The Birth of Winning Stree- Guest Post by Megha K Patni

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This post is by guest blogger Megha K Patni of the blog, which she writes in collaboration with Tanusri Chakroborty. Their website focuses on highlighting the unique talents of every woman, and provides a platform for women to appreciate the achievements of other women. Do follow them to support this fantastic idea, and to learn about phenomenal women you may not encounter otherwise. In this post, Megha talks about the genesis of her website. Read on to know more!

Before proceeding further, do check out my guest post on their website, where I get candid about my experience as a female lawyer, and the objectification of women in the workspace.


Megha K Patni with her e-book “And She Rises”

7th August 2018 – she was born, with that feeble cry, small cute little feet, a dazzling smile on her face and the most delicate heart. She knew that she was born to uplift species of her clan. For the world always looked down at her type with unjust, demeaning glares and were often if not most of the time frowned upon should they try to rise from the ashes. 

She did not have just one mother instead she had two of them. Strong willed, determined and full of hopes and dreams for her. The irony of the situation was that her mothers had not met each other physically but it was from their thoughts that she had been born. It was from their thoughts that they wished to spread strength, hope, determination and the will to make their dreams come true. Her mothers had named her ‘Winning Stree’.

And that’s what our website will always stand for. Tanusri Chakraborty and I have not met each other physically but had met each other through a Facebook group. We worked as moderators and had communicated through chats.

At that point of time, I remember I used to freelance a lot and was also fortunate to pen down an e-book And She Rises which I uploaded on an app called Juggernaut. Though the book received good reviews from several book reviewers I realized that you cannot survive only on your talents. I lost out on marketing; I lost out because I didn’t have ‘connections’. The guys who had made it on the bestseller list – were always there shining forever. No one could touch them because they were celebrity in their own way.

But what about those who couldn’t? Do celebrities always get the space just because they have already made it? What about those women who just want a word of encouragement or an appreciative pat on the back?

Every woman is a born fighter, every woman is inspirational in her own way and she can provide solutions to every problem you have. Only if she was given that much respect or appreciated for it. So we want to make every woman who is featured on our website feel like a celebrity. She should be spoken about. After all it’s not every day you get to hear stories of how a normal housewife turns out to be a successful home chef.

You don’t get to hear stories of women who once had to stay in ghunghat come out of it and start’ organizing literary fairs, create book boxes and love coffee! So these are the stories that will inspire other women. Our stories are short movies in a way which touches each chord of your emotions.

And our winning stree will not only highlight the talents on the website. We will also bring forth issues that are spoken behind closed doors.

Like for instance, menstrual education still poses a problem for many women wanting to communicate with their daughters. Lot of women do not know how serious a cervical cancer can become. Depression has been taken on as a default mode because since you are a housewife cum office goer cum mother cum everything in this world that God has made you including daughter, sister and mother. Being depressed is so obvious.

That is also one of the reasons why we have a section Happy Go Lucky Me on our website which will have series of videos targeted on being self motivated. Women need to be happy in order to get that awesome glow on their face.

The website is not targeted to compete with other websites there, but is a competition in itself. Our website aims at rising together instead of being a lone runner. So if you think you are a common woman, welcome to the club! I am sure you definitely have interesting stories that will not make you look boring. But will turn you into a winning stree!

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Megha K Patni is one of the founders of the website When she isn’t writing or brainstorming with her partner she is making chocolates for her children, paints or sketches and reads a book in her free time (that is if she gets any!).






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  1. Every woman is born as a fighter and she wins her battle with courage. I am feeling amazing after reading the story behind Winning Stree. It’s definitely persuasive. Hats off to you girls.

  2. Its a great initiative by Megha. Winningstree sounds wonderful and its good to see women helping other women. Its a great way to give them the right exposure.

  3. Women power is something that the world is always fond of. This concept surely sounds damn amazing, its in inspiration in its own way, thank you for sharing such an amazing blog, will definitely share the same with my friends too.

  4. Winnigstree is a great concept. The fact that you want to rise together with the women of the world and that you want to inspire others, itself makes it a WinningStree. There are so many positive meanings to the name itself. All the best.

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