Review of Movie Venom: Is It Worth Watching?

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*This post contains SPOILERS for the film VENOM*

After watching the brilliant “Avengers: Infinity War”, I eagerly wait for all Marvel movies. Ruben Fleischer’s “Venom” was enjoyable, but didn’t impress as much as other recent releases from the house of Marvel.


A series of events lead jobless journalist Eddie Brock to become the host of an alien parasite. Known as Venom, the parasite gives Brock superhuman strength and power. The unlikely pairing of Brock and Venom, join hands (and bodies) to save the world from an alien invasion.

tom hardy in venom

Tom Hardy in a still from the film.


“Venom” harks back to the superhero films of the noughties, when large chunks of the narrative were dedicated to establishing the background of the superhero, rushing through the rest of the story.  Like those films, “Venom” is well-made and entertaining, but doesn’t make for memorable cinema.

Venom is a villain in the original comic books but an anti-hero in the film. His wishy-washy reason for choosing a good path over an evil one is quite implausible. The story simply doesn’t do justice to the fantastic characters originally created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley. Venom is a complex protagonist representing the many shades of grey most people possess. His multi-faceted personality offers a plethora of possibilities that the film doesn’t explore.

However, I still enjoyed the film. It’s made with fantastic special effects, some noteworthy CGI fight scenes and plenty of emotional drama. Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and Michelle Williams as Anne Weying are endearing; and Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake is creepily deadpan.

The cinematography is well-done. Some of the scenes are visually disturbing and even scary. Think twice before taking young ones or people who don’t enjoy horror films, to this one!


“Venom” may be predictable, but lays adequate ground for developing this interesting and layered character. I can’t wait to see his internal growth in future films in the series. I’d recommend the film to fans of the Marvel Comicverse, and to people looking for some light-hearted entertainment.

Film Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. The plot sounds good an d cerybgripping. Although I’m almost certain that I would t wnat to watch it. But, my spouse would love it.

  2. I was initially looking forward to seeing this movie and seldom do I read reviews for movies I want to see. But I stumbled across another review similar to your earlier today and the review made a comparison with Spider Man 3 – and that I say is the biggest buzzkill. Spider Man 3 was not just a bad movie but the worst in the Spider Man franchise and having Venom compared to it really puts Venom in a bad place.

  3. I have liked first 2 parts of Spider Man but what’s the point in watching another movie with the same theme. Thanks for reviewing it for us.

  4. This sounds like a perfect movie to watch over the weekend with a tub full of popcorn for me! Thank you for the in-depth review. Will Definitely watch it!

  5. Tom Hardy nails the role of Eddie Brock. The movie may seem messy but it comes together and its fun to watch. The movie takes a different take on the origins of Venom but its somewhat satisfying to understand.

  6. I watched and loved Venom actually. Was not sure whether I will like this unlikely hero but found him cute.

  7. I am not a fan of such movies but my husband and kids are die-hard fans. They are always looking into papers to see what’s new and book the tickets. Thanks for giving the link ready.

  8. My daughters want to go and see it and I was not sure of going. But after reading your review, I am pretty sure that I am not going. 🙂

  9. Loved the special effects in the movie and Tom Hardy nailed the role of Eddie brock. Things where still predictable in the movie though.

  10. My son is looking forward to watching this movie. I was planning on taking him for it bt your review suggests I’ll probably get bored! 🙁

  11. Was already planning to see the movie, thank you for sharing such an amazing review, after reading the post the excitement for the movie has just increased

  12. My friends are all so excited to watch this movie! I am not much of a movie fan but i love special effects… After this review I feel that I can watch this movie for once with friends, only for it’s special effects though!

  13. actually i like hollywood movies but not like venom where something is coming out or some thing which makes puke or scare but still my hubby has booked for next weeek

  14. I am not a Hollywood fan but my hubby loves to watch, will surely share this to him BTW it’s plot is interesting.

  15. I so much wanted to read about this movie, love the venom comic series and wanted to read a review before paying bomb in the tickets ;D thanks a lot for sharing.

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