Marion Hopfgartner’s TLI Pedagogics: New Age Education for Delhi’s New-Age Children

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With my 3-year-old beginning his educational journey this year, I have thoroughly researched the various educational systems offered in Delhi. I believe that the foundation for effective learning and mental growth, is laid in the first years of a child’s life, making pre-school and nursery education extremely important. In the 21st century, our biggest challenge is to prepare our children for an unknown future, with its own set of unseen problems. The best we can do is to enable them to be critical thinkers- prepared for whatever they may face.

I found Marion Hopfgartner’s approach to teaching, known as TLI Pedagogics, highly impressive. You can read more about the philosophy of this system here.

Read on to know what I learnt from her ‘Introductory Talk’ as well as her workshop on “Understanding the Inner Strength of a Child”. Then you can join in the next introductory talk on November 13 and workshop on November 15.


Marion Hopfgartner’s easy approachability makes her an ideal teacher


With excessive competition and rapidly increasing stress levels, achieving success in our chosen careers is tougher than ever before. A few years from now, the challenges will increase as we begin competing with technology and other unknown factors for our space in the world. Education is our safeguard as well as our fuel, to prepare us for the future.

TLI Pedagogics, unlike India’s prevalent education system, prepares children to think critically and equips them to harness their own strength. This builds confidence and awareness, allowing children to make the most of any situation they may face in life.


Marion Hopfgartner has authored many books


As mentioned above, the core belief of TLI Pedagogics is to identify the unique strength of each child. By simply teaching them pre-existing curricula, we are raising an army of average-minded students. Instead, we should harness the inherent potential of every child to make them stronger and better equipped to excel in life. In order to ensure a strong and solid development, we must allow the child to have experiences where his/her interest specifically lies.


To ensure that each child’s unique potential is recognised, a small student-teacher ratio must be enforced. Fewer students per classroom is a basic tenet of TLI Pedagogics. Children receive neurotransmitters that send signals of security, happiness and spark curiosity, when proper attention is given them by the teacher. This is only possible with fewer children in a classroom.

Parents also play a big role in recognising and harnessing their child’s potential. In fact, TLI Pedagogics strongly advocates a symbiotic parent-teacher relationship.


A rapt audience at the last workshop conducted by Marion Hopfgartner


The three basic factors that ensure quality education are

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence (this is Dr. Hopfgartner’s own coinage that refers to human creativity or cerebral knowledge)

In 2019, we must accept that new age education needs new methodologies of teaching. To do this, we must treat education as a life tool.


We know the efficacy of this principle, yet we don’t apply it to our children’s education. I don’t remember anything I was forced to rote-learn in school and college. Our current knowledge is mostly acquired by observing people around us, by learning on the job, or through various media channels.

Similarly, toddlers and young children absorb information best through creative play. Constant testing and examination is the death knell of individualistic thinking and creativity.

Marion Hopfgartner’s TLI Pedagogics model holds no examinations till later years. In fact, there are no classrooms till the age of 14. Evaluation is done through a weekly tutoring and presentation based testing system. There are lecture sessions in the morning and afternoon, but the rest of the day is structured around workshops and creative activities.

With Priya Kant Ansal and Marion Hopfgartner

Would you like to know more about this revolutionary education system, making swift in-roads in India? Or, would you like to introduce this system of education in your school or your child’s school? The organiser of the workshop, Priya Kant Ansal in collaboration with Marion Hopfgartner is working towards opening a pre-school in Delhi, centred around the TLI Pedagogics philosophy. Come join the next workshops on November 15 and December 5, in Delhi, to know more details.


Date: Friday, November 15, 2019

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Venue: Defence Colony

Price: INR 3000 per person; Discounted price for people who sign up for two workshops at the same time (November 15 and December 5)

Contact Priya Kant Ansal to book a spot: 9810563827 or


Watch Marion Hopfgartner’s Interview on NDTV HOP by clicking here:

Visit TLI Pedagogics website here


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  1. It’s really important to understand the inner strength and interest and take forward to educate …This is really great initiative !!

    1. Yes after attending the workshop, I was even more convinced of its merits. Do share with your friends in Delhi, in case they’d like to attend the next workshop!

  2. You are right the future of education is very different from today and each child sure has their own inner strengths and abilities. It is important to tap into what they are best at and then develop on that. Great insights.

  3. to be true, i am not sure whats the future of education in India. with so much competition in today’s world , I sometimes fear what our kids will do in the future

  4. Right guidance and right teaching are very essential at very early stages. They work to strengthen their inner strength. I found this very useful.

  5. Really wonderful to know of this unique alternative method of teaching.

    Kids should certainly be exposed to this pedagogical learning process.

  6. This is awesome, I too am looking for some good options for my three year old. I loved the point wherein you mentioned that teaching is best absorbed through creative activities and play not just by books, I so wish all schools and teachers understand this.

  7. Teaching methodology should be changed gradually and parents and teachers can bring in this reform. Good to know about the workshop with a futuristic thoughts.

  8. Wow,, that’s a very unique and interesting way of teaching.. I wish I find something like this in my city as well when my kid reaches that age

  9. Truly education system should move from the conventional way like it is now. Kids should be more aware of its practical implementation and more. I guess this workshop would help.

  10. I’m truly impressed with their approach and methods of teaching. Kids need to be prepared for competition but what matters more is their overall growth.

  11. This is a nice initiative. I like the approach towards learning and education. It is innovative and good for learners.

  12. Old and hackneyed ways of education are passe now. This is the time to reinvent the schooling and to include life skills along with traditional knowledge. Good to see that there is a revolutionary education system in place now.

  13. Its definitely a very appropriate approach of education. Identifying the child’s interest and potential from an early age is really important.

  14. Wow this is some great alternative to the boring CBSE and all. Wish it was there when I was younger. Is this only in Delhi?

  15. Isn’t it great that new age kids have new age parents who understand how important it is to take into account a kid’s interest while making a decision for them. Very well written article.

  16. I have already shared the post link to my sister as my niece has just turned 4 and I very much agree with the change required in the education system for the next generation to flourish. All 5 points were well taken, and I am not Delhi else would have visited the session and workshop myself too.

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