New Books to Buy For Your Children: Honest Mini-Reviews

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new books for children

Hi everyone, once a month I do a round-up of the books I have read and reviewed recently. You can read the previous months’ posts here and here. The books I’m reviewing today are meant for children 7 and up. Read on to know my honest thoughts:


This heartwarming book should be required reading for every child. Kabir, a naughty yet creative and imaginative boy has a tough time fitting into “boxes” prescribed by society and school. When he runs away, his family and peers are forced to view the world through his eyes, and life is a lot better when you think out of the box!

The story line is wonderful, and the easy readability and timely use of illustrations and poetry make it even more interesting.

It is a must-read for all children but especially for those considered “troublesome” or those who find it difficult to fit in.

Rating: 5/5

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Clearly modelled on the Sherlock Holmes series, this Mumbai based teen detective is a captivating character.

The stories are innovative and well-written. Pika Nani (Deepika Murthy) has done a good job of incorporating the iconic traits of the original detective in a  contemporary Indian context.

Unfortunately, I feel the stories are too short and move too fast, making the plots seem implausible and over the top. Nevertheless, it’s a good introduction to detective fiction for children ages 7 and up.

Rating: 3/5

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The protagonist is an endearing girl called Georgia, and the story revolves around her life in middle school. This includes a troublemaker of a brother, her best friends and band mates, her crush as well as her arch enemy- the super popular Missy.

The story is a typical American school drama, similar to the Sweet Valley’s I read at a young age. However, this is more contemporary in its handling and funnier too. The awesome illustrations enhance the reading experience. Even if your child hasn’t read the other books in the “Middle School” series, they will find this easy to read.

It’s written for both girls and boys and I appreciate that it doesn’t fall into a stereotype. The book is entertaining and engaging and will appeal to young minds.

Rating: 4/5

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Murthy’s strength as an author lies in her simple and relatable writing style. She has a lovely way with words as well as the ability to create a credible atmosphere.

The story itself is very similar to the classic children’s tale, “The Magic Porridge Pot”. I was a bit disappointed to see an old story simply rehashed in a different context, but perhaps most of her readership hasn’t read the original version.

The illustrations are nice and complementary to the storyline. However, it is well-written and readable.

Rating: 3/5

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The books are written from the perspective of people enlisted in the Indian Army, the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force. Each story talks about the lives and duties of military officers, and how their families feel about these honourable yet dangerous jobs.

These books are great for children of parents who are in the military services, and also for children who have no idea about our country’s protecters. I highly recommend each of these books. They are well-written with a wealth of information and lovely illustrations.

I do however, feel that the books would have been even more engaging in a comic/graphic novel format.

Rating: 4/5

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I hope you enjoyed these mini-reviews. Let me know in the comments what your children have enjoyed reading recently!


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  1. I am not married so I don’t know about the best books for children but some look great like first and last one.

    I really liked the last one I must say because The books are written from the perspective of people enlisted in the Indian Army.

  2. This is a great list, my son has a collection of Sudha Murthy books which includes this one too. I am going to make him read your reviews and choose from the list.

  3. This roundup is definitely helpful, I have to say. Specifically helpful for me to pick some books for my niece. Reading is a great habit to catch early on in life.

  4. Interesting list to be added to TBR for my kids, Noor. And I always love your reviews, for they are always honest so I know I would not be going wrong if I pick from your recommendation.

  5. I am skeptical about Sudha Murthy and reading your review of ‘How the Sea became Salty’, I guess I will keep it aside from my son’s TBR. Nice that you have put mini reviews of so many children’s books. #thatchedroofreads

  6. I have read few out of these books but would love to get my hands on flyaway boy for my kids. Very nice mini reviews. Loved your take on the books.

  7. All the books seem good but I seriously want to buy the first one… Oh, it resonates with me so much… Will gift it to my cousin… Thank you for sharing about these!

  8. Lovely compilation and the books look really must read for all the kids. It’s time that I get them for my boy too.

  9. I am always on lookout for new books for my kid as he loves reading. Your book recommendations sound great and I would definitely check them out.

  10. My daughter is crazy for.books I will sure check these too …thanks for sharing as I to believe that books can be only best friend to your kids

  11. These are some great recommendations with reviews. My daughter is a fan of listening and telling stories. Useful post for me. Thanks for sharing.

  12. These are great books for kids. My son and I have read many books from Sudha Murthy, though havent read ‘How the Sea became Salty’. Would love to read it, I am intrigued by Shirlok Homeless. Thanks for your recommendation, Noor, will pick a few titles from your list for my nephew and niece.

  13. My son is a avid reader Noor and I keep picking good books for him, thank you so much for your recommendations and earnest reviews in this post

  14. Noor Ma’am as always high class write up and my dausghter is still trying to learn words but i will make she will read every book

    I m saving this post for future references

  15. Lovely reviews of each and every book. The rating helps me to choose the book or not. I am forwarding this link to my friends who always looks out for reviews before buying a book. Useful read.

  16. I’m in the midst of creating a storybook myself. In the midst of reading your blog I wondered what readers enjoy, or would like to see the most out of a book. What makes them want to pick it up, keep reading, and not want to put it down.

    Nicely written and thought provoking !

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