Hot Topic: Relaxation for Mothers and Development Milestones in Children

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Mommy A-Z is a Facebook parenting community replete with useful information. With over 10,000 members, the administrators Pia Desai Pasricha, Shivalli Jaggi Bhatia and Shweta Talwar deserve accolades for providing an honest user-based platform unlike numerous other parenting groups on Facebook. The honest feedback and constant weeding out of fake elements makes me turn time and again to the group. The group also organizes events aimed at parenting issues, as well as meet-ups and activities for parents to connect.

I recently attended two varied yet interesting events organized by the group. This post recounts the events and my thoughts.


With all the attendees at TAF Wellness. Manisha Arora is in the center.


As parents we often juggle many demanding roles, where our mental and physical well-being takes a backseat. The proprietors of TAF Wellness promised to provide the mothers from Mommy A-Z a much needed relaxation session. Located in the pretty Sheesham Courtyard near Saidulajab, they have state-of-the-art facilities aimed at weight loss, anti-ageing, and general physical welfare.


Spa facilities at TAF Wellness

The attendees were presented delicious fresh coconut water, as the Director, Manisha Arora, explained the concept of the place. We were then pampered thoroughly with relaxing aromatherapy back massages in their private spa rooms. Unlike other spas I’ve been to, they allowed me to select my own music and I was happy with lilting Bollywood tunes of yore.

After the 30 minute massage, Arora taught us three simple relaxation habits to incorporate in our daily lives. These included breathing exercises, stimulating the chakra located in one’s forehead, and moving one’s hands and feet to dispel negative energies. They were all simple techniques that one may be aware of but never takes time out for.


Stimulating the chakra in my forehead for relaxation

If TAF was located near my residence, I would return for sure! Mommies in that area should definitely take advantage.

Address: TAF Wellness Pvt. Ltd. Sheesham Courtyard, 28, Saidulajab, M.B. Road, New Delhi

Contact: 011-41629251/52


All the wonderful mothers at the early development milestones in children event


Mommy A-Z tied hands with Slurrp Farm for this interactive session. A primary concern of all parents is developmental delays in their children. Children are often diagnosed with obscure developmental disorders and are unable to receive the care they require in our country. Other times, the system fails to detect a problem where a parent’s instinct strongly believes there is one. In such situations, it’s our peers from the wider parenting community that come to the rescue.

The session took place at the lovely Moon River store in Defence Colony, where each attendee opened up and discussed their parenting worries over Slurrp Farm goodies and sparkling wine. Some mummies shared incredible stories of overcoming and dealing with their children’s developmental issues. They also shared the resources that helped them in this process. Their courage and resilience was an inspiration to each one present. One of these resources was a book by Glenn Doman, “What to do About Your Brain Injured Child”, which lays out an entire life-method to aid children that are born with disorders of any kind.


Slurrp Farm goodies and sparkling wine served at the event

I’m thankful to be linked to this wonderful community, and I know I’ll have a large support system if I ever need one!


Buy Glenn Dorman’s book here: What to do About Your Brain-Injured Child or Your Brain-Damaged, Mentally Retarded, Mentally Deficient, Cerebral-Palsied, Epileptic, Autistic, Athetoid, Hyperactive, Attention-Deficit Disordered, Developmentally-Delayed Down’s Child

Buy Slurrp Farm healthy goodies for your children here:

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