Legal Protection of Your Digital Content: Know Your Rights and Remedies!

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In my last ‘Content Creation 101’ post, I mentioned the 11 simple steps to help you make awesome content. I also mentioned that I teach these 11 methods and share loads of tips and tricks to ensure that your content brings back the readers/ viewers/ audience and most importantly, attracts paid campaigns, in my ‘Content Creation 101’ course. One of the most important requirements for being a credible and long-term content creator is being aware of your legal rights and ensuring the protection of your content online. Legal knowledge also comes handy if you are ever the victim of content theft or copyright infringement, allowing you to deal with it swiftly.

This important legal knowledge is also being taught in my ‘Graphy’ or video-based teaching module on a new app called Graphy. Here’s what I’ll cover in my Chapter on the Legal Protection of your content:

  1. How copyright is infringed in various types of content
  2. The Indian laws that protect your content
  3. The international laws that protect your content
  4. Steps to deal with content theft or copyright infringement
  5. Plagiarism vs. inspiration
  6. How to draw up basic contracts to protect your rights when you work with brands
  7. What to look for in contracts presented to you by brands or mediators
  8. Can you be held liable as an intermediary if you have connected content creators and brands?
  9. Your moral responsibilities as ‘influencers’ are now also your legal responsibilities, with the latest changes in the Consumer Protection Act

As is evident, I’ve been super busy doing my legal research and putting together this class for all the content creators who don’t want to pay hefty legal fees. I highly recommend you check out my module on the Graphy app just for this chapter, even if you’re not interested in the other information.

Link to download the Graphy App:

And in case you’re wondering what Graphy is all about- it’s a new social media platform where people impart knowledge and skill at varying prices. Firstly, they are not addressed as ‘courses’, they’re simply ‘Graphies’. They are not purely educational in nature like other websites, and instead include hobby graphies like styling and baking, entertainment graphies like poetry and dancing, useful graphies like fitness and confidence building, and even life gyaan/advice from celebrities. Every graphy has its own price, depending on how many chapters it offers and what skill it teaches. Each chapter isn’t longer than 20-25 minutes of viewing time and consists entirely of short videos of 3-5 minutes each. This ensures there’s no ‘pressure’ of attending a class or completing a course, and can be accessed anywhere and anytime that is convenient for you.

Graphy is vastly different from any usual workshop or course available online because of the unique graphics and futuristic User Interface (UI). I’m sure once you’ve downloaded the app, you would love to explore it in-depth. While you’re there, do check out my Graphy and pick up some important legal knowledge too 🙂

Download and sign-up here.

*This is not a sponsored post. I’m taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa

**Copyright in pictures and content belongs to and cannot be republished or repurposed without express permission of the author. As I am a copyright lawyer by profession, infringement of any kind will invite strict legal action. 


  1. yes it is very important for writers and bloggers to know their legal right. graphy sounds like a great platform. will check out this for sure. thanks for sharing Noor.

  2. As content creators, it is very important to know our digital rights! Loved the way you explained it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks! Actually the explanation is in my course. This is only an outline. If you’re really interested in protecting your digital right, you should come check it out!

      1. Surely Noor I would check it out. I meant I learnt about legal protection for content from your post. I never knew it existed.

  3. It is very important to understand the protection of your content legally. I will be checking out your graphie for this chapter. Thanks for the research you put in.

  4. A much needed post for all of us. Coming from you mylord, we can surely vouch on every word here. I’ll connect with you if I ever have any queries on this. Please bear with me!

  5. This sounds great. This is one area where I really am out of my depth. I will definitely check out your Graphy. That was a new concept for me too. Looks like I am learning a lot of things 🙂

  6. It’s crucial for every digital creator to know his/her legal rights & there’s a lot that we need to be educated about. Good to have so much information through you, Noor.

  7. Legalise is a new world altogether! it is so difficult to know and keep up with the evolving rights when it comes to the digital world.
    glad you found a platform to share your knowledge with a larder audience.

  8. Agree with you Noor, for writers/content creator it is extremely important to know about their legal rights, to protect their content from any misuse, plagiarism etc. Graphy sounds interesting haven’t heard before will definitely going to check this out!

  9. This is really good and much needed. The way these days some people are being jailed for social media posts everyone needs to know about their rights.

  10. Legal awareness is extremely important, especially in the online world where we simply put our content out there. Very informative and helpful post. I am sure your course would be a great help for bloggers.

  11. As content creators, we must know our legal rights related to the content we create in any form. Thanks Noor for letting us know about this and Graphy where we can find this material too.

  12. A very important post for every digital content writer and creator.
    Glad you shared this information with us.
    Was even not aware of graphy too, its seems interesting will surely check.
    #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #Blogchatter

  13. This is something not many people are aware thanks for such an informative post.. Need to read it few more times and little research will help me to understand better.

  14. Anyone into content creation should read or I should say watch this post. Really relevant and important information which most of us aren’t aware of until we fall victim to somebody stealing our content. The legal knowledge definitely helps in knowing your rights. Keep the great work going. All the best.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  15. Thanks for such an informative post! With everything being online and easily accessible, lot of people are not realizing legal part of our online activities.

  16. Considering how old I am in the blogging field, I am ashamed to admit my knowledge in this field is actually very limited. I need to be up to date. Will check the app

  17. I remember attending IP fest last year and in that as well they touched on those the topics mentioned by you. I learnt a lot about IP act and intellectual property overall. And i am sure your episodes will also be as insightful as that event was. Will check out.

  18. Coming form a Lawyer who is also a Blogger and Social Media enthusiast, this is something I am sure to find helpful, Noor. Going to check out your Graphy post Alexa.

  19. Thanks for sharing the video to the course.. have bookmarked it as copyright infringement is getting very common these days and do are digital aspects… Will be helpful for sure..

  20. Graphy is something new and very useful. You know why people like to browse your blog because there’s always something new and unique in your content,

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