Predictions for 2023 by Anisha Dutt of Zariya Healings

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Happy new year folks! The 1st of January always brings with it room for hope and lots to look forward to as we begin with a clean slate in life. It also means we begin planning for the year ahead. So, if you are keen to plan your year with some knowledge of what lies in store in the coming months, I spoke to Anisha Dutt, founder of Zariya Healings and healing practitioner who has expertise of various spiritual methodologies. Here are Anisha’s predictions for the year 2023:

Predictions for 2023


A very important theme for 2023 is to be able to stand up for oneself. The warrior energy is prevalent, and the best use of this energy is to learn to defend oneself. If you do not stand up to the bully, the energies of fear will cripple you even before anyone can disturb you. Facing our fears and defending our beliefs is a very important lesson in life.

Finding magic in the little things in life will bring the most joy.

This is the year to reap the benefits of all the hard work you have done in previous years. It is also a time to develop financial security as well as embrace change.


2023 is the year you learn more about yourself – who are you and what you really want in your career/business sphere. This year, you should try to focus on your goals. If you do not know what you want, it makes it harder to manifest what you want. However, when your focus and energy is on what you want, you will be rewarded for your vision. You can be a leader in 2023 and carve your unique path.

If you’re in a creative field, there will be ample inspiration for you in terms of ideas and finding success in them. This will also be an emotionally satisfying year, therefore, you will feel motivated and might create charismatic pieces.

If you’re in a business, you would expand and grow in what you do. There will be new partnerships and contracts coming your way.

If you’re in a job, chances are that you will get a promotion between February – April.

Keep moving forward, this is the year of focus and taking action.

Predictions for 2023

Love and Relationships

2023 will need you to maintain a yin-yang balance in your relationships. This means that it will be imperative to balance your masculine and feminine energies, whether in terms of giving and receiving, or doing and nurturing. Only when such a harmony is maintained, will your relationships be peaceful.

From May to July, one needs to be careful about conflicts, misunderstandings and heated arguments.

This is also a year to develop a healthy relationship with the self. Focus on your inner self, as it’s only when we are at peace with ourselves, that we develop healthy relationships with others. Focus on meditation and work on your own spiritual health. 

Health and Wellness

Based on the planetary movement and overall tarot, there might be some health concerns at the beginning of the year so everyone must take precautions and be careful. Since it is an action-packed year, we are all focussed on ‘doing’, however, if we are constantly ‘churning’ without taking a pause, we can very quickly burn out. We need to learn to maintain a balance in life. Regular breaks to introspect and slow down are a must.







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  1. Things seem to be looking up in general for everyone in 2023 and it’s such a positive thought to begin the new year with. Feeling rejuvenated and motivated.

  2. I being a numerologist and astrologers do agree with the readings of Anisha in regards to general reading of 2023 as a year. But things will not be the same for all as person perspective there will be wide variations as destiny or fortune of a native is decided based on his or her respective planetary positions.

  3. The past few years have been very challenging, to say the least. Glad to read that yet despite the ups and downs of last year, this year, we will be able to stand for ourselves.
    Thanks, Zariya healing, for your optimistic prediction. I hope for the best for all.

  4. I totally agree about defending our beliefs being the most important lesson. Don’t wait for someone else to do that. I liked reading her predictions.

  5. I’m one of those people who really look at horoscopes at the beginning of the year just for fun and and wishing that predictions about my future is well. It is important though not to only rely on these predictions and do the work for all to turn to reality.

  6. Overall 2023 is the best year for everyone according to Zariya. I love to read each point you mention here. Really it is interesting where you do not put any negativity of the year. Off course I also believe to have positive vibes through the year and overcome the obstacles. Surely will check her.

  7. I also read tarot readings for the week normally as per my sun sign. But I normally read it online. I have never individually approached any person to do so. Anisha seems to be authentic as you have recommended her.

  8. My rational mind doesn’t believe in astrology, but my heart always steers towards it. Am I a hypocrite? 🙂 All positive predictions so far for 2023..looking forward to the year

  9. Interesting post. Not into predictions. I believe in positive attitude, adaptability and agility. Things are constantly changing.

  10. I am a firm believer of positive energies and manifestation. These predictions work when we impliment consistencies and manifest them. Loved reading this post.

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