Blogaberry Dazzle February 2021 Challenge: Let’s Grow Our Blogs Together!

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2021 began on a positive note for blogging. My friend Cindy Ann D’Silva of Blogaberry devised a month-long blogging challenge, which I happily signed on to co-host. In this challenge, the participants wrote and linked 4 posts in the month of January, one a week, to the main challenge page. They read, commented and shared the posts of other participants, while receiving meaningful engagement on their posts from each participant in return. Apart from timely uploading and engaging, we were particular about not enforcing strict rules of minimum Domain Authority rankings or adhering to restrictive themes or prompts. We were also keen to include guest posts, sponsored posts and material written for other blog hops, writer community activities or challenges. Our agenda is simple:

To encourage the growth of bloggers through the enforcement of regular writing schedules and good quality engagement on their posts.

The efforts of each participant that followed the rules, were rewarded with a certificate of participation. Two winners were picked as ‘Best Writers Throughout the Challenge’ – 1st and 2nd prize. One winner was picked for ‘Best Engagement Throughout the Challenge’. These super winners were awarded prizes worth INR 1200 (or equivalent), INR 1000 (or equivalent) and INR 800 (or equivalent) respectively. Apart from the winners, we also announced the Top 5 Writers and Best Comments.

Having concluded the first month with over 30 participants that stayed with us till the end, we can safely say the Blogaberry Dazzle January Challenge was a stupendous success. Here are a few testimonials from participants:

Ruchita Mathur: With this blog challenge, I grew as a blogger. As I read others’ posts, I tried to write better and got inspired by what was given in the posts. I would encourage others to join this too.

Abha Mondal: Amazing blog challenge and I have enjoyed a lot. All set for February Challenge!

Dr. Surbhi Prapanna: It is really great for bloggers who want to create a discipline in their writing and reading things that will ultimately improve their blog stats and increase their confidence.

Alpana Bapat: In any blog hop, one thing that matters a lot to me, is how well-organised the hop is and how responsive the hosts are. And I found both these points in this hop. Overall, it was a great experience. I have registered for the February one as well!

Monidipa Dutta: It was an amazing experience… Got to read so many lovely bloggers. I loved how much the hosts were involved in this competition, they were always there to help.

Ritu Bindra: One of the best blog hops I have participated in, so well-managed and one that lets me stick to my niche.

Prerna Wahi: The experience of this blog hop has been fantastic. Very well executed and I got to read some amazing posts across various genres 😁

Shail Thosani: I loved being part of the January challenge. Now waiting for February to begin!

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If the easy rules, undoubted benefits and fabulous testimonials, haven’t convinced you to join us in February as yet, perhaps these two new announcements will:

  1. The Blogaberry Dazzle February Challenge is open to Youtubers as well! The same rules will apply. Four vlogs/videos created in February, posted to the linky once a week, with the mandatory line added in the description box, linking back to hosts and sponsors.
  1. We will be accepting guest posts throughout the month-long challenge. You may write and publish on any week of your choice, or 2-3 weeks as opposed to all 4 weeks. The only difference is that guest posts will not receive the certificates of participation awarded to everyone that successfully completes the challenge, and they won’t be eligible for the challenge prizes.

In case you’re wondering about the advantages of a guest post – they expose your work to new readers, allow you to get good engagement on your posts, and give you the flexibility of publishing just 1 or 2 posts as per your capacity.

The other change being introduced in February is in the prizes that will be awarded at the end of the challenge. On successful completion of 4 weeks, every participant will receive a certificate. In addition, the following categories of winners will be announced:

Best Writers:

1st Prize: Worth INR 1500 (or equivalent)

2nd Prize: Worth INR 1000 (or equivalent)

3rd Prize: Worth INR 800 (or equivalent)

Best Engagement:

1st Prize: Worth INR 500 (or equivalent)

2nd Prize: Worth INR 400 (or equivalent)

3rd Prize: Worth INR 300 (or equivalent)

In case you’re wondering on what basis the awards are picked, here is the breakdown for selection:

For Best Writers, all four posts are adjudged on the basis of four categories each. The final score from each week is added up to pick the winners:

Choice of topic (whether timely/relevant or interesting)


Grammar and Writing Skills

Unique Voice

For Best Engagement, we invite each participant to share their favourite comments from each week, making it entirely a reader’s choice award 🙂

After this extensive explanation, I hope I’ve convinced you to take part in the Blogaberry Dazzle February Challenge, whether as a regular participant or simply through guest posts! If you’re joining us in this journey of mutual support and overall growth of your blog, just sign up here. If you’re joining only for guest posting, please specify that in the additional comments:


This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and me, and SPONSORED BY Bugshield Clothing – Enjoy Outdoors More!


