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I have a non-sponsored post to write before penning the next sponsored one, and the one I was planning to write needs some more time to reach fruition. So, this will be a random chit-chat post – kind of like a journal entry in listicle format.

  • Fun fact – soon after I got married and moved my belongings from my maternal home to my marital one, I rediscovered loads of journals in which I had meticulously recorded my childhood and teen years. I began reading them to my husband every night, so we could re-live those memories together. That’s when he told me that I should write because I have a talent for it. A couple of days ago, I saw a ‘Husband Appreciation Day’ tag going around Instagram. My hubby detests social media and so I avoid putting him on there as much as possible, but here’s my way of showing my appreciation to him! Look where that little nudge has brought me… And there’s loads more to go!

  • The month of April for us bloggers is inextricably connected to the monumental A to Z Blogging Challenge. With my journalistic assignments picking up, I no longer have time to dedicate to daily blogging (even once a week sometimes seems tough!), but I do miss that frenzy of writing, uploading, waiting for people’s reactions, and reading some great work. The two times I have participated, the A to Z Challenge took over my life and everything else ceased to exist for that month. I cannot commit to that level of involvement at this point in my life! But I do wish everyone participating in the challenge, oodles of luck!

  • While on the subject of writing, I’ve been writing up a storm these past few weeks. I had a couple of big stories due for my regular newspapers, and then got a chance to have my article published on Outlook Traveller’s digital edition. Of course, I jumped at it! It was a major league magazine after all – read the column here.

  • Then an interesting business opportunity presented itself to me. I was invited to attend a couple of shows by designers at the FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week 2022, which was being held physically after two years. I realised that if I was able to attend most of the shows with media accreditation, I could get lots of interesting coverage and contribute articles to a number of publications. So, I doggedly pursued the ‘media accred’ as it is called (not as an easy task as a freelancer!), and one of my editors came through at the last minute. And I was true to my word – two of my articles are out already – one of which is a first time contribution of mine to a Delhi-based weekly newspaper called The Patriot, two more are in the pipeline, one pitch is floating around and has seen some interest, and once all the articles are out, there will also be a round-up post on this blog! So, stay tuned for that!

  • Have I rambled on enough? I’m actually dead tired – it’s a Saturday night after a loooong week of deadlines and I just didn’t feel like working today but I have soooo much pending work that needs to get done tomorrow, so I figured this one little post is perhaps the easiest thing to do at the moment, to cut my workload down a bit.

Ok, I’ll stop. Thanks for reading if you did!

Bye for now!


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