9 Books That I Can Read Over and Over Again!

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I associate the winter months with comfort reading. Nothing beats the feeling of cuddling up under a blanket with a hot cuppa and a good book.

As I’ve gotten older, I find myself losing patience with not-so-great books. Unfortunately, my job as a book reviewer, forces me to read many average and below average books. So, when I want the comfort of reading a truly good book, I re-read my favourites. There are some books that never lose their charm, despite having been read 5-10 times over the years! In fact, I often discover something new I like about that particular book when I read it after a few years. Today, I’ll share a list of the books and book series that I love, which I have re-read over and over. All these books are works of fiction as that is my favoured genre. I would love it if you shared your favourite books in the comments section below- we may have some in common!


This is my all-time favourite book. The unusual love story between Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler caught my imagination at a very young age. Apart from the love story, America’s Civil War and the difficult period that followed it, is portrayed beautifully from a Southerner’s point of view. In fact, this book inspired me to study American History in college. It’s a large tome of over 1000 pages but I finished it in 3 days, and re-read my favourite portions over and over till the book was in tatters!

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If you’re a 1990s or 2000s kid, you probably love the magical stories of child wizard Harry Potter and his friends. I remember the frenzy when a new book would release- the mad dash to buy and finish your copy before someone revealed the ending to you. Mind you, these were days before social media, so it was easier to stay ignorant of spoilers 🙂

I love this series so much that I re-read it during my pregnancy, in the hope that my son would love them too!

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Every mystery novel by Agatha Christie is totally binge-worthy. Her plots are unique, easy-to-read and transport you to England in the last century. I have re-read most of her books numerous times, despite knowing the endings- it is such a pleasure to dive into the world of Poirot, Miss Marple and others.

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This book is set during the partition of India, but it’s also a fantastic profile of Punjab in the 1930s and 40s. I fell in love with the poignant story and the relatable characters when I first read it as a young girl, and have since read it many times.

Buy “What the Body Remembers


Set during the second world war, this book shows how difficult times often lead to love between unusual pairings. It moves me to tears every time I read it. More than a tragedy though, I would call it a story of hope and love.

Buy “The English Patient


This Australian novel was gifted to me by my mother as she had loved reading it. A family saga based in rural Australia, it introduced me to a different world and a thoroughly memorable set of characters.

Buy “The Thorn Birds


This Delhi-based detective series solving Indian crimes, is a complete winner. So far, there are four books which focus on a peculiar Indian incident or practice. I thoroughly enjoy reading these novels over and over, because I can relate to everything as a Delhiite. They are funny, interesting and thoroughly engaging. I can’t wait for the next book’s release!

Buy the first book in the series, “The Case of the Missing Servant


I picked this book up expecting a light ‘chick-lit’ read, but I was pleasantly surprised that the book packs in much more! Set in the 80s in Delhi, the book focuses on the 1984 riots, while maintaining its romantic subject. Each character is memorable and the story is delightful.

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No list of favourite books would be complete without mentioning the king of comedy, P.G. Wodehouse! Similar to Christie, he recreates the life of the English aristocracy with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour. These books are the ultimate ‘pick-me-up’ and can be read repeatedly for a generous amount of laughs.

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This is the round-up of the books I love, and I want to know your favourites too. Let me know in the comments below and do share this post with other bookworms!


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  1. This is an interesting list of books Noor. Aagath Christie is one of my favourite writees too. Those pricey Thakur Girls and P.G Woodhouse are good reads too. I have tried reasing Gone with the wond many times but am never able to finsif it. Probably one day will read the whole book.

  2. I am overjoyed to see PG Wodehouse among your all-time favourites! He is my idol… the Master of Sublime Prose, the Epitome of Language Calisthenics, the Creator of the Idyllic World that ought to have existed, forever! In fact, that last bit is my part dedication to him in my last published novel, Off the Pages…

    I am an avid fan of his books and have read most multiple times, often as astonishing pick-me-ups, rather like the post-hangover pick-me-ups that Jeeves concocts for good ol’ Bertie and his gang. His books are my go-to for all times that I need to regain the rainbow around my shoulders!

    Once again, great to know! 🙂

  3. Harry Potter, Agatha Christie are even my all time favorites. Have also read pricey thakur girls and wood house too. that’s a nice list to check our TBR’s once again.

  4. wow such an amazing collection of books you have, I would love to read first Aagtha christie’s novel first. i had already heard a lot about her but never get a chance to read her, so would love to read her books and novels. thanks a lot for sharing this great list, will explore them for sure.

  5. Looks like wonderful list for readers . Am slowly getting the reading habit in my routine . Will bookmark this post for reference . Continue reading and share it with us.

  6. Wow these are nostalgic books. Though I can never ever read any book more than once. I was an avid reader years ago and now I’m trying to get back to reading my novels at least.

  7. Hey, I have read hercule poirot, it was amazing. Though I am not an avid reader but this book kept me intrigued throughout. I loved reading it and of course the Harry Potter series.

  8. Wow that’s one great list of books. I’ve my list of many favs too and yes I just love to see these books in front of my eyes everything. Also I had read Anuja Chauhans “the zoya factor’ and it ws one hell of a fun read.

  9. Good to know I am not the only one who loves to read same books again and again, noted the listed books, I have not read most of them, except Gone with the wind during college days( your list freshen up my memory of college library room), and the second is Harry Porter series.

  10. Lovely compilation I must say. Agatha Christie is my all-time favourite. Also, Gone with the Wind is also a good read. I want to read Anuja Chauhan’s writings as I have heard many good words about hee works.

  11. this is a great list, all of my favourite books are in this list, Thanks for recommending them

  12. Awesome compilation! Agatha Christie and Harry Potter series is timeless and even I can read again and again.

  13. Wow you have list up some of the best books to vouch for. I’ve read few of them and Harry potter being my favourite in school days. Would love to explore other soon

  14. I also re-read by favourite books over and over again. Books have always been my best friends.Till date they are my go to comfort zone bae!

  15. Wow!! Amazing list Noor. Harry Potter, Agatha Christie and Gone with the wind are all-time fav. Pricey thakur girls seems to be an interesting read.Would love to read this .

  16. Agatha Christie has been my favourite too. Her work has a different kind of appeal which truthfully makes it one of a kind of read. I’m sure gonna try the other ones mentioned in the list.

  17. That is a very interesting list and of course, these are amazing books. Agatha Christie used to be my favourite and i can still read them anytime. Thanks for the list, will read the ones that i have not

  18. That’s a great list of books. I am not a book person but I really love to read your reviews and recommendations. Keep up the good work.

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