5 Ways to Save Money on Online Shopping!

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Those who know me well or follow me on my social media accounts, know about my love for shopping for clothes, make-up, household items and baby products. Sometimes I spend more than I should, but mostly I am very prudent about spending money. I prefer to shop for luxury products at duty free airport outlets and keep an eye out for sales. However, if you do not travel much or cannot step out of the house too often, I am here to tell you five fail-safe and easy ways to save money while shopping online.


The best hack to shop for deals online, is to look for fantastic offers on discount catalogue websites. Online cataloguing platforms where you can get items/ products/ services or experiences in various categories, at absolute throwaway prices, are fabulous for scoring deals. The concept is simple- money-saving deals are live for a limited time, and you have to act quick, so you can save a lot of money. Try your hand at expensive cooking classes that are sold for a fraction of their original cost, and get 50-70% off highly-priced clothing and makeup brands. Bookmark your favorite websites and trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


Identify your favourite online shopping websites. Each website offers its own weekly newsletters. Before you start groaning that you hate endless newsletters and spam mail in your email inbox, let me assure you these newsletters are the best friends a shopaholic can have!

As soon as you sign up, you get an immediate discount for doing so. Later, you are the first to be notified about online sales as well as being privy to website/app-only discounts.


I know it sounds really strange to put things in your shopping cart and leave them there, but believe me, this is a wonderful little trick. When shopping websites notice that you have an item in your cart, and that item is not a hot-selling one on their website, they offer even greater discounts to you to buy that particular item. It is all about sales and marketing, right?!


As you grow older, the charm of celebrating your birthday starts wearing off. However, one really cool thing that kicks in are the birthday discounts from websites and brands! When we shop from particular brands or websites a lot, we are asked to become members of loyalty programs run by those. These loyalty programs almost always offer a pleasant discount for your birthday/anniversary, so you can spend extra cash during those special times. Not like we needed another reason to shop, right?!


I was skeptical when it came to cashback, till I earned my first check from the website CashKaro.com. Isn’t it awesome that you get paid to shop?! The biggest advantage of online shopping is the fact that you can sign up for cashback through cashback websites or earn through UPI portals like Google Pay or Amazon Pay while making payments. The cash you earn can then be used to shop. Amazon Pay even offers shopping vouchers instead of cashback. It is a win-win situation!

I hope these hacks help you save money while shopping online. If you have a hack I haven’t mentioned here, leave it in the comments below for the benefit of other readers.


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  1. Some really smart and quirky ways to save money. I have myself experienced many of these ones to actually work. Especially when I book tickets online. One of my fav writers and I love that you are coming up with so many posts this Alexa 🙂
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia #MyFriendAlexa

  2. That’s really important post nowadays when we are shopping like crazy from.online apps, and ask me every month shopping list😁. I always use that keeping in cart trick too

  3. I am an online shopping enthusiast and these tips come so handy for me and even to save some good money.

  4. Nice useful read… Online shipping has made things so convenient for all of us and the icing on the cake is the discounts… these tips are gonnna come handy for my next online shopping experience..

  5. The reason I chose to read this post because i also know few things to save money while shopping online. I find it so similar. I leave the items in cart, wait for the season end sale and evaluate deals on different kind of products. Only thing is I haven’t used near buy yet. Will check it out. Thank for sharing useful tips.

    1. Actually it’s only when the item is not selling on their website. They notice that you are interested in that item, despite it not being a popular item on their website, so they try to sell it harder to you by offering extra discounts. They want the item to sell after all! If you add an item to your cart that is a hot-sellling one already, you will not get extra discounts. Simple marketing strategy.

  6. These are very helpful tips for a online shopaholic like me , I often leave things in the shopping cart and wait for exciting discounts. This birthday discount is new to me , I am going to try it out.

  7. You have listed some very valid and important points to consider while shopping online to avail the best deals.

  8. I’m a big time online shopper and I’ve always looked for some deals or ways to get discount. Filling in birthdays for some deals is something I need to try now:)

  9. With much of the shopping that we do nowadays being online. It is prudent to look out for more deals and offers to save money. these are some really practical pointers in this direction.

  10. wow… These are some great tips to save money and shop like crazy. I always buy stuff from amazon and for that too I wait for sales.

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