Are You Annoyed with Greying Hair? Try These 4 Steps to Stop Them

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When I spoke to my 26-year-old soon-to-be-married cousin yesterday, I was surprised to learn that her biggest pre-marital concern is her prematurely greying hair. She put the appearance of greys in her hair down to the double dose of the virus she had suffered over the last two years – a milder version in the initial days and a second, more difficult bout later on. I cannot speak medically on the correlation of her illness with greying hair, however, I am familiar with how debilitating premature greying of hair can feel at such a young age and at such an important juncture in one’s life.

The scientific explanation for greying hair is a simple one – genetics play the strongest role in determining the status of grey hair2. However, other factors contribute to the greying of hair, which when controlled effectively can stop the rate at which the greying of hair occurs. These other causes include the natural process of ageing, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal diseases like Thyroid, and even smoking excessively3. The psychological effects of stress play a large role in greying as well.1

However, there is no reason for you to fret. By following these simple four steps, you will be able to manage the greying of your hair.


Every person is unique and so are their hair care needs and concerns. Hence, the first step to successfully controlling the greying of hair is to identify exactly what the root cause of the problem is. An effective way to do so is through the 3-step customised supplement test. From its very first step, this easy-to-perform online test asks you to choose your type of health concern – whether general or something catering to a special need. Then, it asks you to fill in your gender and age group. Based on these parameters, you can determine whether you need a little bit of help to build your immunity, or in the case of problems like greying hair, if you need vitamin supplements to target this problem specifically.4


For greying hair especially, Perfectil by the brand Vitabiotics, is your best bet. The United Kingdom’s no. 1 vitamin brand is now available in India too. This beauty supplement aimed at skin, hair and nails has been clinically tested. It contains 20 micronutrients including biotin, zinc and selenium, which contribute to the nourishment of skin, hair and nails. Further, it does not contain artificial colours, preservatives, lactose, yeast or gelatin, and is gluten-free and cruelty-free. It is recommended that you take one tablet per day after your main meal to encourage a natural and healthy glow that results in beauty from within.4


Though Perfectil has been proven to show good results, you can always enhance the effects of taking beauty supplements by eating healthy and including certain nutrient-rich foods in your diet. These include copper-rich foods like cashews, potatoes, chickpeas, almonds, mushrooms, nuts and seeds; as well as Vitamin B-rich food sources such as curd, paneer, bananas, and carrots or a vegetable juice of your choice.3


Another important yet easy-to-follow step in your battle against greying hair is to make the switch from regular chemical-laden hair products to natural ones available on the market.2 If you have the time and patience to make hair masks and hair packs with natural ingredients, you will undoubtedly benefit from them. If, however, you are unable to devote time to do this, there are a plethora of brands presenting all-natural chemical-free products.

The adoption of these four simple steps is what I advised my cousin, starting with incorporating Perfectil beauty supplement into her daily routine. I’m sure if you are suffering from a similar problem, you will benefit from doing this as well.

Have you used Perfectil? What was your experience? Do you have any other remedies to help our readers? Go ahead and tell me in the comments below!





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  1. Loved your tips Noor, I too have a few strands of grey hair which very are hidden under layers but I am still concerned and go by nutritional diet, stopped using chemical products and apply hair masks everyday week.

      1. In today’s stressful lifestyle, our health is bound to be affected and so does our hair health.

  2. Indeed proper diet, multivitamins, and lifestyle changes can help us keep our original hair color longer. Perfectile is the best multivitamin for hair and nails. My doctor recommended me when I was suffering from hair fall.

  3. Greying hair is a definite concern and these days it happens at very early age. Its true that there are various reasons behind the same and one major among them is stress. The recommended Vitamin and change in lifestyle will definitely help and I thank you for the recommendation. Stress Management is also important these days to restrict hair greying and other health issues.

  4. I too have started greying and have noticed it is more pronounced in the last 2 years. While not premature, iam not sure if i should just let it be or start coloring it. Iam sure your tips will help arrest some of the greying atleast in the future.

  5. In the last 2 years my greying has increased drastically… I was honestly shocked one fine day to see more grey than dark brown. Thank you Noor for these tips. I am not too sure about the supplements but we eat far worse things on any given day so I guess that is ok too.

  6. Genes do play an important role in premature graying of hair. I am almost 75 and have more blacks than grays. Thank you for sharing some really good tips.

  7. I’m all for natural ingredients. That said, I had my first gray hair at 18. Get that from my dad. I have kind of embraced my grays now. Supplements don’t work for me due to the vitamin B allergy.

  8. Fortunately I do not have this issue of great hair….. BUT I also feel like this should not be treated like an issue. We all have to get comfortable with what nature gives us and go with the flow. I like your notes on including natural ingredients in the diet and thanks for that.

  9. I am as surprised as you on this topic. I thought gray hair is something that should be celebrated in such a way as it means you’ve been able to reach an old age which is such a blessing. Apparently, perhaps also because of the stress most people have nowadays, gray hair is much more common even at a young age thus making gray hair as a thing to celebrate for being old has become irrelevant. Anyways, this is a great way taking action on this problem—doing it the natural way. I’m pretty sure that hair colouring is one of the most sought to option people do but the chemical you get from doing this ain’t good for long term. I bet supplements is much a greater way of addressing this issue.

  10. This is such a detailed article Noor! And researched in depth. I did not know you had to get tested to understand the cause of grey hair. I always assumed it had to do with some deficiency but never really got into the testing part. Thanks for the helpful article.

  11. I did take the online test, but that was for health and not gray hair. I will surely ask my daughter to check out Perfectil.At my age gray is what it has to be. But I use natural henna and indigo to colour my hair.

  12. Recently I have a few grey hairs growing and I am really pissed off with that. Never heard about perfectile but it sounds promising. I would love to try this for sure

  13. I had my first grey hair pop up during the pandemic stress and the numbers have been keeping on increasing since then. I follow a healthy lifestyle. Seema Vitabiotics only can save me now.

  14. While I associate a few greys here and there with the growth in wisdom, lowkey, all of us wish to reverse them. No wonder you see everyone rubbing their nails in the morning. However, these tips make a lot more sense!

  15. This is such a common thing these days, And you have adressed and explained everything so well, I am gonna take the test, even though my fav hair mask is hibiscus-Aelo-Vitamin-E oil Mask and at times I use Onion mask too, the greys are not much as of now. But, might need this test soon

  16. Premature greying of hair is a common problem these days. Blame it on pollution, chemical usage or anything else, there has to be a good solution for this. Your pointers are quite relevant!

      1. It was a really helpful blog. I guess now I have to purchase this product by myself and check it out.

      2. It is difficult to avoid chemicals in all forms but we must try to cut down on them wherever possible.

  17. Yes, I am also trying to switch to chemical-free natural products. But have not yet found what is suitable for me.

  18. I am too concerned with the greying hair problem; and reading ur article gave me confidence that it can be prevented. Thanks for sharing the remedies.

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