“Parenting is Like…”: A Poem

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It was 9 p.m. on a Friday night. Having put my son to bed around 8, I was dressing up for a night out with my husband.

We had requested my in-laws to babysit, as it was my husband’s friend’s 40th birthday party. I’d gone the whole hog to dress up in a formal dress, full face of makeup etc. etc. Just as I was putting my heels on, my son began coughing. Over the years I’ve come to distinguish the different types of coughs, and I’m well-versed with various indicators of illness. Mothers are experts at determining how ill their child is on the basis of touch, feel and that elusive factor- the maternal instinct. This particular cough came straight from the chest, which soon became a recurrent and strong bout of hacking. Before long, he was throwing up.

Off came the heels and the beautiful dress, replaced by torn comfy sweats and my son’s head on my lap. Of course, after that he slept peacefully through the night 😉

Was I frustrated and upset? Yes of course! But I was far more concerned and worried. A parent’s heart has the ability to experience a multitude of feelings at the same time. The parent-child relationship really is the most unique in the world.

That Friday night, as I cuddled my son to sleep, I realised how conflicted parenting sometimes makes me feel. So, here’s my attempt at describing this inexplicable feeling.

Parenting is bittersweet

It’s a feeling unlike any other,

Quite hard to replicate and almost impossible to beat


Parenting makes you strong

Nothing else compares,

It’s certainly no easy routine of dance and song


Parenting also makes you weak

You often find yourself in situations

That test your resolve and make your eyes leak


Parenting is hard! One particularly difficult feat

Is coming to terms with the feeling of your heart

moving outside your body, to its own beat


Parenting is lovely too

Full of cuddles, laughs, and fun times

The happiest memories and cheerful hullabaloo


Parenting is dirty

I certainly never imagined having poop on my clothes

At the age of thirty!


Parenting is the best excuse. It’s truly great

that your child is your biggest responsibility

And everything else (work, home, friends, life) can wait


Parenting makes you wise

Teaching you many important lessons-

It is life’s ultimate experiential prize


Parenting also allows you to turn back time

You can jump in muddy puddles with your children

Giving no heed to the awful grime


Parenting requires tremendous patience

Giving time and respect to your children

Is life’s real essence


Parenting is a bumpy ride,

Each day heralds a different phase,

You’re learning on the job- there is no guide


Parenting is also quite funny

Be prepared for many bumps and bruises

Along this hilarious journey


Parenting is definitely hard to describe

There isn’t a single adjective to do it justice

It’s a multifaceted feeling- a vibe


Parenting is happiness, frustration, laughs and tears

Beautiful memories, fights, hugs and kisses

Boundless joys, challenges, dreams and fears


Parenting is love

Overwhelming, all-consuming, deep and true,

Just like your hand in a well-fitted glove


Parenting is indeed a blessing,

To really understand it, you must join this exclusive club yourself

Till then, just keep guessing!


Picture taken on the night that inspired this post, just before everything came off!


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  1. Awww so so so true Noor. We all have been there. And this is just a mother’s instinct that off comes the heels and off comes the cloth and with the blink of an eye we are comforting our baby. It may be frustrating but at that moment that is the thing which seems right. So so so well written..

      1. Hahaha..very true, Noor. Parenting is a bittersweet experience that has its own charm. And, these are the moments we cherish throughout life… don’t we?;)

  2. Such a beautiful post😊 Parenting is after all a
    rollercoaster journey full of hilarious moments,tantrums,innocence etc.You have shared the parenting journey very beautifully in verse form..Covers as you said all the bitter sweet moments😍Your son is lucky to have you😊

  3. Ohh..I hope your son is better now..I agree parenting is a roller coaster ride that show us wide spectrum of emotions every day. loved your poem and each and every line truly describe the amazement of parenting journey. I am sure, all parents will co relate with this completely.

  4. Wow. You have explained parenting so beautifully, Noor. “A parent’s heart has the ability to experience a multitude of feelings at the same time”. Could not agree more. Lovely post as always… 🙂

  5. Noor, I was waiting for your post in this blog train.
    Loved the balance that you have created between the heartfelt poem and the praragraphed matter. Yes, parenting is a bumpy ride and it cannot be explained. One has to experience it.

    I remember in one of my India trips, I have also face somewhat similar incident when I was all set to attend one of my very close friend’s wedding and by the time I was going to step out of my house, my daughter, who was 1.5 years old, started to cough. Then what….same story that you have explained. I did feel bad but was satisfied that I was there for her when she needed me.

