The Importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Were you aware that 1 in 29 Indian females have a chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetimes? Did you know that this form of cancer is most prevalent among urban Indian women, with the highest number of cases reported in Kerala? These numbers are certainly alarming, but there is no time better than Breast Cancer Awareness Month to highlight them.

The month of October is designated for spreading awareness of this widespread disease, so that women, and even men, can stay abreast of regular check-ups and prevent it from spreading to a high degree, making it harder to treat. Breast cancer awareness month serves the dual purpose of raising funds to aid with the treatment of those who are less-privileged or cannot afford the long-term care required to scale this ailment.


According to the World Health Organisation, cancer of the breast is the most frequent among women, with nearly 2.1 million women being impacted each year. It is also responsible for the greatest number of cancer-related deaths in women, far surpassing other deadly cancers such as cervical and ovarian.

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Our health is in our hands and it is up to us to ensure we take care of the body given to us. Simple self-examinations of the breast every month and specialist check-ups once a year after age 25 and once every 6 months after age 35, will help you stay as safe as possible. This breast cancer awareness month, make sure that you and your family members are aware, safe and well.

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