Why I Call Myself a Communicator: The Brand Story of Noor Anand Chawla

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As Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa campaign trudges along through the month of October, I’m constantly thinking about potential topics to write on. I refrained from choosing a theme for this year’s campaign because I have too much on my work plate at the moment. Writing from the heart on a topic that leaps out in the thick of the moment, seemed a sound policy to adopt, if I was to successfully complete this campaign.

What’s on my work plate, you may ask?

  • I write– a weekly lifestyle column for a national newspaper, the occasional Sunday feature in the same paper, articles in various lifestyle websites and news portals, captions, pitch presentations and promotional posts for an events company, legal contracts and opinions, and my blog
  • I perform– videos for my social media handles, ads and promotional video campaigns for brands, hosting virtual and real events (in pre-pandemic life)
  • I edit– written pieces, brand content, videos and pictures
  • I advise– on legal issues, raising brand awareness, optimal curation of existing content, matching the right content to the right brand and correct audience
  • I teach– everything I know about content creation through video courses or one-on-one personalised sessions

It’s a lot and it’s a bit all over the place, but each is an important individual skill that fits well under the large umbrella of being a “communicator”. I had decided to record my journey of being a communicator as one of the Alexa posts, and this idea was further strengthened when team Blogchatter asked us to write our “brand stories”. So, here it is – my brand story as a communicator.

I’ve been an inveterate reader from the age of six, when I discovered the joy of words reading about an “acorn” in my English textbook. I hadn’t anticipated then that words would take a firm hold of me. I wrote my first story at age eleven, with a distinct plot line and several characters, and won international recognition at age sixteen for a short story I wrote, which was one of the ‘Highly Commended’ entries in the Royal Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition. Soon after, writing took a backseat as the pursuit of studies distracted me from my path. I studied, as all Indian kids are told to, garnered the requisite grades and secured a seat in St. Stephen’s College, one of the premier educational institutions of our country.

In the third week of college, as a lark, I auditioned for a role in a small play to be directed and staged by the students and for the students, as part of our intra-college theatre festival. I was selected for the role, which emboldened me to audition for two other plays (clearly, I had a lot of free time back then!). I was selected for all three. And so began my love for creative expression through the performing arts. Three years of theatre in college, a role in a Bollywood film and many acting accolades and awards later, I was set to study Acting in the prestigious Film & Television Institute of India, in Pune. As fate would have it, the Indian kid in me took over once again, and I chose to pursue another ‘Degree’ as opposed to a Diploma. Reading law at the Faculty of Law, Delhi University was my next destination, and from there King’s College London to pursue a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Laws.

Writing, acting and everything creative was laid by the wayside, as I proceeded on my career path as a lawyer in the Delhi High Court. I’m grateful for this education because it allowed me to be prepared for any legal hassles in my current profession and in life. However, it was only after the birth of my son and a forced sabbatical, that I returned to my former interests and hobbies of writing and creating content.

Even then, it took years before the term ‘content creator’, sat comfortably on me. Today, as a blogger, influencer, columnist, model, performer, content curator and blogging coach, I proudly call myself a communicator.

There are drawbacks to my chosen profession, as with every other. I’m terrible with time management, I stress about everything till it’s perfect, I have to constantly fight and prove myself to earn respect, and resist being taken for granted. Nevertheless, the rewards far outweigh these drawbacks.

Perhaps one of my most important realizations so far is that I’m a good teacher, because I’m patient, clear, concise and can express myself well (perks of being a good communicator!). Would you like to sample my teaching abilities for yourself? Come book a seat in my “Business of Blogging: Content Creation 101” Graphy by clicking here:


That’s my brand story – the story of ‘Noor Anand Chawla’, and everything that went into making me the communicator I am today. What is your best skill? How would you describe yourself and your brand in one term? I would love to know in the comments section.

*This is not a sponsored post. I’m taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa

**Copyright in pictures and content belongs to nooranandchawla.com and cannot be republished or repurposed without express permission of the author. As I am a copyright lawyer by profession, infringement of any kind will invite strict legal action. 


  1. You’re a woman donning many hats and each hat fits you so well. You are amazing Noor. Might I add here that I absolutely love the Insta videos you make!! 🙂 Keep going and do what you love!