*This is not a sponsored post.

**Copyright in pictures and content belongs to and cannot be republished or repurposed without express permission of the author. As I am a copyright lawyer by profession, infringement of any kind will invite strict legal action.


  1. This unique blog hop and it’s accolades practice, under the hosting of two wonderful souls Noor and Cindy, are really keeping my spirits high to pen down my post in more responsible manner. Helped in bringing my discipline back! Tighten my seat belt to take off with the month of love February!!!

  2. January has been amazing blogging month with Blogaberry Dazzle. All thanks to you and Cindy. Looking forward to an equally incredible February.

  3. I loved the overall experience of this blog hop. I got t read many new blogger’s writing. No wonders why I registered for the February one as well. 🙂

  4. I am so glad I am part of this challenge. More than anything, I’m in this for the push it gives you to write regularly. Sometimes we all need that nudge to get back to our blogs from our IG busy lives and this challenge is exactly doing that for me!

  5. I had an amazing time participating in Jan. It was a good start to the year for me as i got to explore new blogs and interact with such lovely writers. Looking forward to more reading & blogging in Feb! Thanks to Cindy & you for hosting the blogtrain so well.

    1. Blog hops are a great way to keep the writing on and also get good engagement and interaction on the blog. I loved the way you have organized the entire blog hop.

  6. I had a wonderful experience participating in this bloghop, so without any doubt, I signed up for February too! Thanks to such wonderful hosts like you and Cindy 🙂

  7. I used to blog regularly earlier but then two young kids under the age of three, blogging took a step back! So for this year I am doing the Project 365 so as to be regular in blogging .That when I came across the Feb blogabbery dazzle challenge and I thought why not!? So here I am
    thank you for hosting the challenge!

  8. This is a wonderful challenge and the best part is there is no strict adherence of particular topics or any strict rules.

      1. Hopefully I would have participated but currently I am out for vacation… interesting to see all bloggers participating

  9. I really enjoyed this blog challenge just because rules were simple and not theme based. I mostly write travel related articles. This kind of blog challenge is perfect for me. That’s why I decided to join February challenge too. I wish I was active on my YouTube channel. Really wanted to post videos for this challenge.Unfortunately can’t record videos this month. Maybe next time.

  10. Ritu had told me about this blogging challenge and the interesting posts everyone was writing. I was reading them so decided I should sign up. I am enjoying the challenge. You both are doing great work.

  11. That’s a great way of connecting with community and to be able to push yourself harder and write more. Are the outgoing links to other blogs safe from google penalty? Do search engines not consider this as an exercise to increase backlinks? Ideally they should not but you never know, these days with algorithm changes every now and then. We would love to participate in next challenges but are afraid of these things. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. We have not insisted on do-follow back links, I personally ensure that all my links remain ‘no-follow’, which makes this linking activity merely for raising awareness about the hosts blogs, not as a linking activity 🙂 You may do the same. We hope you’ll join in next time!

  12. I am participating in this challenge for the first time and really excited to be a part of it. I am glad that both of you took this great initiative. I personally enjoy Blog Hops, the community feel always gives me the motivation to write well and read some fabulous posts,

  13. I love writing. I really do. But I wish I had more time. With a full-time corporate job, I try to manage my blog as much as I can, but still fall short. Congratulations for your new initiative.

    1. Rahul you’re an ideal candidate for this blog hop. I know that you’re fairly regular in posting at least one post a week, and by taking part in a challenge of this nature, you get assured readership and engagement! Do consider if you’d like to join as a guest!

  14. January has been a fun month with the #BlogaberryDazzle blog hop. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing, reading and more importantly bringing some discipline in my writing. Cindy and you have been excellent hosts, pushing us all towards better writing through rewards and certificates.

    Glad to be a part of the February Blog Hop too!

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