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With children’s obesity and lifestyle diseases like PCOD on the rise, advocating a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever before. As parents, especially in the early years, we are responsible for our children’s tastes and outlook to health. Two mothers, Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan, noticed the gap in the market for high-quality, healthy food options for children, and so began Slurrp Farm.

Slurrp Farm products promise “100% honest yummy-ness”. They contain no additives, no preservatives, mostly organic ingredients, real fruit, and many essential minerals and vitamins. In their quest to provide the healthiest options, they use real butter and wholegrains with zero transfats. The foodstuffs claim to use only traditional recipes and are a powerhouse of protein, calcium and fibre.


With the founders: Meghana Narayan (L); Shauravi Malik (R)

The team at Slurrp Farm recently organized a Bloggers Meet, where parenting bloggers were invited to chat with the founders. The idea was to share the progress made by this young company, its new public initiatives, and to create greater consumer awareness. Pia Desai Pasricha of Mommy A-Z (follow this awesome network of parents here), reached out to me to represent them at the meet.

Held at their office in Gurugram on a Saturday morning, the Blogger’s Meet was wonderful. The founders, and three of their team members, warmly welcomed 9 bloggers and chatted personally to each of us. It was a pleasure to meet young professionals with a passion for children’s health. The founders instantly connected when they met in London a few years ago. They fondly recounted their experiences of building the business, from searching for factories in Wales, to taste- testing their first products with toddlers!


All the yummy goodies cooked by Meghana, and a delicious glass of sangria too 😉

Their personal touch really stood out. Meghana had cooked some delicious goodies for the attendees. This included tiny idlis with the Millet Dosa mix in Supergrains + Beetroot flavor, chilla-like rotis with the Millet Dosa mix in Supergrains + Spinach flavor, muffins with the Millet Pancake mix in Banana Choco-Chip and Supergrains flavor, and a chocolate cake in the Millet Pancake mix in Chocolate and Supergrains flavor. My personal favourite were the beetroot idlis and the banana choco-chip muffins.

Apart from appreciating her cooking efforts, I liked that she used her products innovatively. The dosa mix shouldn’t constrict one to making a dosa, and the same goes for the pancake mix! The lack of a large variety of products is not a setback.


Clockwise from left: Supergrains and spinach chilla, beetroot mini idli, banana choco-chip muffin and homemade chutneys

When asked how they ensured their products were organic, I was told that millet, (their main component) by its very nature, is grown organically in Southern parts of India. They are currently working with the government to increase the scale of production; which will result in more healthy options for children, and better the conditions of millet farmers.

Colourful packaging and reasonable prices add to their saleability. Having been approved by toddlers and children, they also pass the taste test. They are available online at Amazon, Big Basket, Babychakra, and Firstcry; and in many stores across Delhi-NCR. You can find their outlets by clicking here.


With the mommy bloggers and Slurrp Farm team

Having overcome many challenges with respect to infrastructure, support systems and attitudes of people in the industry, they are positive about the future of their business. With their determination and personal involvement, their brand will grow by leaps and bounds!

Shop their products by clicking on the name of the product:

Oats, Honey, Banana & Raisins Cookies– INR 99

Wholewheat, Ragi and Chocolate Cookies– INR 99

Wholewheat and Cheese Cookies– INR 99

Wholewheat, Maize, Rice, Banana and Mango with Milk Cereal– INR 285

Wholewheat, Ragi, Oat, Banana and Apple with Milk Cereal– INR 285

Wholewheat Moong, Rice, Spinach and Tomato with Milk Cereal– INR 285

Millet Dosa Mix, Supergrains + Beetroot– INR 142.50

Millet Dosa Mix, Supergrains + Spinach– INR 142.50

Millet Pancake Mix, Banana Choco-Chip and Supergrains– INR 190

Millet Pancake Mix, Chocolate and Supergrains– INR 200 (not available on Amazon currently)

Event Rating: 4.5/5

Product rating: 4.5/5

*This post is NOT SPONSORED. I was invited to their event and gifted some products but this is my HONEST opinion.



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