Why It Pays to Pursue Your Passion: Adam Davidson and the Passion Economy

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Pursue Your Passion: Adam Davidson and the Passion Economy

I reluctantly woke today morning from a fabulous dream – I was on stage experiencing the thrill of theatre acting after years. As a college student, nothing gave me greater pleasure than performing on stage. After graduating, however, life and parental decisions led me down a more sedate path – I pursued a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Law, and practiced at the Delhi High Court with a Senior Advocate. It was only after the birth of my son that I woke to the idea of chasing my passion instead of slaving away at a traditional desk job. I began blogging, which led to opportunities to write for newspapers and publications; and spurred me on to create video content for Instagram so I could begin acting again, albeit on a much smaller scale!

The idea of pursuing one’s passion to achieve professional success is certainly appealing, yet replete with many hurdles. Hence, when I heard that Adam Davidson, renowned Economist and Bestselling Author, is addressing an Indian audience for the first time ever in a Virtual Live setting, I jumped to reserve a spot for myself by registering for the event. Adam Davidson, in his path-breaking book, “The Passion Economy: New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century” explains the concept of an economy driven by passion, as opposed to one driven by scale. The book is based on extensive research of true life stories and various studies on the subject. Read more here: http://everythingexperiential.businessworld.in/article/The-Passion-Economy-by-Adam-Davidson-Hear-it-from-the-author-himself/22-01-2021-368523/

Adam Davidson

Davidson is an American journalist of business and economics issues for the National Public Radio in USA. He co-founded the NPR’s Planet Money podcast, and writes for the New York Times Magazine, the New Yorker and other prestigious publications. The principle he propounds in his book ‘The Passion Economy’ encourages freelancers and entrepreneurs, to scale their businesses exponentially and earn passive income. Further, it highlights how important it is for individuals to have the freedom to work at their own time and leisure, and from any place of their choice. Happy people are bound to be more productive and hence more successful.

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Nanni Singh of ShowCase Events, along with Roshan Abbas, President of the Entertainment & Events Management Association of India and Dr. Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of BusinessWorld and exchange4media group; will moderate this discussion with Davidson, which promises to be insightful and educational on many counts.

If you, like me, have made a business of your passion, you must attend this one-of-a-kind session on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. IST too.

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  1. Following your passion is very fulfilling. You said it right. Happy people are more productive. It is for the one reason and that is they find joy in their work and that gives them the satisfaction. Its not a job for them but each they they live their dream.

  2. I agree.. Freedom of work dios Increases productivity at the same time when you enjoy what you do makes you more effective too. I would definitely wants to know how as a freelancer I can scale up my business with passive income… Will register.

  3. Interesting post. Thank you for sharing. Ability to become an enterpreneur and sell ones idea has its charm, a sense of satisfaction and ofcourse gives the freedom to work at a time of ones choice. These are all good, and I think these are catchwords to attract people. The most important thing, I think is to have an idea that people are ready to buy paying money. That is when success comes and one starts to make money. To understand what is the idea, whose time has come, needs good amount of hard research.

  4. Wow this is really great Noor that you had again experienced the thrill of theater acting and I am sure it would be an amazing experience for you. passion academy sounds like a great option to take your passion to next level with professional help. thanks a lot dear for sharing about it.

  5. You are right . One is happy doing what one is passionate about. I like writing and that is why i blog.

  6. Following your passion is the most content you can get in life. It is the most happiest moments of your life when you are pursuing your passion. Will be joining the session.

  7. So true, Noor. When you passion is your profession, it does not seem like work anymore. I have been blessed to live my dream. It is by no means easy, and well worth 16 hour workdays. The session sounds interesting. I will try to attend.

  8. This is an interesting concept – I’m intrigued and will check it out. I feel we are fortunate to be pursuing our passion and earning from it.

  9. Very interesting topic..I signed up and came on but not feeling well at all 🙁 Couldn’t concentrate. I was boasting of fighting depression and now I ended up with high BP…am in real bad shape.

  10. That’s absolutely true Noor, every moment is delight when one’s passion becomes profession. Very rare are able to do that, you are indeed from among those. Honestly never heard about Adam Davidson, thanks for sharing much info about the great personality.

  11. It’s the right thought process and probably the need of hour as well. Taking one step in following passion I have joined work recently. And it makes me so so proud to be able to feel thrilled for work as I like it.

  12. Noor, you are a motivation, and now that you are doing exactly what you want is clearly visible from the heights you have scaled. Truly, it pays to pursue your passion. Will definitely watch the recording. The book too surely must have tips and suggestion that once could use in the near future. Thank you for adding the link here.

  13. You are so right . I recently watched your videos and loved your acting skills . I totally agree that following your passion always gives immense satisfaction. I missed that session . I will definitely watch the video .

  14. Thanks for sharing this post Noor. You have so much feathers to adorn in your cap.. I agree with passion, we can achieve greater things in life. I guess I have missed booking the spot for Adam’s session, but will try to grab a copy of his book online.

  15. Well I feel proud to say I did follow my passion to write and yes it does not pay me like my previous IT job but this makes me happier. I haven’t heard about Adam but I’m sure I will pick up this book

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