Where to Get the Best Cotton Fabric Online in India? Fabcurate Review

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Gone are the days when we could simply open our mothers’ trunks and forage for good fabrics to make the latest designs. Today, people have neither the time nor the inclination to brave the milling crowds in local markets to shop for fabric. With the pandemic still at large, online shopping is definitely the more prudent route to take. The question then arises – where can we get the best cotton fabric online in India? For that matter, where do we get the best-quality fabric of any kind, online in India? As someone who enjoys the comfortable fashion of made-to-order clothing, I have spent a long time diligently searching for a good place to source fabrics online. After an intensive search, I concluded that Fabcurate was the best one available.

Where to buy the best cotton fabrics online in India - Fabcurate review


As its name suggests, Fabcurate offers its patrons the chance to curate their own collections of fabrics. When you shop online, instead of randomly accumulating scraps of fabric over years that never see the light of day, you are more conscious about your spending. Fabcurate helps to streamline the process of online fabric shopping. It is the ideal platform for buying the best cotton fabric online in India, offering gorgeous bespoke designs and also the ability to design your own textiles.

This unique online fabric shopping platform allows you to employ your imagination on an array of premium quality fabrics available in their extensive stock. The best part is that these fabrics are sourced directly from traditional fabric merchants, who are the masters of their traditional crafts. If you are looking for inspiration for your next gorgeous outfit, the beautiful selection of fabrics at Fabcurate will surely inspire you to come up with a complete show-stopper!

Buy best cotton fabrics online in India on Fabcurate


As the team at Fabcurate is based out of Surat in Gujarat, they have an edge over their competitors in the market. It is widely known that Surat is the textile capital of the country – with its plentiful cotton mills and signature zari silk craft. Hence, the best yarn production, weaving, processing and embroidery happens in Surat, ensuring that the Fabcurate team stay up-to-date with all the trends and provide only the best for their customers – whether it is cotton fabric or silk sourced online in India.

A lot goes into creating a garment – first and foremost, it is a visual and tactile process. Further, it requires creative ideas and knowledge of the best practices for sewing the cloth. With years of experience in this industry, the team at Fabcurate is well placed to offer you the best fabric available online in India.

Organic cotton is the latest buzzword in this industry with organic farming being the most environmentally friendly approach to producing high-quality organic fibres which are then converted into fabric. Fortunately, Fabcurate offers a large selection of organic cotton fabrics to choose from.

Locally made beautiful Indian fabrics at Fabcurate


By focussing on the Indian Handloom Industry, the team at Fabcurate collaborates with talented artisans and gives them a platform to show their talent, while allowing them the opportunity to reach their creative potential. Their large team of artisans are trained in creating crafts such as Kalamkari, Ikat, Ajrakh, Indigo, Tie & Dye, Dabu, Shibori, Banarasi, Bandhani, Batik, among others, drawing inspiration from India’s rich heritage and culture.


After sharing these snippets of information on Fabcurate, I am keen to explain why I feel they provide the best cotton fabric online in India. With summer around the corner, everyone is looking to refurbish their hot weather wardrobes, hence, cotton fabrics are most in demand. I thoroughly appreciated the large variety of cotton fabrics that I could choose from on the Fabcurate website. The easy navigability, smooth selection procedure, vast collection of fabrics in stock, and most important of all, the reasonable price range, was the biggest draw for me. I am aware that a fabric can only truly be judged upon touch and feel, hence I reserved my final judgment till I had received the order in hand. Fortunately, the fabrics were accurate to their descriptions online, soft to the touch and 100% pure. They arrived in a lovely cotton tote bag which can be reused for shopping or other purposes. I’m eagerly looking forward to wearing the kurtas that are being designed with these fabrics and will share them with you all here once they are ready.

For the sake of honesty, I haven’t yet tried their curated service to create my own designs on fabric, but I’m definitely doing that next. If you’re looking for a one-stop, trustworthy, affordable and absolute best place to buy cotton fabrics online in India – Fabcurate is the one to try.

I am delighted that the team at Fabcurate has offered my readers an exclusive discount code. Use code NOOR10 at check out for 10% off your order!

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  1. Cotton is indeed the best and Fabcurate seems to have such a cool range of offerings. The best part for me is that they are helping and ecouraging traditional handlooms and designs of India.

  2. First of all, tell me how do u manage such a long beautiful hair.
    Secondly u r looking stunning in this fabric.
    As summer coming, I prefer cotton, hence will check it.

  3. Lucky you have your mom. I have to go hunting for a good tailor to design my fabrics. I have so many just sitting in my cupboard waiting to be worn. Will try this website though. I’m sure I’ll find a good designer soon.

  4. Wow those cotton fabric look beautiful and pretty. The colours are fab and its amazing that one can buy them online. i will try to shop for some of these.

  5. This is good. A nice range of good quality cotton fabric available online will indeed make life easy specilly with the onset of summer, cotton is all we seek.

  6. Cottons are the best during summers. Love the prints that Fabcurate has to offer. The idea of supporting artisans and cottage industries has been something that I try and be mindful about while I am on my shopping spree.

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  12. i dont know much about cotton or clothing but i recommend it to my wife, may be she can find some thing good in cloths for me

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