boxes are prepared with clean ingredients and herbs. They are also great options for birthday parties, picnics, play dates, and catered events.

Make a Wish Box


On Lohri day, my son and I both enjoyed their specially curated box. This included the following dishes:

1. Mushy Moon soup, which is infused with Ashwagandha and ancient herbs to build gut and healthy digestion

2. Beetroot Kebab

3. Pasta made in Vegetable Sauce.

4. Plant based protein biryani

5. Daal Makhani

6. Besan Ladoos made with ghee and almonds.

Each of these dishes was tasty, though some were spicy, so you can ask for reduced spices when ordering them. Overall, however, I enjoyed the meal even more than my son and appreciated the idea behind each dish. I recommend that if you live in Delhi-NCR, you should try the Make a Wish box as well (free delivery in Gurugram). An important tip is to pre-order the meals (in the morning if possible) as everything is made fresh. They are most responsive to accepting orders on the phone number given below or on Instagram.

Website: https://makeawishbox.in/about#

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makeawishboxofficial/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D

Phone: (+91) 9990661881


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  1. We as mothers have this constant worry about what would kids eat. This has become my everyday routine. But make a wish box seems to be an amazing option to explore for kids

  2. Good meals, well planned are the right solution to a healthy life. Your meals sound perfect with all the options to match the Indian palate. And I like the fact that they are loaded with the right flavourful spices.

  3. What a lovely concept… I’m sure millions of ladies can breath a sigh of relief cuz of this. n I hope it will come up in other cities too if it hasnt already.
    Btw Noor, even though I am a homemaker, I still feel very lazy to wake up early n make lunch boxes for my kids. Although the school they go to gives them snacks n lunch, somehow they like to take from home 😫.
    But really love this concept👌

  4. I like the details you have shared, indeed the meal looks tempting and kids for sure would love them and as mothers we will benefit their good health from the use of natural herbs.

  5. This is such a thoughtful way to ensure that our kids get nutritious food and also enjoy customised options according to their choice and necessities. Definitely a great option for working parents. I like the surprise gift bit. Kids will love it!

  6. Really, it feels great to have such a service as now-a-days kids are very nuch choosy with what they eat. I have seen my little brother how he is cautious on eating only delicious meals which are never healthy. I will recommend the service by Make a Wish Box to all my fellow friends who wish to have something safe for little ones.

  7. This is much better and healthier than the usual pizzas and burgers for children. I really like the different options they have. Thank you for sharing about it.

  8. I really dont know how to react after reading this post about MAKE A WISH BOX. I was not aware that there are some magical healthy food boxes for kids. Amazing dear and I am grateful to you for introducing this brand to us. For sure I am going to share this with my friends and once my toddler is little big I am personally going to avail this wish box services. Thanks once again

  9. What a lovely endeavor by Make A Wish Box. As a working mother, my children’s nutrition is my topmost priority and there are days when I’m deadbeat to even cook an egg. This meal box definitely looks like a lifesaver as it is fresh and healthy. Will wait for it to start operations in my city, it would be such a boon.

  10. The brand has correctly named the box as Make a Wish Box, healthy and delicious meal sounds perfect I really wish that they expand their coverage, its a great concept and will be a success.

  11. It is great to see that brands are more aware of food allergies now. I wish them well and hope they expand their service across NCR. Thanks for sharing about them.

  12. I have never come across such an amazing meal box for kids. It’s great to hear that you’ve had a positive experience with a meal box! It’s always wonderful when we come across something that exceeds our expectations and provides us with a great experience. Will forward with friends in gurugram.

  13. It is somewhat like dabba service for kids. Today’s parents are so busy and sometimes it is not possible to give elaborate meal. Most of the time even I pack omelet or sandwich😂 This one is really a good option.

  14. Wow, Make A Wish Box seems to a perfect solution to young fussy eaters who love eating out. I absolutely loved the packaging and thoughtful 5 course menu for the children. The Beetroot -almond tikki, the pasta and biriyani looks so tempting.

  15. Here’s an appeal to Make A Wish Box to start something in Thane and the suburbs soon, so that this ‘kid’ can also finally start eating healthy. As always, very well drafted post, Noor!

  16. Noor, I learn something new from your blogs. Well, isn’t that the main point anyway, to learn from each other and grow or help each other grow. I am amazed to get a peek into the make a wish box and the healthy choices available for kids. This is great for working mothers. Loved your photo with your kiddo. Also found your post nicely organized and easy to read.

  17. This looks really good- do they do adult versions 🙂 Will pass it on to Tanya because she was looking for good food options for Baby K

  18. I like this concept of choosing a meal according to your preference. It’s good to know about their service. I hope they will get popularity all over India.

  19. Wow loved this idea of wish meal box. It can change the food habits of the kids and also provide them delicious food with options. I would love to try this for my nephew.

  20. While I for sure am not keen on subscribing on meal boxes anytime soon, it’s great to have this option nowadays especially with the kind of society we have where everyone is busy than ever.

  21. Make a wish is like a wish come true for every mom juggling between work and home. Specially trying to balance the nutrition and taste is very difficult. I will definitely check it out. The picture of the meal you have posted look very tasty and nutritious at the same time.

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