I Lost 2 Kgs in 5 Days! My Weight Loss Journey with Suruchi Garg

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“Pleasantly plump”
“Curvy girl”
“You have the perfect child-bearing hips”
“You’re not fat…. but you’re not thin either!”

My body has been defined by this and other derogatory definitions ever since I can remember. Don’t get me wrong, I love my curves and I enjoy the challenge of styling my clothes in a way that enhances the good parts yet hides the parts I’m insecure about. Though being plump of figure doesn’t bother me, my deteriorating health due to weight gain definitely does.

The lockdown has not been easy on my mental and physical health. I have taken on loads of new work responsibilities, which coupled with home-schooling my son and household chores, have led to immense stress. In the beginning, I was mindful of what I ate and drank, but as the days progressed, all mindfulness was thrown out of the window, taken over by excessively indulging in sweets and unhealthy junk to battle the stress. This led to weight gain, hormonal acne and severe anxiety about my clothes not fitting anymore.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, however, I decided to consult my favourite expert on the subject- renowned nutritionist Suruchi Garg of Diet Sutra. With a firm belief in removing myths about food to break the unhealthy relationships we form with it; Suruchi has been on a journey of empowering people to lose weight and fall in love with themselves, for over 10 years. Till date, she has seen thousands of clients with an almost 100% success rate.

That may sound like a tall order, but it’s true. I visited Diet Sutra 3 years ago to lose the stubborn post-baby fat that was wreaking havoc on my self-esteem. Through her balanced yet delicious diets, I was able to shed 8 kilos in the span of a few months. Given her successful track record in my own case, I knew she was the right person to consult to clear away my newly-gained lockdown love-handles too.

Suruchi Garg Weight Loss Review
She shares unique and filling recipes such as this beetroot raita

I began her program on 16th of October and just 5 days after successfully following her specially designed diet, I dropped 2 kgs. Yes, I’m serious- a whopping amount for such a short period of time!! When I saw the weighing scale for my first weight check-in, I simply couldn’t believe the dramatic drop. I asked my husband to check his weight after mine, to verify that the machine was working properly. His weight was exactly the same it had been when he had checked it 5 days ago, which made me feel like I was on cloud 9!

There is something about Suruchi Garg’s individualised diets that deliver sincere and steadfast results. They are easy to follow, can be customised as per individual tastes, needs or special outings, can be followed while travelling, do not rely on supplements or pills, and do not focus on expensive food or hard to source ingredients. Her program is based on simple concepts such as balancing of nutrients, portion control and division of meals, making it easy to follow and easy to incorporate into one’s lifestyle even after it ends.

My biggest takeaway from Suruchi’s diet program thus far, is that a weight-loss or health specific diet program need not be boring. There are ways to concoct tasty dishes keeping in mind personal nutrition and health goals. In fact, my entire family enjoys the variety in the food served, based on the program designed for me.

I think of Suruchi as my food manager, with the all-important job of taking care of the daily menu, allowing me to devote time to other important jobs. I trust her completely, follow what she tells me to consume and simply watch the magic happen. And as my journey continues, I will keep returning here to keep you updated as well 🙂


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Weight loss journey Suruchi Garg Diet Sutra
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  1. Great!! I am happy that you found the right person to address your concern. I completely agree with Suruchi. Weight loss doesn’t mean one should go on a bland food. When we are controlling portions then whatever we are eating should taste good and gives us the satisfaction.

  2. I like the way you described yourself. I too believe in healthy eating and healthy living.. Not necessarily loosing weight. But yes if your weight causes other health issues then we need to check.. Will get in touch with Suruchi for some advice.. Thanks for sharing

  3. As someone who believes in losing weight in a healthy way I like the way you’ve gone about shedding the extra kgs. Right nutrition should never be compromised upon. Beetroot raita happens to be my favourite!

  4. I had heard a lot about diet sutra on various social channel before and after reading your post feeling that they are really good. 2 kg weight loss in 5 days is such a big thing.

  5. Oh wow it’s awesome that this particular diet is working for you. I just try to eat as healthy as possible. Let’s see how far and long I can go. My kids have also taken up eating yummy fruits and vegetables like me for now.

  6. Finding a right person who understand your food habits and then guide you accordingly is like a God send angel. Suruchi name is registered in the mind for walking the path of healthy eating.

  7. Oh wow this is awesome. At times, it is just that you need to find the right person and have the right combinations of diet along with workout!

  8. This is amazing noor, the right guidance is indeed a must. 2 kg in 5 days is awesome. I am going to check her account now on Insta 🙂

  9. A healthy diet eaten in moderation is the key. I am going to share this with my daughter who needs a reality check. Thanks for sharing this Noor. Beetroot raita is really very good. That’s why i started making the beet soup as well. I never used to eat beet but now I do.

  10. Wow, 2 kg lost in 5 days, that’s unbelievable. You have all the reasons to be cloud 9, Noor. I have tried portion control and it does work in shedding some weight. I am definitely setting up a meeting soon with Suruchi Garg.

  11. I think we all went through this – being careful in the beginning and then when we slipped we dont know, until the clothes got tight & we got on the weighing scale! oh ho – that was one shocker for me! Indeed food is the biggest component. great that you have found someone that has understood your body and has tailor made the diet accordingly.

  12. This is incredible Noor! I can feel the happiness of losing 2kg in your words, healthy lifestyle is the real asset rest all come next, sailing on the same boat, would definitely check the diet plans of DietSutra.

  13. This post reminded me of my own childhood snarls from neighbor aunties or family relatives. Another adjective I got used to was, Punajbi’s are usually healthy, so no matter what you do, you will always be little heavier! It irritated me to the core then, but eventually started loving the way I am. Glad to know about the diet plan from Suruchi, I will too check this out.

  14. Woah! 2kgs in 5 days! That’s an amazing feat! I managed to lose some 4 kgs in 6 weeks… Basically by reducing sugar and carbs. But your programme seems very promising!

  15. I have been on this path. Trust me, it requires a lot of discipline and self-commitment. The first week is where you lose weight fast. The toughest part is the phase in which you hit a plateau, and the weight remains constant. This is the most critical phase, as most people drop out here, and if you can go through this phase patiently your journey will be more pleasant. My best wishes to you.

  16. I am really shocked after reading your article headline that you lost 2 kgs in 5 days. I really need to consult with Suruchi. Thanks of sharing

  17. It is so important to eat right and eat healthy. I struggle with that a lot and I do not keep up with the right diet. This is so amazing, maybe I should do something myself after reading this.

  18. That’s an amazing achievement dear 🙂 I also lost some weight recently under guidance of a nutritionist. So many myths busted and it is really important to plan meals according to eating habits and lifestyle. would like to know more. keep sharing your journey 🙂

  19. Seeking an expert’s guidance for weight loss is wonderful. I know a lot of folks who don’t take that route and make poor dietary choices. You did the right thing.

  20. Wow, that’s such an amazing feat to achieve. I would love to consult Suruchi after my delivery.
    Having a tasty and nutritious food diet and loosing the weight is challenging and definitely would be very helpful too.

  21. Weight loss can bring about a pleasant change in us. I have seen that happen to me. I follow intermittent fasting and that has helped me lose 13-15kgs. Which seemed impossible few years ago. Loved reading abt your weight loss journey

  22. Wow, thats such a great way to loose those extra kilos! A planned diet and a healthy fitness regime is what one needs to have for a good lifestyle. Suruchi Garg seems to know how to incorporate this in our lives.

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