5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Unhaul Books #TheBookBlogTrain

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5 things to keep in mind when you unhaul books

Some of you may have read my attempt at Haiku– an ancient form of Japanese poetry last week. That article was written as part of #TheBookBlogTrain, and today I’m penning my thoughts on another provided prompt, since we are allowed two entries as part of this train.

Last month, after some coercion from my mother-in-law, I unhauled many books from my ever-growing collection. My husband and I painstakingly went through the bookshelves in my marital home (I’m yet to tackle the ones at my parent’s place!), as well as my son’s large collection of children’s books. My husband was definitely more ruthless than me when it came to parting ways with our literary friends! I learnt a lot through this process, and I’m breaking it down for you so that your next ‘unhauling of books’ becomes easier.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you unhaul books:


This is first thing you should look for. Most people will not have repeats of the same books, but in my case, there were quite a few. My son is constantly gifted books and many of the popular ones are repeated. These are usually in good condition and can easily be passed along.

As keen bibliophiles, my husband and I merged our libraries after marriage, without realising that we had two copies of the same book in some cases. These were also added to the donation pile.


With three Graduate/ Postgraduate degrees to my name, I have accumulated a large number of textbooks over the years. Some legal tomes have pride of place in my library, but I have donated many.

Some books that are regularly updated by their authors, are easy to boot out. For example, pregnancy books, of which I will certainly buy the latest version, if I conceive again.


Books have been steadfast companions of mine, through life. I have read and re-read some of my favourites till they were reduced to tatters, yet I refuse to part with them.

However, there are also books that I have not enjoyed reading, which I find easy to part with.


I firmly believe that books are the best presents one can give, regardless of age and gender. Fortunately, I have been gifted many books over the years. I may not have read all of them, but I like having them in my collection for the memories that are attached to them.

Conversely, if it’s a book gifted to you by a troublesome ex- get rid of it!


Identify where you plan to donate the books- is it a school library, a donation drive or do you simply want to sell them to a secondhand bookstore/ kabaddiwala?

If it’s going to a place where there is a high chance of the books being read, then you should part with some of your favourites. They might give the same amount of reading pleasure to a new person, as they did to you. If, however it’s a mere re-sale, you should donate the ones you didn’t like over the ones you did.

These are my tips for unhauling books. Do share yours in the comments below!


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  1. Unhauling of books is something on which I need to take a cue from you. Have not done that for ages now. But these are some nice tips to get it done faster and more systematically.

  2. I’m not a book reader but these tips are so helpful and amazing tips. Thanks for sharing them. I’m anyway thinking to start rradire books regularly

  3. Nice topic indeed! Even in this age of gadgets, books are still the best friends. Going to keep in mind these Unhaul tips for my books too.

  4. I can donate or throw old clothes, but books… No way. I love them more than anything. I am a fiction lover and mostly hoard that genre.

  5. Such a well thought article. Parting with books is rather sad but your tips definitely will make the process easier. Thank you for sharing them 🙂

  6. Over the months, I kept pruning my book collection and got rid of a lot of unwanted books. Interestingly, a lot of ‘maybes’ during my first unhaul ended up being unhauled later. I began bringing them to thrift stores or free libraries because it’s more convenient and faster, rather than holding on to them until a friend wants it and is able to pick it up.

  7. Thanks for these amazing and very useful tips. Going to apply some of the tips when I’ll unhaul next time.

  8. I don’t really prefer to unhaul my books coz i don’t feel like but if in case i anytime plan to sell them i’ll take care of these tips. Thank you. 🙂

  9. I love reading books and I know how it’s so difficult to part with them. Gifting the books sounds really wise and nice.

  10. Since school, I have donated my school books to govt or local schools or handed them down to my juniors if the edition hasn’t changed too much. My college and MBA books also went to my juniors. Im a strong believer in hand me downs. Luckily we dont have too many repeat books since my husband and I read very different stuff but we do declutter and pass on lot of books and keep only favourites or gifts or sentimental value. It’s better someone else reads it rather than a book staying on shelf for too long and not be read again. 🙂

  11. I understand the pain one goes through while unhauling books. I have done it quite a few times because of continuous shifting.

  12. We cost share it love for books! It is one of the hardest things to part with a book! I buy more than I can give away and don’t know where to keep them!

      1. Oops just seeing my typos in the message! Let me see if I can correct

  13. These are some great tips. I still find it tough to give away a book, but now with audio books and kindle versions my books are not visible.

  14. Very helpful tips. Will definitely keep these tips in mind while parting books.

  15. Giving away books breaks my heart but sometimes it becomes essential for new ones to find place. These are good tips, Noor. I usually keep the ones I particularly liked and mostly thrillers/detective ones are first to go.

  16. Giving away books wrenches my heart, but we have to. I like d your point that give away the books who would need them than just getting rid off the books.

  17. For me parting away with my books is little difficult. But i do share the books with friends and then ask them to send back after they finish.

  18. Wow you are truly an avid reader. Somehow we don’t have much of a collection, as already donated graduation & post-graduation books. and keep passing on little one’s books suitable for younger kids to cousins and friends. I like the idea of recycling children books.

  19. Great tips Noor, earlier I too had a big collection and had tough time departing. Now I normally keep donating or passing on the books after.

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