“The Day the Earth Ceased to be Round”: A Poem for Children

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The Earth Ceased to be Round

Today I woke up in the morning and found…

That strangely, the Earth had ceased to be round

It seemed the heavens in their wisdom decided

That circular shaped planets were quite misguided

A square setting is the way it should be

All the occupants living in a box-like TV

I tried rising from bed but immediately fell down

Rolling on the floor, I felt quite the clown

Holding the bedstead, I managed to stand

My morning adventures had never been this grand

If I could stand easily when the earth was round,

then in its square state, why must I fall to the ground?

This question played uppermost in my mind

as my mother entered the room to begin the day’s grind

A rope tied ‘round her waist, the end held in her hand

This contraption it seemed, was helping her stand

Feeding me a tall glass of milk was her mission,

No matter the circumstances, she wouldn’t change this tradition

“Mum!” I said, “what’s happening here?!”

Pulling the rope tight, she replied, “don’t worry, my dear!

This happens every ninth year, on the fourth Saturday of January.

Us grown-ups are used to this- it’s really not scary.

There’s a rope beneath your bed, tie it round your waist,

It’ll help you move around. Quick, make haste!”

Apparently with a heavy binding tight round my core,

This new Earth’s convoluted gravity wouldn’t make my head sore

As an 8-year-old, I’d never seen this wonder

Never known of Earth’s quirky, phenomenal blunder

“In that case, is there a holiday from school?”

I hoped against hope, playing the fool

“Of course not, my dear! Today is your English test

No matter the situation, you must give it your best.”

I groaned, inwardly thinking, “this just isn’t cool!

What’s the point of the Earth being square, if we don’t get off from school!”

Struggling with the rope, I asked mom to help me

Instead of tying it up, however, she began to shove and shake me

“Wake up! It’s past 7 am. Wake up, Gul!

You’re once again going to be late for school!”

As I rose from that delirious dream

I realised my mind had designed an elaborate scheme

To skip the dreaded English test today

But no dream could keep harsh reality at bay

Secretly though I was happy, as I stood with my feet on the ground

That the Earth was still firm and steadfastly round!


I hope you enjoyed my attempt at creative poetry from a child’s point of view. Do share this poem with others that may enjoy it and read it to your little ones too!


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  1. Interesting!! I wish atleast half of those childhood dreams (during exam time) would have come to reality.. The best thing about dreams is there is no limit to one’s creativity and imagination. You can go to weirdest places and still come back smiling…

  2. Lovely interpretation of a child’s thoughts..Loved the idea.. 😊 The rope bit was hilarious but an interesting adjustment in such a situation .Great imagination..Children will love this poem..

    1. I loved the way a child’s thoughts are interpreted and explained . . This poem truly explains the vibrant mind of child .. So many dreams and expectations without any limits.

  3. That’s a lovely poem, Loved the imagination and creativity in the rhyming poses.
    Lately your poetry is really getting interesting. Keep Rhyming.

  4. Wow I was also imagining waking up and having a rope tied to my waist. Haha. That was an awesome poem with vivid imaginations. Hats off.

  5. Oh my! You’re a talented poet Noor. Hoping to read more from you. Love your thought process on the state of earth not being round.

  6. Your every work is commendable. Every time you create good art. The poem is definitely beautiful. Great job.

  7. That was indeed a very good attempt and full marks to you for doing justice to a child’s imagination, curiously and creativity 🙂
    A wonderful and quite a hilarious poem 🙂

  8. Such a creative post, Noor. Simple and innocent about childhood and the weird dreams and thoughts we had. After all happy to do anything so that we don’t have to give the test in school. Loved it as always 🙂

  9. Super sweet poem ! Imagination at it’s best, Well rhymed dream from the lil innocent eyes of a child I had smile on my face throughout the reading.
    Loved your attempt on poetry Noor! Keep writing more poems .

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.The choice of words and the thought s expressed through it.Not only Kids but the a child in every adult will love it too.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  11. Oh, this was so cute! Kids give excuses to skip tests but this one went a step ahead and changed the world for it. Nicely written, Noor!

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