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The Women’s International Club (WIC), Delhi provides a unique platform for women living in Delhi to experience various cultures of the world. It accepts Indian women as well as women from international countries, with different professional backgrounds; and organizes various activities every month related to books, food, travel, culture, and health, among others. I recently attended a session on crystal healing by Sameer Bhatia, founder of Incentric.


Finding a connection with the Citrine

I’m not a very religious person, but I am spiritual, and strongly believe in positive and negative energies. I attended this session with an open mind and didn’t know what to expect. Sameer Bhatia engaged each member of his audience and ensured an unforgettable afternoon.

Bhatia admitted to having a troubled personal past, which eventually led him to crystals as a form of therapy. He has now been healing with crystals for five years and has built a treasure trove of them at his office. Many people come to him for therapy and many just for knowledge and purchase of these stunning objects. Once he began healing, manufacturers of crystals from across the world, contacted him organically to collaborate with him. He strongly believes that crystals connect with certain souls, and this was an apt example.

Holding and experiencing the clear qaurtz and rose quartz crystals

The members of the WIC were expecting a talk on the power of crystals, but instead received a live demonstration. Bhatia had brought a handful of crystals with him and he passed each one around in turn and asked each member to note what they felt on touching it. It was astonishing that some found a particular crystal cold to the touch and others found it hot! Two members had a strong reaction, feeling it go up their head and even their heart. Bhatia termed this a soul connection.

Amidst this demonstration, he told us about crystals and their powers of amplifying positive energies. For this reason, crystals are now used by oncologists the world over in addition to traditional methods of treating cancer. They are also widely used in various technologies due to their resilient nature. As a healing tool, they can be simply held or placed on the affected chakra under guidance of a healer. Crystals may not work for some people but they will never have a negative result, unlike some precious gemstones. Each crystal manifests the energy of the person in contact with it, and hence provides different energies for different people.


From bottom left: Lapis, Amethyst, Selenite, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Jade, Clear Quartz

On that day, we experienced the clear quartz, rose quartz, selenite, lapis, amethyst, jade and citrine. Each person in the room felt drawn to a particular crystal, and I found myself most attracted to the citrine. This crystal signifies optimism and renewal and often charges a space with great positive energy.


With Sameer Bhatia of Incentric

Just as with all precious things, crystals must be cared for and cleansed every couple of weeks for them to give optimum results. A full moon bath was strongly recommended by Bhatia but regular water cleansing also works. Each crystal performs a different role and hence small representations of different ones should be incorporated in one’s home or surroundings. I’ll definitely be visiting Bhatia’s treasure trove of crystals soon. Would you like to join me?


Contact Sameer Bhatia here: Phone: 9810050030/ 9873126456/ 011-46568826



Address: C-310 Defence Colony, New Delhi


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