When I Emcee’d Chef Saransh Goila’s Masterclass with US Cranberries!

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With Chef Saransh Goila (who btw is a dear friend of mine from childhood!)

November has been full of fun and memorable events for me. So far, I’ve enjoyed a delicious Sunday brunch, tried Oriental-flavoured biryani, relaxed at a fabulous outdoor festival, been regaled with international cultural performances, delighted in a truly unique heritage walk, and viewed gorgeous works of art. Perhaps the most memorable of all, however, was the event I compered myself! It was a masterclass where Indian dishes were cooked using US Cranberries, conducted by renowned chef Saransh Goila, and organized by Mister Tikku Xperiences.



Celebrity chef, social media maven, restaurateur, author, traveler – chef Saransh dons many hats. Having trained at the Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad, chef Saransh began his career with a traditional job in a hotel. He soon realised his calling lay elsewhere. His cheerful disposition and talent for cooking led him to look for food-related opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Luck came calling when he was selected as a participant on the first season of the competitive cooking show “Food Food Maha Challenge”, judged by illustrious chef Sanjeev Kapoor and glamorous actor Madhuri Dixit. As a firm favourite of both judges, he was bound to win, and he did. The victory gave him the opportunity to host a travel-based food show called “Roti Rasta aur India”, which formed the basis of his book “India on my Platter”.

His boy-next-door charm made him stand out in a crowd. Soon he became an online sensation, as well as the owner of a successful chain of restaurants in Mumbai called “Goila Butter Chicken”.

The largest feather in his cap was added in 2018 when he was invited on MasterChef Australia, to judge the contestants on their butter-chicken making skills in a special challenge.

His flair for cooking creatively and his charming personality, make him the perfect brand ambassador for US Cranberries.


Cream Cheese Kebabs with Warqi Paratha and Cranberry Chilli Chutney made by chef Saransh


Cranberries are known as America’s superfruit. Previously, I have dedicated an entire blog post to the health and other benefits of this red berry, which you can read here.

Cranberries have always been viewed as an imported, exotic ingredient. Hoping to dispel this notion, US Cranberries are promoting the use of this fruit in everyday cooking items made at home.

Taking up this challenge, chef Saransh created a plethora of Indian dishes that use cranberries as an essential ingredient. These recipes were compiled in a compact and easy-to-follow recipe book, that was handed out to the attendees of the masterclass. I was amazed to learn of the versatility of this fruit!


Each attendee of the master class received a special signed copy of a recipe book promoting cranberries in Indian dishes, made by chef Saransh


To demonstrate the use of cranberries in Indian food, chef Saransh conducted a masterclass at the Pullman Hotel in Aerocity, New Delhi. While regaling us with anecdotes and general facts, chef Saransh made two dishes for the audience.

The first was a delectable sweet-sour ‘cream cheese kebab and warqi paratha served with cranberry chilli chutney’. This was followed by an unusual yet delicious ‘baked cranberry rasgulla’.

Though food was the primary focus, there was also plenty of fun banter that evening, as well as audience engagement through interesting questions and giveaways. A unique addition to the evening was a fun doodle sketch handed out to each attendee, made on the spot by talented Instagram artist Kashi_doodler.

The masterclass was followed by a lavish high tea, where the team from Pullman hotel served some unique cranberry preparations.


Kashi Doodler made fun sketches of every attendee, on the spot!


Gurpreet Singh Tikku is one of the city’s most popular food and lifestyle bloggers. Having begun with a food blog, he has grown by leaps and bounds. Now he has a popular video travel series under his belt, along with many brand collaborations. He began curating events a few years ago under the banner of Mister Tikku Xperiences, and is known for delivering creative, unique and memorable experiences.

I am deeply thankful to him for inviting me to be Master of Ceremonies by hosting this exclusive masterclass.


I thoroughly enjoyed emceeing the event!


Usually, I am a keen spectator at all events that I attend, but this one was different. This time, I had a role to play and was part of a team. Though I have compered numerous shows through my life, this was my first time on stage with people of such eminence. All I can say is, I had a tremendous amount of fun and I’m glad that I was able to make a mark with the audience members.

Hence, I request you to think of me if you know of an event that needs an anchor/ compere/ host/ emcee! I would be eternally grateful.

Baked cranberry rasgullas made by Chef Saransh during the masterclass; cranberry snacks served by the Pullman Hotel at the high tea


Before I leave, let me tell you how you can sample some unique cranberry dishes at your favourite restaurants. Delhi and Mumbai will be hosting the “US Cranberries Week” at the following restaurants from 27th November to 20th December, 2019:

Café Delhi Heights

Punjab Grill

Smoke House Deli


This is your chance to sample the unique flavour of this superfruit in local dishes, so don’t miss out!

Are you fond of cranberries? Have you tried cooking Indian food with them? If not, would you like to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


Can you tell I had loads of fun?!!


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  1. You know Noor, yesterday I had watched health challenge on food food channel and really like saransh”s idea to make dishes healthy. He is one of my favorite celebrity chef, will check his addition for cranberries to indian dishes. I had never tried this.

  2. I loved your post because the caption had “cranberry” in it. Cranberry happens to be my favourite superfood and it was good to know about all the wonderful items that could be cooked with cranberry as an important ingredient. It was amazing to know about Chef Saransh, an amazing and versatile personality 🙂

    i can make out from the post that you had a real amazing experience !

  3. I never tried cranberries for Indian dishes but I like to try it with some recipe I will come to know. It seems to be great event and with the talented chef what a person can ask more for.

  4. Chef saransh is not just any celebrity chef, he holds a charisma in his personality.
    Cranberries should be an essential everyday ingredient and i feel great that chef has taken initiative to make people aware about them.

  5. Wow that’s awesome event to attend … Master class by Saransh is really good, I really like his healthy ideas and make food yummy

  6. The dishes made in the challenge must have been really unique and worth tasting buddy, I really loved your emceeing videoes too

  7. I have followed Chef Saransh’s healthy recipes and loved almost all. So now he is there with cranberries in Indian recipes and i am craving for those. Chefs are the real scientists I must say.

  8. I love Cranberries in salads and with oats but have have never tried cranberries in any other form.. cranberries chilli chutney sounds really interesting!
    Enjoyed reading your post.. looked like you had a lot of fun at the event ☺️

  9. Oh wow, great to know you got the opportunity to host such a huge event. I really like the idea of using cranberries in everyday cooking, fantastic initiative by US cranberries.

  10. I am a tad bit jealous hehehe, What beautiful pictures and looks like you had an amazing time there. I absolutely love him and he makes cooking all the more fun. You looked absolutely gorgeous Noor 🙂

  11. Wow! U personally know a MasterChef and he has judged MC Aussie too! Awesome! It’s great to know and best wishes to him in all his endeavours.

  12. You for sure seem to have had a lot of fun and I m certain you were a brilliant emcee. Using cranberries in Indian food sounds lovely. Must try soon!!

    1. Hi Prakhar, the four venues have curated special menus for the festival where they will serve unique cranberry dishes. No specific events as such. Dates for the special festival are in the post!

  13. Wow This is really amazing that you got to meet the chef Saransh. I haven’t tried any cranberry based dishes. I would love to try the Indian version.

  14. I am sure that you totally enjoyed this event as I had also attended Mister Tikkus event and it was hosted so well. And not to forget the wonderful chef Saransh is just amazing in his curations

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  16. Such an interesting post about food and the Chef. He indeed seems to be the master of culinary art and loved the pics of cranberry dishes. Congrats for your turn as an emcee.

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