Is Edtech The Future of Education in India?

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Edtech the future of education in India

The year 2020 has witnessed a sea change in the way children are being educated, and ed-tech has risen firmly as the future of education in India. As parents, we were aware of the effects of technology on traditional methods of education in the last few years, but had not envisaged the dramatic shift that took place almost overnight, when lockdown was declared and schools closed their doors. Virtual schooling began soon after, but it became woefully clear that schools, teachers and even the students were quite unprepared for this method of online learning.

Everything from a severe lack of communication, worry about the safety of digital spaces, various choices of platforms, problems of low bandwidth, issues with the number of available devices, the lack of digital and technical training for teachers that have relied on books and boards for their entire careers; proved to be monumental hurdles for everyone involved. The ideal solution for all these issues are ed-tech apps, which have a definite advantage over conventional learning. They are built to prepare children for a technology-driven future.

It may be hard to envisage a drastically different future when one is conditioned a certain way their whole life, but could you have envisaged our extreme dependence on little gadgets called mobile phones, 20 years ago? Perhaps not! Hence, it is important to seriously consider ed-tech as the future of education in India.

The firm leader in the Indian Edtech industry is BYJU’s, which successfully made a name for itself even before the pandemic. This is because of its personalised educational programs from early learners to competitive examinations of government jobs, unmatched individual attention, ahead-of-the-game technology and firm belief in democratisation of education.

Edtech the future of education in India

Here are 5 reasons why ed-tech, in my opinion, is assuredly the future of education in India:


The internet has been revolutionary in the breaking of boundaries, by providing people in the remotest of villages, access to the outside world through the virtual medium. Ed-tech is taking this one step further by giving children everywhere, the chance to be educated and learn various skills that will help them succeed in life. Ed-tech makes high quality education accessible to scores of children from different strata of society by saving on the exorbitant institutional costs of formal schooling and extra tuition.

Edtech the future of education in India


Since ed-tech works on a one-on-one model, it has the advantage of ensuring individualised and focused attention on every child’s needs and levels. This allows them enough time to focus on and improve the skills they lack, in comparison to their peers. The teachers can also accord each student individualised and focused attention, which ultimately leads to better results and efficient usage of time and resources.


Despite it being clear that technology is the medium for all jobs in the coming future, many people in India are not digitally proficient. Ed-tech offers the best solution to this problem. It encourages digital literacy for both students and teachers, as they learn to navigate the digital environment in order to make the best use of it. 


The visual medium encourages higher and more focused engagement, even from those students that struggle to pay attention to studies of any kind. E-learning encourages children to learn on their own, enhance their knowledge, and inspires them to think out of the box and question concepts rather than simply memorising their textbooks. This ensures long-term retention of everything they learn. The unique ways that ed-tech apps package mundane information ensures that students have fun while they learn.  

Edtech the future of education in India


Ed-tech does not follow specified curricula and does not adhere to any fixed timelines. The testing and examination is flexible, which allows every child to progress at their own pace. An added advantage is the ease with which teachers and parents can track a student’s results, which allows them to design and provide personalised solutions for the children to improve and perform better.   

These salient features are unique to e-learning. As parents nurturing children in this new global environment, it is our duty to embrace ed-tech solutions so we may prepare them for a fast-changing, digitally-conscious future.

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  1. Edtech definitely seems to be one step ahead in taking education to the next level for kids! Due to lockdown, education across the globe has seen tremendous change and unlike the rest of the mediums that struggle with engaging kids, customising as per the child is definitely a game changer. Have filled the form too!

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