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Right from the inception of this blog, it has been my earnest endeavour to highlight good products. So, when the team behind KIKGERM, a homegrown brand of natural and chemical-free detergents, reached out to me to try their products, I happily obliged. Here is my review of KIKGERM Detergents:

Review of KIKGERM Detergents


Before sharing my review of KIKGERM Detergents, I would like to speak about the brand’s history and vision. By doing so, I hope to offer you a well-rounded understanding of their products.

“KIKGERM Detergents stand for clean living and clean laundry. We came into being because we have always been obsessed with having fresh, clean and hygienic at-home laundry. We were also keen to foster a promise to keep kids, families and the environment around us safe. By combining nature with science, our team at KIKGERM is constantly working to provide the best possible non-toxic products to our discerning audience,” says Divya Arora, the founder of the brand.

Staying true to its promise of keeping the environment around us safe, KIKGERM has made sustainability a key focus. Their team ensures that no harmful ingredients are used in their products. In fact, the very genesis of the brand lay in being a viable alternative to harmful cleaning practices, by protecting the environment, and providing protection from harmful germs that cross our paths on a daily basis. 


With their commitment to sustainability and chemical-free goodness for clothes, KIKGERM’s entire product line-up is worthy of being examined in detail. The team was also kind enough to send over all three variations of their KIKGERM Detergent Powders for me to review, hence I was able to test many of their products.

Here is everything on offer in their line at the moment:

  • Top Load Detergent Powder which is available in 6kg, 4kg, 2kg boxes, 1kg packs as well as 100gm sachets.
  • Front Load Detergent Powder which is available in 6kg, 4kg, 2kg boxes, 1kg packs and 100gm sachets.
  • Advance Care Detergent Powder suitable for Top and Front Loads which is available in 6kg, 4kg, 2kg boxes, 1kg packs and 100gm sachets.

Each of the products claims to provide 99.99% protection against germs. Further, they are made with Natural Essential Oils like Geranium, Clove, Cinnamon and a host of others that ensure a pleasant smell emanates from them. Most importantly, each of the products and are SLS, SLES and Paraben free.

Interestingly, there are three variations of the formula – low suds for low foaming, and medium and high suds for higher levels of foaming. This was done to address the requirements of different washing machines, and to further enhance efficiency and long-term output.


I have tried all three variations of their KIKGERM Detergent Powders. Though the product variations are meant to be used for specific machines, they also work with other washing machines.

Before I share my experience, here are some of the most important features of KIKGERM Detergents, as listed on their website:

  • Long-lasting IFRA approved fragrance
  • Gentle on skin and clothes
  • Tough stain removal
  • Bright and white clothes
  • Removes bad odour
  • Suitable for kids
  • Cruelty free
  • Recommended by mothers and doctors
  • Zero tolerance policy towards germs
  • 99.99% anti-bacterial
  • SLS, SLES and PARABEN free
  • Made with natural essential oils
  • Clean

This is certainly an impressive list and fortunately one that lives up to its lofty claims. Right off the bat, the KIKGERM Detergents are cased in bright and vibrant packaging that is sure to catch one’s eye. Not judging it purely on its cover though, let’s speak about the performance of the products. The KIKGERM Detergent Powders remove stains while ensuring that the clothing does not lose its colour, shape or longevity in any manner. Its pleasant smell, perhaps owed to the use of natural essential oils, is an added bonus.

However, the biggest attraction in favour of the products, is the fact that they are made with natural and clean ingredients. As a busy mom on the go, I really appreciate a work-horse good-quality product that is also safe to use on my son’s clothes.

The pricing of the products is at par with market standards, yet one can avail of good discounts when one buys the larger items on their website. As a promotional scheme, the team at KIKGERM is currently offering a free trial set on all orders, along with free shipping above a billing of Rs 499.

With this in mind, I recommend you try KIKGERM Detergents sooner rather than later. I’m sure the products will appeal to you as well. I’m certainly looking forward to trying the KIKGERM Detergent Liquids too.


As I am happy with the products I received, I have shared my review of KIKGERM Detergents with you, in the hope that you will try them out yourself.

While speaking to Divya, the founder of the brand, I learnt of the new products they have in the pipeline. These include their range of Liquid Detergents, including baby specific laundry products.

Divya shared, “Since our inception, all the products have been designed with kids in mind, focussing on their sensitivity towards various ingredients. We wanted to provide a safe cleaning solution for babies, for which the formulations are carefully designed with plant-based ingredients as well as safe anti-bacterial ingredients to remove germs that are harmful for their health and growth.”

As any mother would agree, this is exactly what we need to ensure our babies and young children stay safe. Keep a lookout on KIKGERM’s website as well as on third party retailers like Amazon and Flipkart, to stay updated on the launch of new KIKGERM products.

Have you tried KIKGERM Detergents? Did you like them? Do share your review of KIKGERM Detergents in the comments below, if you have tried them yourself. This helps readers gain a better perspective on the product, in turn allowing them to make sound purchase decisions.



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