  6. We’ve all been there at some point during our parenting journey and it’s madly crazily frustrating. Organising everything and everyone for that one day or one night out, only for it all to come to nought! That you can still look upon it with compassion, that your worry superseded your frustration – that’s what’s amazing.
    You do look gorgeous :-).

  7. When you become parents, things get unusual, you plan something but situation changes altogether, and we have to react accordingly. Spouse becomes a luxury, but we still love our children no matter what, I guess that’s what parenting is all about. Your post is quite relating, I could relate to incidents happen with us too. Thanks for this lovely post-Mittali

  8. I loved the title, parenting is like a poem, and such beautifully expressed in rhythmic way,indeed its a journey to experience else no one can know the beauty of ride. Happy mommying club..

  9. yes yes yea!!! I can fully relate to all of it.. there are a lot of moments when i am torn between love for my kid and love for parties. We have our own ups and downs, but in the end our kids smile make it all worth it. I loved the witty poem and how it comprehensively covers all aspects of a mom’s life. Keep writing. m glad i read this.. 🙂

  10. I loved the poem, every work is so relatable. sorry for your spoilt party, but I guess we mums have to let go so many such things for kids sake specially for health. by the way you were looking great.

  11. Parenting journey is filled with ups and downs but I do believe that a little sacrifice can make it more menanimeanand be helpful in strengthening the bond. I’ve been there and can so much relate to this.

  12. Loved the way you penned the versus on the bitter-sweet journey of parenting. And yes! We all face that last moment poop, that fever just in time for the trip, that cold which spoils the party! Btw, you looking fab on the night 🙂

  13. i am agree about all that you wrote but highly agree on this particular line “Parenting also makes you weak

    You often find yourself in situations

    That test your resolve and make your eyes leak”

  14. I loved how you described the various shades of parenting. And yes, a mother can tell simply by looking or touching her child, what is wrong with them. The maternal instinct that we are blessed with is one of a kind. And absolutely amazing picture of yours.

  15. Hope your lil champ is doing well now. You portray so perfectly every instincts of a mother Noor, parenting is indeed a rollar coaster ride. Always excited to read your post, ultimate one.

  16. Parenting definitely is all of it, makes us emotional, crazy, wild and strong. Teaches us new lessons everyday. You look so pretty. Did you go on a date post that? 😉

  17. Woah, this is such an amazing post, Ur flair in writing is so gud. Parenting definitely is no easy job, n so beautifully u portrayed it here. Im thinking wat wld I have done if I were in d same situationa u😂

  18. True, with parenting all universal laws go for a toss. You have to be prepared for anything anytime. I had faced a similar situation just a week back on a planned date night with my spouse. In the end, it was khichi for all in dinner!

  19. first of all.. i really like the title..the concept. you mentioned the motherhood so well. the poems are superb.. direct for heart

  20. Very true. I totally agree with what parenting is! It’s a bumpy ride with all the love, laughter and cuteness combined with the quote ‘Patience is a virtue!’ 😝

  21. Loved your poem. Parenting can’t be defined by one or two things happen. It’s a mix of many emotions, situations and decisions. You described it so beautifully. Great job.

  22. Hahaha, this is hilarious, but true indeed. Motherhood is a rollercoaster ride for me but still now I have been enjoying every bits of it.

  23. That’s a very beautiful poem about parenting. I can understand parenting is really challenging. Hats off to you parents.

  24. Parenting is so versatile and have changed over a period of time to an extent. I have not experienced this phase yet but have seen mumma struggling or say juggling work life or maintaining the balance to be at our schools or colleges or meetups in our childhood phase 🙂

  25. Absolutely agreed. Parenting is a mixed and confused feeling. Its bittersweet but no matter what it enables us to learn a lot.

  26. I loved your writing style with 3 lines stanzas and the poem itself! Only a parent can relate to what all it takes and it is bittersweet indeed! Very fresh and interesting post.

  27. These lines are so relatable. Parenting is something we have to continue doing like we breathe, often giving up on our pre planned big events.

  28. This is so precious! And the mother’s instinct is so real, it started even during pregnancy!! There’s nothing in the entire world like being a mama 💕

  29. I love the part about our heart walking around outside our bodies. I feel that soooo much but thought I was the only one. There is so much sacrifice in parenting but what a beautiful mama you are when you take off the heels and love on that boy God gave you ❤️

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