5 Positive Personal Goals for the New Year

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5 Positive personal goals for 2020

Happy new year everyone! Today is the first day I’ve opened my laptop in three weeks. That can’t be blamed on lack of inspiration or topics to write on (in fact I have plenty of posts lined up and even more ideas)- it’s entirely because of an inescapable feeling of inertia. My son’s winter holidays meant he was at home and wanted constant entertainment; Christmas and other holiday events took up further time before we left on a week-long vacation to Goa.

Apart from a hectic personal life, the current state of political events in our country further deterred my will to write.

As a lawyer, I am trained to see both sides of every situation and argue reasonably in favour of each side. As a writer, however, I feel it is my responsibility to voice my opinion against any form of social injustice. This glaring dichotomy ensures that I never take a strong political stance or make any political statements on my blog. However, the current situation of unwarranted violence and ridiculous stream of lies in the guise of governance, have really tested my resolve. I found myself in a position where I didn’t want to write about anything- every topic seemed too frivolous in comparison. This is the reason for over three weeks of silence from a blogger that is generally very regular with uploads and dedicated to blogging.

But, as they say, the show must go on. As my first post after this break, I’ve decided to outline some positive goals and affirmations for the year 2020. If nothing else, this exercise will help me ease back on track. So, in no particular order, here goes:


This one’s a no-brainer for every blogger, right? But let’s be more specific. My round-up post on 2019 highlighted that I had a productive blogging year overall. But instead of being a constant stream of posts, blogging was spread over distinct periods of writing activity and recognition and other periods of lull. To counter this, I’m adopting a simple policy which I hope to stick to. Publishing one post a week is mandatory, even if it’s just a quick update on life, like this one. I’ll aim to write two posts a week and anything more than that number will be a happy surplus!

I’m restricting myself to 1-2 posts a week so I can concentrate on finally getting my novel written. My blog is my baby but throughout last year, it was used as an excuse to not begin a novel.


Yes, I know this sounds awful but hear me out. I am an August-born Virgo which means that I have the excessive emotions and high-strung nature of a Virgo, as well as the fragile ego and creativity of a Leo (owing to being born in August). More often than not, I go out of my way to accommodate other people’s wishes and end up crushingly disappointed or hurt when things don’t go my way in return. This is entirely my fault and something that I have the power to change.

Hence, in 2020, I have decided to put myself first. My wishes and needs should be prioritised as long as they are not actively hurting anyone else. I would also like to be more honest with myself and everyone around me. Honesty may hurt in some cases but it prevents long-term distress.


Having proclaimed my desire to put myself first, I must also declare my wish to be kind to everyone, to the best of my ability. Everyone deserves respect and understanding of their circumstances. If I disagree with anyone, I would prefer to take the high road and walk away without drama.


As mentioned above, I’m an excessively emotional sort of person. This makes me a bit of a cry-baby, with tears spilling at the drop of a hat. Though the propensity to cry has decreased as I’ve grown older, anxiety and sadness continue to be problems. In 2020, I sincerely hope to alter this state of affairs by observing things in the correct perspective. Instead of reacting too quickly, if I just take a moment to calmly assess the situation, I’m sure I will prevent a ton of tears and mental stress. Hopefully, I’ll even see the funny side of the situation!


You are never too old to stop learning. I went through a period of immense growth in the previous decade, as I finished my education, lived abroad, married and gave birth to my first child. Here’s hoping the new decade is marked by further opportunities to learn and to grow as a person!

These are some positive affirmations I have set for myself for this new year as well as for the new decade. Have you decided some goals for yourself? I would love to read them- do let me know in the comments below! Please share this post ahead with anyone that may like it or find it useful.


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  1. Its important to be positive always. Your goals for the new year are amazing. Every moment teaches us something new. Every moment we learn something.

  2. Those are some insightful pointers. For me personally, am going to focus on not feeling guilty for taking time off for self. At times it is fine to stay at home and avoid stepping out just because you dont want to seem boring.

  3. These are some really very positive goal you set for yourself this year. I too believe in setting goals it motivates to achieve them.

  4. Noor, I must say that your post has inspired me . Specially the point of ‘Laugh more and Cry less’ motivates me to find reasons to laugh. This will not only create happiness within but also to the family. God bless you. Keep writing such articles

  5. Happy new year to you too. These are some great goals for new year’s. My favourite are two out of these. Be selfish and keep learning and growing.

  6. What a brilliant way to start a new year. Your blog is reaffirmation for your self and an inspiration for others. A positive way to looking forward.

  7. All the best to us with point one! 😁 I have the same resolution. Time to get off my ass and start writing instead of just thinking it.

  8. Amazing and beautiful post. A new year is a beginning, so new goals and resolutions, new plans, and new dreams. As the new year begins stay focused on your goals and let your attitude be happy. Very useful tips. Great thoughts.

  9. Loved the post Noor for so many reasons..and highly impressed with your positive attitude and hard working nature. wishing you lots of sucess and happiness in this new year. and wow! you are starting write a novel..this is so amazing..all the best for it!

  10. This post inspires me to set my goals for this year, which I have already set but towards blogging and writing still there is a long way to go, for that I can’t agree more on it that regular writing is the foundation of taking your passion of writing to the next level, loved it. And yes best wishes for you novel writing Noor.

  11. If i was writing my five points they would have been same as yours. I dunno how to say no and I too can cry at the drop of a hat. We have to put ourselves first but my parents taught us otherwise.trying to unlearn that.

  12. It seems like you have written all that which I have promised with myself this year. But it’s good to see that you too will follow the same. Hope we both will success and very good luck to both of us 👍😍🤗

  13. As always another well- written post from you Noor. I love the affirmations and do hope you are able to keep at each one of them this year! Also waiting to read the novel as I have no doubt it will be a good one!

  14. Feels like those should be my personal goals, haha. I totally feel yang girl. If we could achieve that much in this year, that would be such an achievement. God luck

  15. Nice post and you have beautifully laid bare the mantras for living a holistically productive life 🙂
    Whether it’s self-care, gratitude or self-development, all these points are well captured and nicely explained in your post. Wish you a highly productive year 2020 !

  16. As always, a lovely and positive post, Noor. All the best to you. I am sure these personal goals will take you to greater heights. Looking forward to reading some amazing posts from you this year.

  17. I would say we all should have these goals throughout the year. The ne I liked the most is being selfish to yourself. We deserve that. Happy New Year to you!!

  18. Your point about being unable to write in the current scenario because everything else seems trivial totally rang true with me. I have been feeling the same. Everything else seems trivial. And by the way so glad to hear you are working on a book! Good luck!

  19. These goals will surely take you to wonderful decade ahead. One suggestion that has done wonders to me, whenever you are upto crying just think of a question ” will this stuff matter to me after few months/year” and you will be in control.

  20. Happy New year! And all the best for your new year goals. I also set some rules for me, let’s see how they work for me. Anyways being selfish is good sometimes, I also do. loved reading about your personal goals.

  21. Happy New Year!Those are some good goals and will work well not just for this year but in our lives too. I’m sure you’ll achieve all of them. A little more laughter is something we all need!

  22. These affirmations are simple yet can make extra ordinary difference in our lives. My favourites are taking the high road and secondly being selfish while prioritising our needs over others.

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