9 Tips to Score the Best Deals During Sale Season!


It’s that time of the year again- time to hit the end of season sales!! If you’re a true shopaholic like me, you probably mark your calendars for sale dates, well in advance. January and June/July are usually considered “end-of-season” months where brands want to get rid of the stock that hasn’t sold, by marking down the prices to attract the crowds.

When I lived in London as a student, I learnt to appreciate the value of a good deal. Sales begin in the UK on December 26, also known as ‘Boxing Day’, with items marked down to throwaway prices. I’ve even heard of physical fights breaking out on Oxford Street on this iconic day!!

In Delhi or other cities of India, sales are usually declared in January. The sales may not be as widespread or as generously discounted as those abroad, but this period is the best time to save money while shopping.

Are you concerned about where to start? How to get the best deals? How to pack it all in one or two days? I’m here to help out. Here are my tips on making the most of the January sales:


You may be tempted to buy everything you like, but that’s quite unpractical from a financial viewpoint. Hence, I recommend beginning with a rough list. The items you need should be listed on top and those you want should be at the bottom. You may end up buying a few things that aren’t on your list, but this process helps you narrow the field and makes your shopping experience more efficient.


It is impossible to roam every single market or mall. I prefer picking one or two areas and dedicating an entire shopping trip to them. Malls are the most practical for various reasons-

  • Most brands are present under one roof
  • You can eat/drink or even catch a movie and make it a day-long excursion
  • Parking slots are easily available
  • You can stow away your bags at the concierge counter or at the respective shops, while you roam around
  • There are convenient trial rooms
  • Toilets are located nearby

Need I say more?! Just pick a mall that’s closest to you, and/or has the majority of the brands/ shops you like.


Weekends are a popular choice for most people as they are busy on weekdays. However, there are many advantages to shopping on a weekday-

  • Lesser crowds ensure a hassle-free experience
  • You can browse shops at your own pace without feeling rushed
  • You can avoid long lines for the trial room, the cashier etc.
  • You may even find hidden gems at the back of an aisle or stand

If possible, go on a weekday morning or pop in to a mall during your lunch hour for the best possible experience.


This one may sound funny but trust me, it is important!

  • You will be walking a lot, perhaps with multiple bags in tow- comfortable shoes are a must
  • You may be trying clothes from various shops. Avoid wearing too many layers so you’re not hassled when taking them off again and again
  • Wear the item of clothing that accompanies the item you want to buy. For example- wear socks if you are looking for sneakers, or a tank top to hide cleavage with formal low-cut dresses
  • Avoid wearing jewellery. You may lose a precious earring in the rush of removing multiple clothes. Rings may also get caught in clothing items which may snag or tear
  • Avoid wearing makeup so you don’t stain clothes while trying them on. However, if you must wear make-up, be careful to avoid the cloth touching your lips as lipstick is the first thing to transfer

I advise paying with your card, as banks often run great deals on shopping. You may receive some cash-back or even an extra discount, depending on the tie-up your bank has with that shop.

However, also keep some cash on hand for places that may not accept cards.


I’m letting you in on a secret- sometimes the discounted prices on the tag are not the final discounted prices! If you love an item, but feel that it’s a little out of your budget, it’s worth double-checking the price at the cash counter. On my most recent shopping trip, I was buying a bag marked 25% off, but when the cashier rang it up, she found that it was actually 40% off on their system! Win-win situation 🙂


Don’t be in a rush to buy the first item you see and like. There is no harm in browsing through similar items available in different brands or shops. Make a considered purchase based on the best quality and best price.


You may be strapped for time but don’t make purchases that you will regret later. Sometimes, exchanges and returns are not allowed on sale items. Even when they are, it is really annoying to have to change just one item. Hence, it’s best to try everything at the store itself.


For me personally, nothing beats the fun of shopping real-time, but if you can’t go to a mall or a market, then look online for the best deals. I’ve written an entire post on how to save money while shopping online that you may find useful.

These are my tips to score the best deals during the end-of-season sales, as well as to make the most of any shopping trip. Are there any tips you would like to add here? Leave them in the comments below for the benefit of other readers. Please like, comment and share this post with someone who may find it useful. Happy shopping!


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  1. Hahhaha these are awesome tips from a total shopaholic … Like the detailing on where to find what and what to wear.

  2. I think wearing comfortable clothing is a very important aspect while going shopping. We often ignore that and I personally had suffered from wearing heels.

  3. Noor thanks for sharing some amazing tips to get the deals. I am waiting for the end of season sale in Delhi & I already made my list.

  4. I am not a shopaholic and my girlfriend is just the opposite…the points mentioned here are for both of us…just not sure that we gonna follow all of them or just the ones convenient to ourselves…

  5. Point #7 is very important. Comparing the prices is very important. I don’t like to run behind deals and end up feeling exhausted. I have seen people doing that here during Thanksgiving sale. So, yes, I make a list first. Then check if I can get it online or not. or atleast ship it to store.

  6. Good tips but you know I have been totally spilled by online shopping! Though of course for clothes and shoes I still prefer buying physically so I can try them on 🙂

  7. These are very important pointers to consider for shopping during sale, I too wear comfortable clothing for shopping.

  8. I am not a shopaholic person but I must say awesome tips to crack the deals. I also liked every small detailing which you covered it very well.

  9. I heard you. Wearing comfortable shoes while shopping is very important. Because the amount of walking involved in getting through the stores is incredible.

  10. Shopping during sales is very tempting but can also be taxing. I usually end up buying what I didn’t want and forget what I did! Good tips, Noor. Going shopping today and will keep these in mind. Always helps to carry cash.

  11. That’s very helpful approach towards shopping during sales. I also believe in cross checking at cash counter and comparing size is very important

  12. It might sound funny, but every year when winter season ends and winter wear is cheaper and on sale, I buy a few extra for next year. I save a few thousands easily like this.

  13. well thought through and very practical pointers for a shopaholic wanting to make the best of the sale season. Smart shoppers need to be market aware and be proactive planners as well 🙂

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  15. Those are some amazing tips for the shopaholics like me. I agree with all your points. Apart from making my list i also list down the stores I want to visit first. There are a few from where i tend to pick up more stuff and during sales I get some amazing deals on a lot of things i would end up buying during the year. 🙂

  16. Great pointers shared by you Noor for all the shopaholic buddies like me, SALES and SENSE OF SHOPPING both goes well smartly together, hardly happens with me, your pointers are going to help me alot for my next shopping for sure, I soo loved that” keep your want and need on separate list”…..very important to keep in mind to enjoy shopping at its best!!!

  17. The person who like to shop anytime like me , these tips are amazing. I loved your post infact I firmly believe as you said one should always compare the deal .

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