Helping Our Furry Friends This Winter

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With Lakshay Wadhwa of Help Our Strays Foundation at a collection drive

As Delhi’s winter’s progress, the weather gets colder by the day. We pack on the layers to keep us and our children warm, but what of the less fortunate? Multiple organizations work to collect donations of warm clothes and blankets for homeless people. However Indian dogs or Street dogs remain neglected.

Despite organizations such as the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), working tirelessly for their welfare; a large number of ‘strays’ across the city aren’t protected from the cold. A few enterprising youngsters are taking matters in their own hands to remedy this situation.

Help Our Strays:

Lakshay Wadhwa and Rijul Ahluwalia are passionate about this cause. Having grown up in West Delhi, their friendship solidified over their concern for the strays in their area. One of the boys has adopted a few, but family pressures don’t allow everyone to follow that path. Hence, they’re out to make a difference by collecting old blankets and clothes from people and having them tailored to make coats for the dogs.

Their organization, Help Our Strays, currently has a massive donation drive in place. Many educational institutions and stores have volunteered to act as collection points in various parts of Delhi; making it easy for people to donate at their convenience. Apart from these fixed collection points, the boys are at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station in Connaught Place from time to time. They will be there next on December 24, Sunday from 2:00-6:00 p.m. This allows them to spread the word and interact with like-minded people interested to know about their work.

Sai Ashram Doggies 1

Picture courtesy: Tejshree Savara

They accept all clothing, bedding and blankets, as well as food and water. Though currently they collect for strays around their vicinity, they plan to work with larger organizations and animal shelters in the future, to achieve a wider reach. With a successful social media campaign and appearances on radio, they have managed to catch everyone’s attention.

Drop off your donations at these points:

Help Our Strays Contact Info

Contact them here:

Rijul Ahluwalia – +91 9873117179

Lakshay Wadhwa – +919999975679

Facebook – ( )

Instagram – ( )

Email –

Details of their next collection drive:

Sai Ashram Doggies 2

Tejshree Savara is passionate about caring for sick and abandoned dogs. Picture courtesy: Tejshree Savara

Tejshree Savara and the Sai Ashram Animal Shelter

The Sai Ashram Animal Shelter in Chattarpur, Delhi is a sanctuary for sick or abandoned dogs. Tejshree Savara is a committed animal lover, who has volunteered at the ashram for many years.  The 300 dogs at the shelter are encouraged to roam free in the open farm area. While this is great for their overall welfare, it poses a huge problem in the cold winter months.

These dogs (and few other rescued animals) constantly need supplies of pet food, puppy formula, towels, mattresses, quilts and beds, collars and leashes, grooming supplies, toys, flea and tick treatment, electric heaters, heating pads, and food bowls.

Sai Ashram Animal Shelter

Tejshree is on a campaign to collect as much as she can for these neglected beings, especially in the harsh winter months.

To donate to Tejshree’s cause and the Sai Ashram, please contact her on

Visit the Sai Ashram Animal Shelter Facebook page here.

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