Review of “A Ticklish Affair and Other Stories” by Sunil Kapoor and Sudhir Kapoor

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Title: A Ticklish Affair and Other Stories

Authors: Sunil Kapoor and Sudhir Kapoor

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Publication Date: 5 October 2019

Genre: Short Stories; Fiction

Pages: 201

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The cosy winter months are meant to be spent curled up with a good book– at least in my opinion! Stay tuned to my blog and Instagram page for many book reviews coming your way this month. Today I am reviewing Rupa Publications’ “A Ticklish Affair and Other Stories” by brother/writer duo Sunil Kapoor and Sudhir Kapoor. Read on to know if this book is worth reading.


Sunil and Sudhir Kapoor both hail from financial services backgrounds, and have a host of illustrious clients in their respective fields. The former is a lawyer turned tax consultant and the latter a Chartered Accountant, based in Delhi. They both don multiple hats as sportsmen, musicians, avid readers, contributors to social causes, as well as authors and screenplay writers. This is their third book together.


“A Ticklish Affair and Other Stories” is an anthology of ten fictional stories. Each one focusses on unfortunate situations that take place in ordinary people’s lives, and how unfair life can sometimes be. Each story has a different set of characters, is set in a different place and centres around different phases and circumstances of life. Yet, the theme of sadness and misfortune run through all the stories.


I must be honest- it was a real struggle for me to read this book. Every book deserves a fair chance at being read, and as an impartial reviewer, I try my best to read through even the most boring of subjects. However, in this case, I couldn’t get on board with even a single story. That is not to say that everyone will dislike this book- this is just my personal opinion.

These stories are more like movie scripts than short stories. Readers who enjoy short and easy-to-read books, might like the swiftness and tone of these stories.

I feel the real problem lies in the excessive melodrama portrayed in the stories, which makes them incredibly hard to believe. Many of them seem inspired by the old, theatrical Bollywood films of the 70s, 80, and 90s. I doubt there is a single story in this collection, that will appeal to young and modern readers.

The stories attempt to be creative but are also replete with unnecessary and endless details. Roundabout events are thrown in that could easily have been edited out. Some stories work on building their characters, while some gloss over personality development entirely, leaving the reader cold.

Despite their considerable shock value, a highly moralistic and slightly patriarchal tone peeks through each tale- another reason the book may not appeal to modern readers. Overall, the stories and the book are quite dated- something that might have done well 30 years ago, but not in the 21st century!


If you enjoy reading about misery, adversity, and troublesome situations of life that somehow always end on a happy note; you will enjoy this book. It is a fast and easy read and can be picked up and left off without trouble. However, avoid reading this if you don’t like excessive melodrama, unbelievable storylines or soppy literature in general.


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  1. I have tried reading such books but mystery is what interests me the most. Used to read mills and boons a lot but now I know it’s all melodrama… 😆

  2. I liked your honest review. How may I approach you to request reviewing my books? Please let me know. I’m an author with the books on amazon (Re-Kill; The Station Master; and, Off the Pages) and I need more readers. Please mail me back at Much thanks.

  3. I just saw this on your IG page and it really got me interested. I am a dive hard romantic and such short stories are definitely cozy reads for winter.

  4. I really like that fact that you had shared your honest feedback and covered all the points about the book that you did not like. me too do not like melodrama.. so would prefer to skip this book for reading. Thanks for always being honest.

  5. That was an honest review and quite appreciable. Though i am not a big fan of fiction but i am sure many readers would benefit from your honest review.

  6. The Short Story genre is very challenging as one needs to paint a canvas, develop a plot and characters within a short frame. Obviously this book fails to weave that kind of magic to keep the reader hooked.

  7. That’s a good review. I mightvskso skip reading this book. I don’t like reading books were you don’t connect.

  8. Brutally honest review 🙂 I love people who review purely on their personal experience and don’t sugar coat things 🙂
    Bdw, this books looks like a read from my point of view as they are short and I’m super impatient when it comes to reading books but the fact that it won’t be okay for 21st century readers makes me rethink 🙂

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