5 Tips to Elevate Your Food Business in India

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It has never been an easy task to be a proprietor of food in India – the increasing competition, short shelf life of food concepts and trends, constantly escalating overheads, and in recent times, the difficulties wrought by the pandemic, have made it much harder for restaurateurs and food chains to thrive here. Apart from oodles of creativity, in-born talent, a firm hold of food trends, requisite training in the field and a little bit of luck, you also need to invest in the best commercial kitchen equipment in India, to truly elevate your food business in this country.

All chefs and food industry professionals worth their salt, are aware of the importance of the first few pointers I have noted in the previous paragraph. They are also probably aware of the last pointer, however, does this mean that all of them have invested in the best commercial kitchen equipment available in India? Unfortunately, not. Hesitation to spend large sums of money and a general distrust of technology, makes many in the food industry reluctant to take this step. Yet ironically this one-time investment will not only save them money in the long run – owing to its efficiency and time-preparedness – it will also make their lives a lot easier!

RATIONAL, a German brand that specialises in the manufacture of combi-steamers, also called combi-ovens, used for commercial cooking purposes, is the best solution for commercial kitchens that prepare hot food. Operating in India since the past 11 years, RATIONAL has become a market leader in this segment.

Their recently launched equipment – iCombi Pro, described as nothing short of ‘revolutionary’, is an intelligent and powerful combi-steamer, that can prepare large quantities of food quickly and efficiently while consuming less electricity. The unique design and technology allows the equipment to move between the actions of grilling, poaching, steaming, roasting or baking any kind of dish that one may desire. In short, this cooking system requires minimal human intervention, allowing the chef or restaurant owner to concentrate on creating great food and other aspects of the business.

Invest in the Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment in India

So, if you are a food business based in India, here are 5 tips to elevate your work, by investing in the best commercial kitchen equipment:


Gone are the days when commercial kitchens in India consisted of rows upon rows of cooking appliances. You don’t need me to explain the pitfalls of having too many things in one small space, right? Loaded with numerous vessels that are almost never used, and others that get lost in the fray, how can a chef be expected to perform at his optimal best?

RATIONAL iCombi Pro replaces the need for multiple appliances, as it is ideally equipped to cook everything including meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and baked goods. This cutting-edge technology is the ideal solution for all à la carte, catering, cloud kitchen and casual dining needs. A high level of productivity is assured with the cooperation of its intelligent assistant. Its powerful air circulation and dehumidification modes, make the iCombi Pro more productive, resulting in shorter cooking time. It delivers consistent and uniform results from the top rack to the bottom rack. The in-built intuitive operating concept makes it easy to use and navigate with least possible errors, allowing the production of food to keep going.


As with all forms of art, cooking involves some amount of uncertainty in every step of the process. Though it may not always be possible to recreate signature dishes in their entirety, too much deviation from the original recipe can spell disaster for the restaurant owner. Fortunately, the advent of technology, and particularly the cooking intelligence attributed to the iCombi Pro, does away with this issue. As the latest and most advanced commercial kitchen cooking system available in India, its iCookingSuite function continuously checks the condition of the food, calculates the cooking time and intelligently adjusts the temperature to achieve the desired result.

The same rationale works in case you change your mind and want a different result. Simply change the target on the Cooking Process mode, and the iCombi Pro will optimally adjust the temperature and time.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to make the cooking process faster than originally accounted for, it can be done by switching from a single to a mixed load and adding more dishes if needed. The iCombi Pro’s revolutionary technology allows you to regulate the cooking parameters in a way that multiple dishes using a similar cooking methodology, can be cooked simultaneously.


A food business in India, or for that matter anywhere, is a stressful concern, especially the rush to get all the food orders ready on time, while ensuring they taste delectable and look good. Fortunately, the iCombi Pro comes equipped with an iProductionManager which simplifies the production process significantly. All you have to do is place the dish on the unit’s display and it lets you know what else can be produced along with the chosen dish, at the same time. The system monitors every dish individually, so that cooking times can be adjusted as per your needs and desired quantities. You can choose whether you want the food to begin cooking at the same time, or be ready at the same time, and the iCombi Pro lets you know when exactly to pop the dish in.


The term cleanliness has taken on an entirely new meaning after the advent of the pandemic. What was once important has become a necessity for survival. For a restaurant or any kind of food business to attract patrons, they must ensure the highest level of hygiene, safety, and cleanliness. As we all know, grilling and other cooking procedures tend to leave behind stubborn dirt, which takes a while to clean, in turn delaying the process of making the next batch of dishes. Fortunately, the iCareSystem of the iCombi Pro self-cleans the entire machine in under 12 minutes. The iCombi Pro is also programmed to let you know the exact level of cleaning required. Best part is that it saves your preferences and shows you the corresponding cleaning programme the next time.

RATIONAL iCombi Pro is the Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment Available in India


As creative people with a food business to run, most chefs are prone to excessive worry about every little aspect. This attitude and tendency to overwork, almost always leads to inefficiency and long-term failure. Then there are non-commercial food enterprises that also require a lot of work, such as staff catering in offices, hospitals, retirement homes, or largescale commercial ventures like event catering. All these face similar challenges of skill shortage, standardisation, flexibility of meal times, having to cater to special dietary needs, mounting cost pressures – all while providing fresh food.

With its intelligently programmed features, the iCombi Pro thinks, learns, and retains information, making it undoubtedly the best commercial kitchen equipment available in India, for the preparation of food in large quantities.

Are you a food business in India? Have you been searching for the best commercial kitchen equipment available here to elevate your food business? Then the iCombi Pro by RATIONAL is your best bet. Now that you’re familiar with the theory, you’re probably keen to see it in action. Come experience the RATIONAL cooking system in use, observe its intelligent functions and experience it for yourself LIVE at a location near you, without any obligations.


RATIONAL iCombi Pro is the best commercial kitchen equipment available in India

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