Review of “Our Song” by Milan Vohra: An Indian Mills & Boon?

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Title: Our Song

Author: Milan Vohra

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers India

Publication Date: 25 September 2019

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Pages: 223

Purchase Link: Amazon


There’s going to be a ton of book reviews coming your way in December. Hopefully, these will help you decide which new releases are worth cozying up in blankets with! Today, I’m reviewing “Our Song” by Milan Vohra, sent to me by the Blogchatter team. Read on to know if this romantic novel is worth reading or not.


An author and advertising professional, Milan Vohra passionately believes in doing what she loves. Her first foray into fiction writing won her a national short-story writing contest by Harlequin India. From there, she earned the title of ‘India’s first Mills & Boon author’ by writing the bestselling book “The Love Asana”. Her last book, “Tick Tock We’re 30” has been picked up for screen adaptation. Milan writes across many genres including YA, women’s fiction, literary fiction and humour. She lives in two cities, dividing her time equally between Delhi and Bangalore.


Ragini is a singer and music composer, trying to make ends meet in Bangalore. Through her friend, she gets an opportunity to compose a celebration jingle for a large pharmaceutical company. The Chairman of this company, Andrew Arya, is a good-looking but reserved Anglo-Indian, who happens to have been Ragini’s school crush.

His businesslike, no-emotion attitude is at complete odds with Ragini’s high-strung, creative impulsiveness; yet they feel drawn to each other like bees to honey. Is there a future for this unlikely pairing? Or are they just headed for major complications?


I’ve read my fair share of ‘Mills & Boon’ romance novels growing up. Their books are formulaic but entertaining, despite following the same pattern. Usually, an unlikely couple feels an overarching sexual attraction for each other. Having done the deed once, they fall out over something trivial, and by the end of the book they are back together with the realisation of being each other’s true love. The books include a hefty dose of love jargon, heartbreak, and a few risqué scenes!

Milan Vohra’s “Our Song” is not a Mills & Boon publication, but her books are marketed as India’s answer to the mushy romantic novels from that publication house. Hence, comparison between the originals and her work is inevitable, where unfortunately, her books fall short.

“Our Song” lacks the juiciness that is characteristic of the originals. It plays too safe, drags in parts, and is overly sentimental. So, if you’re expecting a Mills & Boon, you will be disappointed.

Read as a book in the Indian ‘chick-lit’ category, it holds up slightly better. The characters are believable, and are given enough time to develop throughout the book. A focus on classical Indian music and the pharmaceutical industry, makes the premise feel unique.

However, I personally could not feel the characters love for each other- it was simply thrust on me, without building from ground up, like all great love stories. As such, the story lacks soul.

I also had an issue with the writing. Vohra skips from one character’s voice to another’s between paragraphs, without any preamble or explanation. This makes it difficult for the reader to stay focused. Incorrect/forced usage of colloquial terms and a few grammatical errors are also annoying.


I didn’t like this book, but it may appeal to readers who read books only as light entertainment. “Our Song” is not the best proponent of ‘chick-lit’, and it is not a great ‘romantic novel’. However, if you really enjoy these two genres and are looking for something new, you may enjoy this book. It is light and easy-to-read and can be finished in one sitting.

Rating: 3/5

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  1. As I have not been reading novels for a while now, I dont think this is the best novel to start with. I’ve read so many mills and boons so this for sure may not interest me.

  2. I guess if one has been addicted to M&B, then nothing but the originals will do! Going by your review this Indian answer to M & B does not really measure up to the standards of the original.

  3. It looks like books have disappointed you this week. This is your second disappointing review of the week. I like the books which can be finished in one sitting. So will definitely check this one out.

  4. Tadaa 🙂 can be finished in one sitting + love story is like an icing on a cake 🙂 This book surely looks to be taken into consideration. I so want to include reading in my life super soon. Books are such a life saver and life changer in Nitin’s (hubby) life and wish to do the same 🙂

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