5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky

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Whisky lovers rejoice! The world-class single malt, Paul John Whisky, made by John Distilleries in Goa, has put the Indian whisky industry on the map. I was introduced to this unique brand at Smoke House Deli in Connaught Place at a whisky paired dinner, before touring their fabulous world-class distillery, on my recent trip to South Goa. My latest experience was at the official launch of Paul John ‘BOLD’ whisky at the Lodhi Hotel in Delhi. Read on to know 5 reasons why this single-malt whisky stands apart from its competitors.


Picture courtesy: Paul John Whisky


With three variants of whiskey, the ‘EDITED’, ‘BRILLIANCE’ and ‘BOLD’, there’s something for everyone’s taste. My favourite is the recently launched ‘BOLD’ which is a fully peated single malt.

This drink has a distinct taste of honeyed oak and fruity coffee, spicy porridge, lime and dry toast. The peat used in making it, is flown specially from Islay in Scotland.

The peat from Islay is mixed with the water in Goa, in a balmy Indian climate, to create a truly individual flavour.


Picture courtesy: Paul John Whisky


Indian food, though varied in flavours and textures, is known for being singularly rich in taste. Paul John whiskies, and the ‘Bold’ variant in particular, are perfect accompaniments to the Indian palate. At the launch event, this smokey and rich whisky was paired perfectly with delectable Goan food.


Picture courtesy: Paul John Whisky


We support our indigenous industry, and encourage Indian technological and marketing innovation, by buying whiskies from this homegrown label. By achieving large scale success, Paul John whisky, will be an inspiration to other indigenous brands. These whiskies are highly rated across the world, and deserve the same accolades back home.


The team with Mr. Paul John. Picture courtesy: Paul John Whisky


With Mr. Paul John


Paul John whisky is a product of the John Distilleries brand of alcoholic beverages. This company has made blended malt whiskies, wines and brandy for 27 years. The proprietor Mr. Paul John, combines his in-depth knowledge of manufacturing first-grade liquor, with his international outlook, to create this unique single-malt whisky.


Picture courtesy: Paul John Whisky


One of the best parts of savouring a good whiskey, is the feeling of luxury that accompanies it. With its sleek packaging; a nose consisting of fragrant toasted barley, dried grass, a little kipper smoke, citrus peels, green apple and brown sugar; and its subtly delicious taste; the ‘BOLD’ variant promises a singular experience. In fact, each of the three variants are a must-try!


Picture courtesy: Paul John Whisky

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I urge you to try the Paul John Single Malt whiskies, especially the newly launched ‘BOLD’; and take a distillery tour when you’re in South Goa next. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

At the Paul John Launch Event held at Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi. Pictures courtesy: Paul John Whisky

*Unless specified, pictures are taken on my phone and copyright belongs to nooranandchawla. Featured image courtesy Paul John Whisky.

** I was invited for the launch party, but this is not a sponsored post. As always, my opinion is honest and completely my own.

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