Here’s Why Modern Indian Kitchens are Incomplete Without the InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal System!

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What is the biggest challenge we face as citizens of the Earth in 2019? A rapid decline in our collective resources, fast-approaching destruction due to climate change and a massive build-up of garbage that threatens to overtake all remaining space. Hence, I was excited to hear about Emerson India’s Electronic Food Waste Disposal System “InSinkErator”, at a Blogger’s Meet recently.

Having successfully captured the market in multiple countries like USA and China, the InSinkErator is now making in-roads in India. Its effectiveness at food garbage disposal as well as its popularity, can be attributed to its fantastic design. Once attached to a sink, it disposes almost all food waste by converting it to liquid form, to be sent down the regular sewage drains. The principle used is that of human waste disposal– ingenious, right? If we all start using this machine at home, a large amount of plastic usage (garbage bags), money wastage (transporting garbage), and landfill space usage, can be prevented.

Eco-friendly practices like composting, though fantastic for the environment, are impractical in apartments and cities. An electronic food waste disposal system is great for city-dwellers with an ecological bent of mind.

Read on to know why you need to invest in this awesome machine:


Manual disposal of food waste is a physical and financial burden on citizens, as well as garbage disposal authorities. Food waste is extremely harmful to the environment due to the use of plastic bags, roadside littering, dumping in landfills and release of harmful gasses in these landfills. By installing food waste disposers like the InSinkErator at home and in our offices, we can significantly address these problems.

If you are concerned about water and electricity usage, let me reassure you that the InSinkErator uses only about 1% or less of a household’s total water consumption (only about as much water per day as one flush of the toilet) and costs on average less than 50 rupees a year in electric usage.


All you have to do is put the food waste in the sink-hole instead of the dustbin, run cold water, and start the InSinkErator by pushing a button. The food waste is then ground to a sludge like liquid substance which can be easily flushed down the drain in the main the sewerage system, ensuring that there is no clogging.

The InSinkErator disposes of any type of raw or cooked food including typical Indian vegetables with tough, fibrous skins like kathal (jackfruit) or sticky vegetables like arbi (lotus stem), bhindi (lady finger) etc. Bones, egg shells, peels, fruits, vegetable scraps and seeds can all be disposed of easily.


Once you start disposing of food waste in your kitchen through the InSinkErator, the mess on your kitchen counters automatically reduces, and so does the smell. Additionally, your kitchen space becomes more hygienic due to the absence of any rotting wet waste, which is known to attract rodents and pests.

InSinkErator has an edge on other food waste disposal machines, with its patented “Sound Limiter” and “Anti-Vibration Mount” technologies. These reduce the noise level to negligible amounts.


InSinkErator has been the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of food waste disposers since 1938. With a number of patented technologies to its name, it has a presence in over 80 countries, and 20 cities across India.


You can choose from five different models, that range in price from INR 18,990 to INR 67,990. Though there are slight differences in the material used and the durability of the machines, the disposal method is exactly the same in each model. It also comes with a warranty of two years to six years, of labour and parts, depending on the model.


The InSinkErator is a household name in America and China, and for good reason. Its durable parts and prompt customer service give it an edge over its competitors in the food waste disposal market. I am booking my machine today. Will you join me?


Genuine InSinkErator machines are only available in stores, not online. Find a store near you by clicking here.

Read more on the InSinkErator Technology by visiting the website here.


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    1. It is not a huge investment. There are many models to choose from and the lowest one is quite inexpensive. But yes, if you are already doing composting at home, then you don’t require such a machine 🙂

  1. This is such a fabulous machine and I had no clue that this existed. Thank you for sharing this. This could actually help in making our environment better, I am definitely sharing it with my friends. 🙂

  2. This is useful product that everyone should own as a one step towards making an environment safe again. This disposal machine has all features one can ask for.

  3. A handy food disposal system at home is quite a new concept but important nevertheless. Since it is smell free it’s good and safe too.

  4. This machine looks amazing and helpful. The machine is a bit expensive but it’s an one time investment. It is really amazing and looks hygiene.

  5. This is innovative and need of the hour. Indeed a big amount of plastic goes in disposal of garbage. This is a good solution to the current problem the whole world is facing

  6. Modern kitchens totally need this! This is a great way of disposing food waste! I will share this with my mom!

    1. If you have the space and ability to compost, it is a better option. This is meant for city-dwellers who don’t have the time or inclination for composting, yet want to save the environment!

  7. I am very familiar with this type of product since we were in the US…nice to see it being introduced in India…however cities like Bangalore have made separation of waste compulsory – thereby encouraging composting…nice product all the same!!

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