A Taste of Morocco in Delhi: Moroccan Food Festival at ITC Maurya Hotel

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What image comes first to mind when you think of Morocco? For me, it’s the hauntingly beautiful Ingrid Bergman in the black & white epic “Casablanca”. Though memorable, this image is quite dated. In 2019, Morocco has far more to offer culture enthusiasts and foodies alike. I admit, I haven’t been to this mesmerizing country yet, but till then, I can enjoy the authentic Moroccan cuisine, currently being served at Ottimo by West View at ITC Maurya Hotel, New Delhi; at the ongoing Moroccan Food Festival.

With H.E. Mohamed Maliki, the Ambassador of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, at the pre-launch event; with Hicham Bayer from the Embassy of Morocco on the day of the launch of the Food Festival


To promote Moroccan cuisine and culture among discerning Indians, the Ambassador of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, H. E. Mohamed Maliki, has championed this food festival. ITC Maurya is the ideal location and brand to showcase the rich heritage of this ancient cuisine and culture. The festival is on till March 30, and I highly recommend a visit.


Attendees of the pre-launch event posing with H. E the Ambassador


Stalwarts from Delhi’s food industry were invited to an exclusive preview before the food festival was launched to public. The event started with the Ambassador introducing us to his vibrant country through a detailed presentation. We then tasted a plethora of curated dishes, served buffet style. The Ambassadress had personally designed the menu and explained Indian tastes and exigencies to the Moroccan chefs, flown in specially for this festival.

The first course includes salad-like preparations called Zalouk, Bakkoula, Carrot Macharmale, and a yummy beet dish. The main course consists of fish tagine with vegetables, pastry encrusted meatballs called Pastilla, soft and flavorful Lamb Koufta’s, a chicken dish served with olives, delightful vegetarian couscous, sweet and savoury safa (akin to sevaiyaan) served with lentils.

Each dish is unique in flavor, and beautifully presented. My favourites were the Lamb Koufta, vegetarian couscous, and the crusty Pastilla.

A wide variety of desserts are being served, including Mango Mud Cake, a cream Chalha and delectable almond fillo pastries. To wash down the richness of the food, we were served hot and flavorful Moroccan tea.


The world is now more connected than it’s ever been. We can binge-watch the sceneries and cultural aspects of every country on social media, but we can’t possibly taste its authentic cuisine. To do so, I highly recommend a visit to Ottimo by West View at ITC Maurya, this coming week. You’ll sample fantastic Moroccan cuisine, and may be inspired to visit the beautiful country. I’m definitely planning a visit soon!


Dates: 22nd March to 30th March, 2019

Time: 7:00 p.m. onward

Venue: Ottimo at West View, ITC Maurya Hotel, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi

Price: INR 3750 plus taxes per person

Contact for reservation: 011-66325153

Email: mytable.itcmaurya@itchotels.in

A taste of morocco in Delhi

*Unless specified, all pictures are taken on my phone. Copyright belongs to nooranandchawla.

** I was invited to the launch of this event, but this is not a sponsored post. My opinions are honest and completely my own.


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