My Son, May You Have the World at Your Feet: A Poem

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My darling son, may you have the world at your feet,

your head held high through triumphs or defeat.

May you bountifully taste success,

overcoming all hurdles and duress.

May you learn right from wrong,

remain empathetic yet strong.

May you have a creative bent of mind,

yet stay grounded, humble and kind.

May you travel far and wide,

with ne’er a thorn in your side.

May you learn from your mistakes,

improving till you achieve the highest stakes.

May you flounder from time to time (yes you heard me right),

as true victory comes with a fight.

May you be completely self-dependent,

charming when you need to be, stately and resplendent.

May you be the master of your tongue,

by your words, no one should ever feel stung.

May you never raise your hand, on woman or man,

taking the high road whenever you can.

May you stand up for what you believe in,

a leader comfortable in his own skin.

May you inspire confidence amongst your peers,

deflecting with a smile, any negative leers.

May you be known as a person of great learning,

using your knowledge to keep age-old fences burning.

May your love for animals continue to grow,

translating to a love for all beings in the universal flow.

May you achieve everything you wish for and more,

accepting in your stride whatever fate has in store.

May no insecurities ever pull you down,

you are your own master- may you wear your own crown.

May sticks, stones or words never hurt you,

if you’re mentally strong, you will pull through.

May you stand out in a crowd,

without being brash or loud.

May the light shine upon you, guiding you through life,

keeping you away from negativity and strife.

May you never foster any judgment or bias,

while you stand confidently on life’s dias.

May you always be in the pink of health,

leaving the world when you’re ready, and not in stealth.

May you be blessed with a large family and many friends,

that hold you in good stead, when you hit life’s bends.

As your mother, there are many things I wish for you,

I hope through this poem the message goes through.

If you are a parent reading this, you will agree with me,

And share this ode to our children ahead gleefully.

For this is an earnest prayer all parents share,

That our children are happy, healthy and life deals them fair.

I’ll end by saying, keep your head held high through triumphs or defeat;

My darling son, may you have the world at your feet.


This poem is written as part of the #Momology Blog Train. I’ve written on this picture prompt, and entitled it “My son, may you have the world at your feet”.

You can also read my previous posts on dealing with tricky parenting situations, and 5 ways to keep your sanity as a parent. This Blog Train is hosted by ThoughtsbyGeethica, SlimExpectations, Mummasaurus and Truly Yours Roma; and sponsored by FirstCry Intellikit, Instacuppa, Diet Funda, Hugs n Tugs, Tina Basu, Unorthodox Peeps, Lotus Herbals Baby and Shumee Toys. I would like to thank Neha for introducing me in the Momology Blog Train. You can read more about her work at I would like to introduce Prerna who blogs at Her blog post is at


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  1. Wow beautiful poem and excellent response to picture prompt. I love the poem shared a message from mother to her child. its so lovely and touching. keep up the great work! #Momology

  2. That’s a fantastic poem and so relatable for a mother of a son like me. I love the way you pen down your verses. Almost as if you are talking to us. Very talented!

  3. being a mom myself I can totally understand the feeling you wrote such beautiful lines for your son.. even I feel the same and I think in the world there isn’t a mom who wishes ill of her children.. we are structured like that.. Loved the poem..

  4. This is a lovely poem, you have penned your feeling so well. I am sure he will be proud whenever will read these lines. Wish I could make such lovely lines too.

  5. Isn’t it all we parents desire for our kids. It’s a very touchy poem. Can really feel the warmth these words have.

  6. Advice, encouragement and so much love in this poem, Noor! I’m going to share this with my son too. Respecting women is something I always ask him to do.

  7. Lovely dear! Such guiding and loving words I wish each mother tells this to her son.

  8. Aww so poignant and so heart felt. I am sure your son would love to read this when he grows up

  9. Oh it’s such a beautiful poem, made me emotional. Your son will be proud when he reads this in the future.

  10. A beautiful poem.We all wish our children to be blesses.But living a creative life is a special blessing.

  11. What a beautiful poem, you said everything which a mother wishes for her child. Really touching and excellently crafted word to word.

  12. This is such a heart warming poem direct from a mother’s heart. We all want this for our children and want life to deal them fairly.
    Thanks for taking part in momology blog train contest.

  13. My God! Such a heart felt and a relevant poem for all mothers and kids. I agree that the most important thing we must ensure is that our kids be happy and healthy. Completely enjoyed reading it.

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