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I was fortunate to be introduced to the yummy and natural goodies that Slurrp Farm makes, when my son began eating cereals. These all-natural products made with super ingredients, do not contain any chemical preservatives. Their wide range of products including baby cereals, dosas, pancakes and other delicious goodies, have been a part of my household since my son was a baby. We have loved them and consumed them on a regular basis at home, but initially I was unsure about the methods of storing them correctly for long periods of time, as they are all-natural. I am aware that a lot of new mothers face this dilemma too.

Fortunately, I found an ideal solution to my problem with Tupperware storage products because of their unique design and adherence to sustainable standards. Tupperware has been a tried and tested brand for years and has proved really handy to store my son’s food as well. Tupperware’s Mini Cubix containers are great for storage of cut fruits and vegetables and other ingredients while you prepare for a meal. They can also be used to store leftovers in the fridge or to carry food on the go. Their bright colours make them perfect to store snacks for your kids. The cherry on top is the special space-saving modular design, which makes them stackable and easy to store.

If you are confused about how to store Slurrp Farm products correctly, I address some of the common queries raised by mothers about their storage, in this post published on the Slurrp Farm website.

After reading the post on their website, however, if you still have queries about the proper storage and handling of all-natural and preservative-free baby food products, feel free to reach out to me in the comments below.

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  1. Indeed tupperware is a great brand and I had used their products with good experience. I am hearing a lot about slurrp form products all across the web. Will check out their website for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh we don’t store it at all. We finish it in a couple of days. My kids don’t let me not make the pancakes when it readily available. But good idea and will keep this in mind.

  3. Tupperware is one of my favorite brands. I still have some of its containers that I got in one of my India trips. I am hearing a lot about Slurrp farm products. Let me pass it on to my sister who is in India.

  4. Tupperware is one of the most trusted brand for ages and I have been using it for quite a some time now. Any product without any chemical preservatives needs utmost care when it comes to storage. Slurrp farm products looks really good as it is 100% organic.

  5. thats really important to have proper storage. being mother of twins..yes i prepare in advance. tupperware is the brand i blindly trust to retain quality of food

  6. Will definitely going to check out slurrp farm website. Recently I heard a lot about slurrp farm products. Thanks for sharing this article

  7. Slurrp Farm fresh – I am hearing about this product for the first time. They have variety of products. Will definitely try this product. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. I so agree Noor. I too can genuinely vouch for these two brands. They are ideal in every way. Definitive an exhaustive post!

  9. I buy 10 hundred cereals for my son every month and most of them are wasted or thrown out in the end due to improper storage. I really like the idea to have many options for kids so they don’t bore. Storage is always a concern for me. Hoping to try this mini cubic for our crazy habits

  10. Even I trust Tupperware products when it comes to storage. I am yet to try Slurrp farm products but I have heard a lot about them too. And I agree Tupperware storage boxes are the best choice to store all natural baby food products.

  11. What a lovely post with handy tips to store food items properly. Mumbai being a humid city definitely requires such strong solutions to keep the quality & flavors intact.

  12. Off late I’ve shifted from all plastics to more of glass and steel containers to store things in the kitchen. You have shared sme great tips to store the food well.

  13. These look really good way to store. Tupperware is the trusted brand will check out slurp farm products too

  14. Tupperware is a boon for moms. I hoard them and store everything from lentils to rice to kids snacks in them. The kind of variety they offer is exceptional. That fact that i got excited seeing the word Tupperware in your blog, makes me feel, i have turned into my Mom😁

  15. Storing food properly is most as important as making sure that we buy and consume it. The freshness and safety quotient makes Tupperware the first choice for me.

  16. We love Slurrpfarm Pancakes, Dosas and cookies. Their mixes make my life so easy. They aren’t just easy to cook but are great healthy option to add nutrition to our diet.

  17. I LOVE Slurrp Farm. Healthy and nutritious food for babies, kids and adults. You have covered a very valid aspect of a mom life. “how to story baby food” and even cereals! Tupperware looks like a good storing option.

  18. I am a great fan of slurrp farm products and used it for my kids. However, you have mentioned really good points about storing them

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