Designer Harleen Anand on Achieving Work – Life Balance

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With International Women’s Day around the corner, one thinks of the strong female figures in one’s life. I am sure many would agree that our mothers are often the first female mentors in our lives . My mother, Harleen Anand, has been an inspiration and the driving force behind my desire to simultaneously raise a family and work in a field that I am passionate about. She has taught me that achieving work – life balance is easily done with conviction and care. My first mentor, most steadfast advisor, system of support and inspiration for my creativity – she is all this and more. I have interviewed her in today’s post, as I interview celebrities and people of public renown for my newspaper columns – because for me, she is the most real of celebrities.

Achieving Work – Life Balance


Q1. From being a home-maker to a successful fashion designer. Please tell us about your journey so far.

Ans: When I got married after I completed my graduation, I did not have any specific career path planned. I was heavily involved in managing my home and that kept me very busy. I enjoy cooking but most of all I have always enjoyed designing clothes, painting and designing interiors. My family and friends encouraged me through the years, saying my talent was exceptional and that I should think of using it commercially. Quite fortuitously, I landed a job with a leading fashion house in the city and there was no stopping me after that. Over a span of almost 35 years, I have had a very fulfilling and lucrative career as a fashion designer in Delhi. All this was done without compromising on raising my children or running the household which we shared with my in-laws. Achieving work – life balance is not an impossible task when you have your priorities in order.

Q2. What challenges have you faced in your chosen industry, as a woman and as the owner of your own business?

Ans: To be very honest, my priority has always been my family. Even though my business of clothes kept me on my toes all the time, I never wanted to miss a single event in my children’s lives while they were growing up. Initially, this led to situations where I would neglect my work as I was very busy with my family and home. Eventually, I worked out a business model that was manageable and would help me in achieving work –life balance. I decided not to make it too large in spite of its popularity and growth potential. The path I’ve chosen was the correct one for me, as I have always been satisfied with my work and the gratification that I’ve received from it.

Designer Harleen Anand in her own creation

Q3. On the flip-side, do your strengths as a woman aid you in your professional journey?

Ans: Yes, I felt that I had an advantage being a woman handling this business. I feel all women connect with me easily – from young girls to older ladies. They find that I’m able to translate their ideas and preferences well in the final outcome. Somehow, I have always felt that I could read their mind and make them exactly what they wanted and something they would feel flattered in. I feel another factor in achieving work-life balance is that I’ve never been the bread winner of the family. So, I could work just for the passion of it without being under any pressure.

Q4. Please share a few rewarding instances – of fun and fulfilling experiences – from your journey so far.

Ans: My work has rewarded me with endless compliments from women of all ages. There have been older women who have told me that they keep the clothes made by me in a muslin cloth as they are special and need to be cherished. I have seen my young clients dancing with sheer joy and pleasure after wearing clothes designed by me. Apart from awarding me financial independence, my work has given me immense confidence in myself and taught me the important life skill of handling varied people of different mind-sets.

Harleen Anand on achieving work -life balance

Q5. Has the pandemic affected your business? What steps have you taken to meet these challenges?

Ans: I had to stop my work completely for a while due to the pandemic as I could not risk interacting with my workers. Further, people stopped getting new clothes made as they did not have any formal engagements and no events to attend which would require semi-formal or formal clothes to wear. However, once lockdown was lifted, I opened up again and have been getting steady orders from my regular clientele since then – everything from casual to heavy outfits and even embellished party masks!

Q6. What is on the cards for the future – both for your label and for you?

Ans: With work having restarted in full swing, I am planning to launch my summer collection soon. It will consist of casual easy breezy outfits. As most of us continue to work from home, people want to look put together yet be comfortable and my collection will be perfect for that purpose. I hope to receive a good response and take it from there.

With a fulfilling career and family life, Harleen Anand is an inspiration for everyone in achieving work – life balance.

Some recent designs made by Harleen Anand


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  1. Hey Noor I so loved reading you post. First of all its a lovely tribute to your mom and I so loved the topic you have chosen for this women’s day. Some days ago I created a blog for my mom and gifted her a small digital space of her own. Aunty is so so gorgeous and beautiful. I really loved all her collection and I showed them to my mom. Her story is so inspiring. Please convey my love and respect to aunty and a big hug to you two. Best wishes 💐💐💐💐

    1. Thank you dearest Swarnali. What a lovely comment and I will definitely share this with my mother. I wish aunty all the happiness and success in the digital space!

  2. I so planned to write about my mum for this women’s day but i guess one blog isnt enough. Hats off to your mom for being a fashion designer as well as a home maker. You look so much like her!

  3. Love the post Noor and love the piece of advice that aunty has given us on managing work-life balance. I agree that for women it is not easy but if we plan well and work hard, we can manage both things together properly. lovely clicks and all the best to aunty for upcoming summer collection launch.

  4. You are so right – it is indeed our mums who are our first mentors. When I started my series on #inspiringwomen – my mum was the first one I covered. So happy to read your mum’s inspiring story and btw I loved her designs too that you have shared at the end.

  5. Noor, what a lovely gift to your mom. Love the way you portrait your mom. Thank you for the advice given by aunty – how to balance work and home.

  6. This is such a lovely interview, Noor. A beautiful tribute to her on Women’s Day. Our moms are our inspiration and also our biggest cheerleaders,

  7. That’s a beautiful tribute to your mom. Women by nature are excellent at multi tasking and I feel it really goes a long way in bringing that much needed work life balance. Totally love those outfits you are wearing

  8. Mothes are undoubtedly our real heros. I have seen my mon juggling two jobs, home, kids and her doctorate. So proud of her.
    Your mom has given great tips for balancing both worlds. Liked your post and that pink suit you are wearing its amazing.

  9. The views of Harleen Anand are really inspiring. She is indeed a role model for those looking to achieve the perfect balance between career and family.

  10. I have seen your mom’s work via your Instagram channel and love her artistic choices of colors and style. You too have that panache in you, thank you for joining us and sharing about Aunty. She is definitely a super woman 👩

  11. What an amazing tribute you have given your mom. She is such a pretty lady also. And I like the pink suits, that you have put photos of, at the end of the interview. Kudos!

  12. This is an incredible way to write about your mother this Women’s Day. She is such a wonderful lady and truly inspiring.

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