Vacation in London: Child-Friendly Places to Eat

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Hi folks, welcome to my series on London, United Kingdom! Having lived as a student in London from 2011-12 and visited it multiple times, I’m sharing my knowledge of this wonderful city. I plan to post content every week. The content will largely focus on my recent trip there in June-July 2018, but there’ll also be some gems from the past. If you’d like to know more, please follow my blog.

My recent visit to London was with my 2.5 year old toddler, so we specifically looked for child-friendly places to eat. Here’s my round-up of the ones that my son and I both enjoyed and would highly recommend!


Many restaurants line the cobblestoned streets of this beautiful area. We ate delicious hot dogs from the German Hot Dog Stand, enjoyed them on the sidewalk to live performances; while my son chased the legendary pigeons!


This is the best bakery around the Kensington area. It offers fantastic fresh breads, delectable desserts and various other items. A deli is opening soon, so one can sit and eat.


This is usually a summer-time thing, but nothing beats enjoying yummy ice-cream while lounging in the many sunny parks of London. Parks also have many food stands, so one can have a lovely picnic without carrying their own food.



This kitschy restaurant chain offers fantastic Lebanese food. They have a special children’s menu which my son could play with while eating. Their baklavas are a must-try!


If you’re making multiple shopping trips to the Westfield Mall, you’ll have plenty of child-friendly options in the food court. Our favorites are the Creperie, Chip + Fish and Indi-go.


Bubble tea is a flavored drink that contains mushy tapioca balls. There are many uncaffeinated options available for children to try. If you’re just looking for a variety of bubble tea (tea/coffee beverage with flavored tapioca balls), this is the place to visit.



Open spaces in the park that offer quick and tasty food, such as pizzas and fish and chips, are a great place to park the family. Adults can enjoy some Pimms in the sun while the children will be fascinated with the lake and its inhabitants.


This chain serves deliciously fresh organic food from its own gardens, and is great if you’re looking for healthier options.


My son loves eating the sticky rice part of sushi. With tasty and affordable sushi on the go, this chain is located on almost every street corner.


This is another great option for sushi on the go. Wasabi outlets are conveniently located in most busy shopping areas and large tube stations. There are many options to choose from but I love their sushi boxes.



Get your fix of delicious diner food here. If you’re looking for a place that’s open late into the night, this is your best bet!



This restaurant is located in the lovely Duke of York Square in the Sloane Square area. The children will love the no-fuss Italian food and the open space, while parents indulge in some shopping!


There are many frozen yoghurt places across London, but I particularly like the flavors and toppings at Snog.



This chain of restaurants serves fantastic dimsum! It hits the right spot after a day of shopping at the Westfield Mall.


We ate at this North Indian restaurant because we stayed in an apartment nearby. The food was authentic and the place was child-friendly.


This family style Asian restaurant has delicious food but be mindful of their massive helpings!



This cute eatery offers healthy meals on the go. When you’re busy running around the city, yet want to eat healthy, this is a good place to visit.


That wraps up my post and my series on London. Do check out my previous London posts if you’re planning to travel there anytime soon. Stay tuned for my posts on vacationing in Cambridge, UK.

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  1. Living in London must have been a wonderful experience. And then to go back to such a magnificent place with your baby! I shall recommend these places to my sis in law who is in Swindon and keeps visiting London. Would surely help her!

  2. You have given a complete food guide of London. I wish I could go there and enjoy the yummy food. This post is going to be helpful for others.

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing these eateries. I too visited London this June. But since we were with the group, so didn’t have to focus on searching of eating joints. Your post is really helpful for the ones who are customizing their trip on own. When I will go there next time, shall refer to it.

  4. Very informative! Thanks for sharing about these places because eating with kids can turn into a nightmare if the place is not kids friendly.

  5. I am bookmarking this post right away, I have one of my friends going to London soon with his family, I am damn sure she will me happy to read this amazing blog

  6. Wow! London got amazing food places. With this post my food planning for London seems to be sorted. I would definitely check out the places to try out veg versions here.

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