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My blog has been peppered with e-book reviews for the last month. My own e-book “Tales From My Travel Treasury: An Alliterative Anthology” can be downloaded from here. If you enjoy travel writing, you can check out my reviews of Dr. Richa Mina’s and Sinjana Ghosh’s e-books. However, if you are a fiction lover, you may prefer Suchita Agarwal’s e-book or Meenal and Sonal Mathur’s book “My Unspoken Reflections”. Read on to know more about this e-book.


Meenal & Sonal are sisters and friends that turned their love of writing to a successful blog. Their main aim is to spread positivity through their thoughts and writing. They love penning heartfelt poetry as well as advice on parenting. “My Unspoken Reflections” is their third e-book, and their first foray into micro fiction as a genre. They are also listed in the Blog Directory of Top Indian Blogs.


As younger generations increasingly turn away from traditional modes of reading, genres like micro-fiction are becoming more popular than ever before. This is evident from the success of Instagram accounts such as “Terribly Tiny Tales”. Inspired by this, the blogging sister duo of Meenal and Sonal Mathur offer their own version of 18 micro-fiction stories that explore varied themes. Each story talks about different emotions invoked by life’s many curveballs.


I was first introduced to micro-fiction as a genre during a creative writing course. Believe me, it is incredibly difficult to pen a story with an interesting plot, genuine characters and a gripping climax in a limited number of words. In fact, I personally feel it is tougher to pen a good micro-story than a full-fledged one. Keeping this in mind, MeenalSonal (as they are referred to) have taken on a big task with this anthology.

When reading their e-book, what immediately strikes the reader is how different each tale is from the others. Choosing unique themes that tie in with their blog’s overall ethos, is quite admirable. Each story talks about “tiny twists of life”, as described by the authors, and rightly so. They explore many emotions through their stories including sadness, love, tranquillity, determination and courage.

As the stories are very short and engaging, the e-book makes for a quick and easy read. In fact, I finished it in one sitting of about 30 minutes! This is perhaps its biggest attraction and greatest strength- the fact that it will appeal to busy people, who are always on the move but enjoy reading. The classic themes chosen by them as well as the relatability of the stories give the e-book universal appeal. Personally, the stories I enjoyed reading the most include “Unique Vow of Togetherness”, “The Majestic Blue”, “Shine with Peace”, “Wheel O Life”, and “Moments”.

Apart from editing a few grammatical errors, the only feedback I can offer MeenalSonal is to add more stories. Some of the stories would be wonderful as full-fledged short stories or novellas and I would love to read them!


MeenalSonal’s “Unspoken Reflections” is a thought-provoking and easy read. I recommend it to everyone as a quick dive into the world of micro-fiction. No matter your age, gender, or station of life, you will identify with these stories. I look forward to more from this creative blogging duo. Go download your free copy of MeenalSonal’s “My Unspoken Reflections” today!


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