Review of Laksh Farms in Mangar, Haryana: Eco-Tourism at its Best?

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Review of Laksh Farms

After a year and a half of restricted movement due to the pandemic, most of us have begun travelling with trepidation. Though visiting public places with high footfall is still a bit risky, one can enjoy curated experiences / staycations at select locations. I have earlier shared my review of the best luxury staycations in Delhi-NCR, and today I’m here to share my experience and review of Laksh Farms – an organic and sustainable farmstay in Village Mangar, Haryana.

Watch the travel vlog / review here:

Travel Vlog: Review of Laksh Farms


No review of Laksh Farms can be complete without telling you about the property and its offerings first. This family run enterprise has an interesting story behind its inception. Apparently the owner, a pilot, frequently flew over a green area just outside of Delhi, and was drawn to the lush beauty of the spot. One day, he decided to explore it and on realising the land was up for sale, bought it to build a home for himself and family. Over the years, he converted it to a farmstay for tourists, encouraging boarders and day-visits to their rustic yet comfortable abode.

Laksh Farms is spread over 15 acres in the Aravalli valley near the Dhauj water body. It is described as, “A unique example of the restoration of a degraded ecosystem, offering a fulfilling experience in rural eco-tourism.”


Their website is currently out of order, so you can enquire and book through:



Village Mangar is a 1.5 hour drive from Central Delhi, making it relatively easy to reach and an ideal spot for picnic lunches, if one is not inclined to stay the night.

Private pool open only to people who book cottages


There are five cottages available for booking. Each cottage has a double bed and a pull-out bed, allowing it to room 4-5 people. The owners encourage single party bookings at a time, regardless of how many cottages are booked.

Rustic Cottages at Laksh Farms


Appreciate Nature: Their vast swathe of land houses a few thousand indigenous and ornamental fruit trees and shrubs. They practice organic farming using vermi-compost and bio waste, and all vegetables served in their meals are organically grown on their land. Animal lovers will delight in seeing dogs, cattle, goats, ducks, and geese, as well as an abundance of peacocks and deer in the area.

Walk / Rock-climb: Apart from relaxing walks on the property, one can visit the ‘sacred forest’ around the Gudariya Baba Shrine. Rock-climbing expeditions can also be organised.

Swim: Private pools are a precious commodity with the onset of the pandemic. The overall review of Laksh Farms goes up a rating because of its luscious private pool, open only to guests staying at the cottages. Nestled amongst trees with a view of the low-lying Aravalli hills, it’s a picturesque spot!

Eat: Indulge in delicious home-cooked traditional Haryanvi food, made on the wood-fire chulha by the local village women employed by them; and fantastic western dishes made by the owner and chef Shiv Lumba. There is no bar on the premises, so it is advisable to carry your own alcohol if you so wish.

Shop: To increase employment opportunities for the locals, the owners of Laksh Farms, began designing and retailing garments stitched by the women of surrounding villages. You can browse through their collection at the property or order online here:

Entertainment: Their dining / recreation area offers table tennis, carrom, and a selection of card and board games.

Delicious food cooked on the chulha
Pomelos growing in Laksh Farm gardens
Fresh paneer


I’m going to approach this review of Laksh Farms by first highlighting the points that work in its favour, and then sharing my thoughts.

  • It offers eco-tourism at its minimalist and rustic best
  • Patrons feel happy to support the local economy by generating jobs for villagers
  • Provides access to an exclusive family / close-group experience
  • Allows you to enjoy time off from the city in the lap of nature
  • The rooms are comfortable and modern with all amenities in place, while ensconced in a rustic and unique setting
  • You can enjoy delicious organically grown food that is made fresh. A variety of Indian and western cuisine options are available
  • It is a prime example of sustainable living, advocating a slow way of life
  • It is easily accessible from Delhi-NCR
  • Provides access to a private pool

Keeping these pointers in mind, Laksh Farms is indeed rustic eco-tourism at its finest. However, it comes with a hefty price tag. We paid Rs 72,000 for three cottages and all meals for one night (an extra person who was supposed to join did not, but we had to pay them for them regardless).

Since our visit, the price has been revised and the current pricing is:

1N/2D: Rs.15,000/-
2N/3D: Rs.11,250/-
This is an all inclusive charge for 2 adults in a double occupancy room including all meals.

People who find this pricing too steep, can still enjoy the benefits of the property and its meals through day-long picnic bookings which are much more reasonably priced. Day-bookings include access to the property (not the pool), lunch and evening tea, fresh lemonade and buttermilk, camel and tractor rides, rock-climbing and nature walks.

Overall, I recommend a visit to Laksh Farms as an interesting and memorable experience. Whether you choose to stay the night or only visit for a picnic, depends entirely on your budget and travel preferences!

Have you been to Laksh Farms? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below and do share any other thoughts you may have.


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  12. Laksh farm sounds like an interesting place to enjoy a family vacation. It’s good that they offer day picnic option too. People who can afford cottage can still enjoy other activities.

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