Stay at WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga Resort: Vlog & Review

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Safari at Jim Corbett National Park

In March 2021, just before this new Covid wave took over our lives, we were fortunate to be able to enjoy a quick family vacation. For the sake of my animal-lover 5-year-old, we stayed a night at WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga Resort and did the safari at Jim Corbett National Park. From there, we stayed a couple of nights at a dear family friend’s farm in Uttar Pradesh. This post will be a summary of the first part of our trip as well as a review of the Ramganga Resort.

If you prefer to watch the review, you can have a look at my travel vlog here:


Located an hour away from the main Dhikala gate of Jim Corbett National Park, this resort is situated on the riverfront. One can enjoy gorgeous views of the Ramganga River surrounded by the low-lying mountains, while listening to the undulating sounds of nature. Jungle safaris and nature treks are additional activities that can be pursued, but the real charm of this property is just soaking the beauty of its surroundings.


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The drive from Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park is about 5-6 hours. An additional hour can be added to the time it takes to reach the Corbett Ramganga Resort.

As per current regulations, negative Covid test results are necessary to enter the State of Uttarakhand.

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Their rooms are divided as per four categories:

  • Superior Deluxe Rooms
  • Deluxe Rooms (Square Shape)
  • Deluxe Rooms (Round Shape)
  • Swiss Cottage Tent with AC

The Superior Deluxe Rooms offer the most comfort and space, however they are few in number, so bookings should be done well in advance. Cottage tents offer an authentic jungle-camping experience.

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Safari: Most people visit Jim Corbett National Park in search of the elusive tiger! The hotel does not book safaris, which need to be booked through the official website beforehand:

Be prepared in advance, as it is difficult to get bookings for the safari last minute, and the procedure for booking on the official website is a tedious one (particularly for the photo that needs to be uploaded!).

Adventure Activities: The hotel offers a number of adventure activities, as advertised on their website. These include natural river crossing, fishing, trekking and hiking among others. Our group did not participate in any of these activities as we were there for only a day.

Dining: There is only one dining room in the property with buffet style meals served throughout the day. The price of these meals is included in the bed and board fare. Meals consist primarily of Indian food with one international (though desi in flavour!) option. The fare is tasty but quite spicy!

Recreation: An inviting swimming pool overlooking the mountains, is the biggest attraction at the hotel. The pool is clean and well-looked after, with clean wash-up facilities attached. Snacks and drinks are served poolside.

Child-friendly activities: Most children will love the swimming pool and the open areas to run and play. In addition, they have a playground on the property.

A pool with a view!


The WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga Resort is a beautiful and picturesque getaway. It takes time and effort to reach, so you should stay put and enjoy the property for the duration of your stay. If you are planning to go on safari, I would advise against staying here – it is located the farthest possible distance from the entry gates to the Jim Corbett National Park. For rest and relaxation though, it is an ideal spot.

Wi-fi is patchy at best but that’s a blessing when one wants a break from the world. The food and service provided are good, and the rooms are comfortable, even if basic. I would advise you to carry your own alcohol, as the bar menu is limited, but you will definitely be served beers if that’s all you’re looking for.

Overall, I recommend the WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga resort for a weekend getaway, to enjoy the breathtaking views and rejuvenate in the lap of nature – without any expectations or planned itineraries!

Hotel Rating: 4/5

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  1. wow…that sounds like a perfect outing. I must say you were lucky enough to plan a quick trip and refresh yourself from the monotony. When we pick a spot which our kids like, its like a celebration for them.

  2. Wow the stay is an hour away. Wow. This Jim Corbett national park has been on my list for some time now. Hopefully, will be able to visit it soon with the kids!

      1. We were planning a trip to Jim Corbet during the Christmas and new year holidays but we finally went to Shimla and kufri. I’ve been to Jim Corbet once and it’s a wonderful place to be but I’ve not stayed there. We want to go there with our kids as they would love it for sure.

  3. We were to explore Uttarakhand in the summer and had everything planned, however, with the current Covid surge everything is on hold. I will keep this resort in mind, next time we plan.

  4. Wow it is really great that you would be able to have some fun family time with this amazing family trip before the second wave of covid 19. loved all the clicks and thank you so much for sharing all details. as usual, it was a great and honest review.

  5. This place is on my list for quite some time, I love the scenic view it is alluring . Cant wait for things to get normal. Your Vlog was a visual treat.

  6. Noor you always share honest reviews which comes from your own experience and thats what I truly love. Keeping my fingers crossed.. Would love to visit this place and will definitely keep this resort on of our priority list

  7. what a beautiful trip, and kudos on managing to get a little trip in, looks like a fun and relaxing vacation.
    Jim Corbett is such a pretty getaway, i love how nature just embraces you here.

  8. Well for the views from this resort hotel I would surely would want to stay here. Thanks for your honest review about location v/s distance for safari point and about food and alcohol.

  9. Wow, the place seems great for staycation. I hope everything will settle down soon and we can move out and explore new places .

  10. Glad you could take the vacation in March and I followed your stories on Insta about it. Enjoying with family with the recreational activities of the hotel is always good and not expecting to see all wild animals listed by Jim Corbett is a good way to have a stroll in the safari.

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