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With the worst of the virus behind us, we made a beeline this summer for our favourite place – London! Having studied in this beautiful, cosmopolitan city, I consider it my second home. In fact, my husband jokes I’m more at ease alone in London than I am alone in Delhi! Fortunately, since part of my husband’s family also lives there, it is a city we visit often (pandemic permitting of course!). My 6-year-old son has visited London with us twice before the pandemic, but this trip was the first one where he was at an age to really appreciate the place and everything it had to offer. So, if you are planning a trip to London, here are the things to do in London with kids.

Things to do in London with Kids

On my last visit in the summer of 2018, I had extensively covered London with kids. Much of the information shared there remains the same, so I’m writing a brief description of each, and adding on newer discoveries. This will allow you to have everything in one place when you are planning the things to do in London with kids.

If you know of other activities targeted at children in the city of London, please add them in the comments below! Now, without further ado:



This was easily one of the most exciting, and interesting, experiences I have ever had on a trip. Not because it was adventurous or strange, but because it was so unique and sweet! I wrote about my trip for Mint Lounge. Though the digital version of that article is not currently available, I will add it in as soon as it is.

Stay a night at the London Zoo

Sea Life, as it is known, has an amazing selection of sea creatures divided as per their natural habitats. The interactive tours are also very engaging. Plus, it’s centrally located right next to the London Eye, Westminster Pier, and Shrek’s Adventure, so you can combine all these activities if you are short on time.

Visit the London Aquarium

Delhi is a city of parks and gardens, but it is not a patch on London in this regard. The sheer variety and plethora of activities make the many parks of London an attractive proposition for visiting with kids. The beautiful summer weather is an added bonus. Click here to know about the best parks and playgrounds in London.

Best parks and playgrounds in London

London is a foodie’s delight! One can find all kinds of cuisines at every corner, and even the most stubborn children will melt at the sheer variety on offer. Here’s a post on the most child-friendly places to eat in London, and a fun article I wrote on the similarities of British and Indian cuisines!

Best child-friendly places to eat in London

You may feel this is boring for kids, but trust me, in a city that gives its own history such importance, there is something to appeal to everyone! Whether you take an open-top bus tour, a boat cruise around the Thames, or simply savour the sights on London Eye, you will be spoilt for sightseeing choice. Here’s my round-up of the best sightseeing in London.


Malls and crowded marketplaces are often the bane of a child’s existence. And there is nothing worse than a cranky child when moms are on a mission to shop! Fortunately, London has a vibrant and thriving street market and farmer’s market culture, allowing kids to run around and enjoy delicious treats while mothers can take their time to shop. Here’s a selection of the best street markets in London.

Horsing around in the local farmer’s market

Kids and museums don’t always go well together, but in London, the museums are Fun with a capital F. Whether it’s seeing a life-size automated model of a T-Rex, or discovering the beauty of the universe, your children will be spoilt for choice. Fret not, because I’ve picked the top five museums they will love.

Museums your kids will love

London has some of the best musicals and live shows to offer, and watching a show is a must-do on every visit. The amazing sets, fabulous music and dance, and beloved stories appeal to people across ages. Tickets are expensive but depending on which show you choose you can find reasonably priced ones too. We watched Matilda on my son’s request and absolutely loved it!

Watch a show on the West End

In the summer, it is a pleasure to walk around London. If you feel your kids won’t be able to keep up with the vigorous walking, rent or buy a scooter for them. Older children and adults can also rent bikes which are readily available throughout the city.

So, this is my selection of the things to do in London with kids. Have you tried any of these? Would you recommend them too? Tell me in the comments below! And if you found this post useful, do share it with others who may find it useful too!


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  1. There are lots of fun things to do in London, with so much around every corner; it’s the perfect location for a fantastic family day out. All the places you have mentioned here are not only for kids; Parents too will enjoy it. Thanks for posting this. I will surely keep it in mind whenever visiting London with kids.

  2. Such great suggestions and I love the pictures! 😇 Have been planning a London trip for a while with my 4 year old. He’s a Peppa Pig fan. Did you see anything on Peppa there?

  3. Appreciate you giving tips and taking us with your visit to London. We weren’t able to go there the last time we went to Europe due to lack of time. London would surely make it to our list of cities to visit when we get a chance to go back. By then, I’d surely get back to this article to gather some tips.

  4. Love the post Noor… it was a pleasure reading it. Among the other wonderful things that you have recommended, I especially liked the shows/musicals.. it must have been delightful to watch Matilda🤩

  5. After reading you post I realized that there is a child in me who will love to explore the locations you mentioned in this content. I feel like flying right away to London and explore each one them suggested by you. Thanks Noor for this wonderful content it will help to make my itinerary for London.

  6. Travelling doors have opened post the pandemic giving us opportunities to explore places. London has so much to offer for everyone I realized from your blog. I will surely keep in mind for our future travels.

  7. I am very curious about the show. Really wanted to watch the real character and the real performance. Love the all things you mentioned in the post. All pictures are awesome.

  8. I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing the videos. Staying overnight at the zoom sounds interesting. I will share it with my son. The kids would love it. Thank you for sharing about it.

  9. I had been following your updates on Instagram and as always, loved your travelogue. Particularly about the London Zoo. I will try for a reservation for than next time I am in London. Sounds like fun not just for kids 🙂

  10. London is one of the most beautiful cities i the world that fuses old architecture with new. I’m sure you had a great time. Why just kids, I would want to do all of this too!

  11. Your post reminded me of my last London visit. Unfortunately, didn’t get chance to visit some places you mentioned

  12. London has so much to offer that probably you need to prioritize . I am bookmarking your post, do whenever we visit we won’t miss anything. Your Insta videos are awesome.

  13. Happy birthday, Noor! May your blogging noor grow and shine always 😀

    Amazed at how much information you’ve packed in this post! I don’t know when I’ll actually go to London, but I’ll definitely do a nice virtual tour from all your posts, for sure 🙂

  14. Wow! The list is quite extensive. All types of activities are included in it. You also look great in all the clips. I specially loved the aquarium and park. Will definitely keep the lost in mind if I ever visit.

  15. I visited London for the first time when I was a kid, and now London has become more pretty… Travelling with kids is obviousy fun, I loved your itinery n the placed you’ve said… And the pictures are really good.

  16. This was perhaps the most-needed post for me as I plan a trip to London with my daughter at my aunt’s. I had been there with my husband years back, which was so different. With a kid, we have to look out for places the whole family would love to enjoy.

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