  2. It’s been I think one and half year I got to know you as a blogger where you have already carved your path as a writer, and then you took a step forward started making videos on makeup, reviews etc. the way you hold your confidence in every video is just commndable, your journey is indeed an inspiration for many Noor! Best wishes for future endeavors!

  3. I’m always amazed that you juggle so many roles so effectively and make it look so easy! Loved reading about your journey. A truly inspiring one indeed. Hats off to you!

  4. You have so many feathers in your cap Noor.Don’t undervalue yourself and don’t overstress too. If you are a patient teacher then be patient with yourself as well 🙂 You are young and have a long way to go. Many more laurels to you!

  5. Kudos on all your achievements Noor. You are such an inspiration to all bloggers and mothers, multi tasking and making things right for you. Wish you more success and a happy Alexa month.

  6. That is a lot you juggle. The key is finding balance and you are doing a great job. God bless.

  7. You are such an inspiration Noor. Am so glad we connected and I have always admired your work. Loved reading your brand story. Keep up the good work and wish you the best in everything you do.

  8. You have so many feathers in your cap that your cap probably must be made out of them! I’ve always admired your writing and it was great knowing that you’ve done theatre too. Too much on your plate, na, I’m sure you can handle this and more!

  9. What an inspiring journey Noor. I’m not an insta person so I miss out on your videos but having read your posts and blogs, I am sure you do a wonderful job there as well. Wish you luck and the best of everything else too.

  10. Wow, that is quite a lot on your plate. Enjoyed reading your brand story. I could completely relate to changing gears. Keep inspiring.

  11. Noor, it’s so inspiring to read your journey…and learn how one could embrace their forte in writing and communication in a more professional sense. I love the fact that you wrote about digressing from a set path…yet holding on to your core strength after a sabbatical, you have carved a niche and that too within such a short span of time! My best wishes!!

  12. That was indeed a very clear and concise brand story! And your journey, wow… dramas, St. Stephen’s, almost FTI, then DU and then King’s. And now, a content creating super mom/lawyer/teacher. Congratulations! Onwards and upwards!

  13. You confess that you are terrible with time management. But I think you should still write a post about how you find and manage time to do all these things! You are doing sooo many things!!

  14. You are an ace communicator I must say. I always stop at your feeds while scrolling through IG, even though the post may not be in my interest area.

  15. It’s been an year and a half since I know you as a blogger, Noor and you are rocking the content creation circles. Be it the videos or textual writing, I like them all. The confidence you carry yourself on social media reflects in your overall persona. Many congratulation for all the achievements and many more to come.

  16. I read your parenting posts but didn’t know about your background and other talents. You rock girl! If I would have to summarise my brand, it would be “Practitioner of slow living” as I write and speak about Minimalism, intentional living and Gratitude.

  17. I can completely relate to this blog post. I am a writer, graphic illustrator and painter, a pack of a self-taught artist. Trying to grow my blog and earn through my art and blog is like a hustle, + home responsibilities is an add on! ( I never knew you were a part of acting projects as well) i have been following you and your blog since i guess last year and also watched a make up tips video (the one uploaded on as a pic on this blog) i so adore you… You are just so flawless…

  18. That was awesome. Noor. I knew you are wearing many hats altogether but it’s a pleasure to read your success journey and how you reached here becoming a successful communicator.

  19. Noor , you always impress me. You are talented buddy and happy to find in my blogging journey. Now I come to know your acting secret which I use to see in Instagram , this come as you have done acting and polish your skill in academy too. You are great n]makeup artist too ,count that in it too. I think you time management is great. you do instagram post and blog frequently more than me.

  20. Wow! You are surely a multitalented person Noor and its surely a pleasure to know you and what all you do. More power to you and your writing!

  21. Wow, Noor kudos to your strong resolve and the passion that has kept you going. There is so much to learn from you. I love your Instagram videos as well. Creating a successful brand is obviously no easy task and being the multi talented personality , you have been doing it successfully. Keep going.

  22. this is so inspiring and so good to read about. especially for me; i felt so related with this blog. having multiple passions, it is hard to stick to just one.

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