The Art NGO Shining a Light on India’s Underprivileged Children: Artreach India

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The lockdown has been difficult on everyone, but most of all on the underprivileged population of India. Scores of people living hand-to-mouth in normal times, found themselves without work or sustenance during this prolonged period. A few good citizens stepped up to do their bit during these trying times, by providing food and monetary help. However, not many concentrated on their fragile mental health. Art has therapeutic power, and NGO Artreach India is shining a light on the talented underprivileged children of Delhi, by providing them a means to express themselves through art. Their Teaching Fellowship was a year-long intensive course, which continued online once lockdown was imposed.

shahwan big cutwork
Paper cut-out composition


Artreach India works to improve the lives of underprivileged children by teaching them various mediums of art through annual Teaching Fellowships, periodic workshops, internships with mentors in the field of art, as well as job placements. Having been closely associated with this art NGO since its inception, I have seen the results of their work up close. Most participants are teenagers, and take well to an education that teaches them creative expression. The display and sale of their art work helps to improve their financial condition, while boosting their self-esteem and confidence.


noorjahan charcoal
Charcoal Drawing at Humayun’s Tomb
noorie charcoal
Charcoal Drawing at Humayun’s Tomb


Artreach India instituted a Teaching Fellowship in 2015 as part of which a chosen artist works intensively with young people throughout the year, teaching them different techniques of art, craft and design. The Teaching Fellowship encourages participants to use art as a tool to explore the world, while cultivating their imaginative, creative and reflective skills. Most importantly, it encourages them to find an individual expressive voice.

This year the Fellowship was curated by artist Tahsin Akhtar, who taught 18 talented children from TARA Homes in Delhi. Over 10 months, these 12-18-year-old boys and girls, attended weekend workshops and learnt drawing, painting, making flip-books, creating 3D characters and animation films, some of which were taught online during lockdown. They also went on various field trips to art colleges and art fairs.

Tahsin Akhtar, an MFA in Painting from the College of Art, Delhi, is known for his work in new media and technology through photography, VFX and 2D animation. He is also well-versed in traditional mediums like painting and sculpture.

The teaching fellowship is funded by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, India’s first private museum, which seeks to support art education at a grassroots level.

Creating Storyboards


The works produced during the Teaching Fellowship of 2019-20 included drawings based on observation and creative composition, animating and building imaginative worlds using varied materials, moulding and modelling clay and characters, charcoal drawings and paper cut-outs, flip-books and pencil shadings of foliage. Visit this page to view the works of art.

Creating Flip-books


If you are interested in buying an artwork from the children or would like to know more about Artreach’s work and how to get involved please contact Shivangi at

To make a donation you can do so online here:

Through the pandemic, Artreach is passing 50% of donations on to their partners working on the frontline of Covid relief.

Visit this page to view the works of art:

Artreach India


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  1. This is an excellent gem you have found Noor! An NGO that moulds the natural artistic talents and helps the underprivileged make something out of it! quite amazing!

  2. Art has a language of its own. Several organisations like artreach have realised its significance and are using this medium to make a change in various communities across India. And good to know that they work with children, artists, NGOs, museums and schools in India.

  3. I’m a huge art enthusiast and lately was supporting some NGO which are helping sales for students who are trying to finish their studies. This is so inspiring…will check this out for sure

  4. Its wonderful. Really it provide us pleasure & kind of satisfaction in working with children. I have also worked in many Ngo ,especially with CNCP(child in need of protection & care),CCL.
    Have a visit to my blog .
    Thanks for your sharing….

  5. Great to know of this ART Reach NGO in Delhi focussing on under privileged children via charcoal drawing and other ways. But their Art fellowship attracted me a lot. It is encouraging and they’re also doing charity work Inthis pandemic time. This NGO needs to be reached out to more humans. Applause worthy work by the team.

  6. I am an arts enthusiast and would love to support buying an artwork from the children. I would also like to know more about Artreach’s work, so will get in touch with the concerned person.

  7. Thanks for sharing the details about the Ngo and how one can contribute, loved the sketches by them.

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