How to Create Awesome Content in 11 Simple Steps!

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Hi folks, after a successful run here on my blog and my different social media platforms, I have designed an exclusive course sharing everything I know on a super-cool and user friendly app called Graphy. All the information is covered in 11 different unique and quick to understand chapters that I walk you through with information cards, polls and quizzes to ensure that you never get bored! All this for a throwaway introductory price of just ₹999 on the Graphy App.

In my course, you will learn everything you need to know about content creation through these simple 11 steps:

  • The classification of the different types of content
  • Social media blogging or influencing
  • Eye-catching visual content and how to grow organically on Instagram
  • How to use Facebook and Twitter to your advantage
  • How to use LinkedIn and Pinterest to your advantage
  • SEO optimised content for websites, newspapers, magazines, Youtube channels
  • Writing and editing for different platforms including creative writing
  • Effective video and audio (podcasts) content
  • Ways to earn money through content creation
  • Protecting your legal rights – basic understanding of copyright laws and how to keep your content absolutely safe from being copied or used without your permission
  • How to stand out in this overly-saturated online community 

I know that all of you have super-busy lives, which is why I agreed to join hands with Graphy and make this video-based course for you. It can be accessed at any time and any day, at your convenience. The short length of each page of each chapter (small videos within videos), means you can take ample breaks and come back where you left off without any problem or having missed anything important. Be mindful though, this introductory price of ₹999 is in place for a limited time only! So what are you waiting for? Download the Graphy today, by clicking this link:

I’ll see you there!

If you have any questions or queries, do share them in the comments below!

*This is not a sponsored post. I’m taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa

**Copyright in pictures and content belongs to and cannot be republished or repurposed without express permission of the author. As I am a copyright lawyer by profession, infringement of any kind will invite strict legal action. 


  1. Considering how well you’ve created content and managed your social media I’m sure this course is going to be very useful. The video format would make understanding quite easy too.

  2. Congratulations on launching the course, Noor. Knowing you, I am sure it would be a value add for your students. Wishing you the very best!

  3. Hey Noor these are some awesome tips. Thanks for listing them down. Sometimes you just miss on the minute details when creating content online. Great to have this as a guide.

  4. Do you know I had to actually Google up what Graphy meant! That’s how bad i am at such things. 🙁
    Maybe i need one of these courses.
    Going by your past record I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful job of this too.
    Good luck Noor.

    1. Thanks Radhika! Don’t worry, it’s so new it only launched in September.. Now you will have knowledge of this before others do, when it starts becoming popular 😉

  5. It’s a very helpful post, as you have covered important points. I have noticed that people who share good photos get more attention and engagement. Great that you have launched this course. I wish you all the best! 🙂

  6. Your blogpost as part of GuestChatter on the problem of unoriginality tells me this will be a superb course for anyone starting out on their blogging journey. All the best!

    1. Thanks Suchita! It’s actually meant for content creators in any stage of their journey. Beginners to 12+ year veterans, because I also teach legal rights, which you won’t get unless you pay a hefty lawyer’s fee!

  7. Wow true learning comes from experience. This course would help to learn a lot about creating content.

  8. WOW, this definitely looks like a promising course to enroll for! Looking at your blog and and creatives, I am sure that this course will be very helpful. All the best for Alexa

    1. Thanks Neha, it’s actually meant for everyone- newbies and veterans, as I’m teaching many different aspects that veterans don’t know. For ex-protection of their legal rights.

  9. Thus is really a very important post for all the content creators like me. I am using Canva for blog covers now will soon explore this new app.

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