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Things to Keep in Mind While Ordering In During Lockdow (1)

With the advent of coronavirus, apart from the travel industry, perhaps the hardest hit has been taken by the restaurant industry. The last few decades had seen a mushrooming of eateries catering to various budgets, tastes, age groups and regional or international preferences. Unfortunately, the sudden nationwide lockdown left most of these bars and restaurants afloat.

Many restaurants offer meal delivery, but these services will be severely affected by today’s news of a pizzeria in Malviya Nagar in Delhi. A delivery man of this outlet, who delivered to 72 Delhi families, later tested positive for Covid-19, which led to the immediate quarantine of these families. Ordering food in, has sadly, become quite a tedious task. Here’s why:


From the Restaurant’s Perspective:

  • Implementing strict hygiene and safety measures
  • Ensuring their working staff isn’t ill, or hasn’t been in contact with a known case of Covid-19
  • Money inflow to pay salaries and buy ingredients, when their business is severely affected
  • Trusting delivery services like Zomato and Swiggy to follow the same strict hygiene guidelines during delivery, as the restaurants have presumably followed during production of the food
  • Getting the word out about the strict hygiene measures they have adopted without using traditional means of advertising, which cost a lot of money

From the Consumer’s Perspective:

  • Trusting that the restaurant has strictly observed hygiene principles while cooking and packing the food
  • Not being able to access many favoured restaurants, which don’t have the wherewithal to function under these circumstances
  • Being refused delivery by restaurants/ delivery services as they live in certain affected areas of the city, even if they have no specific history of the disease themselves
  • Handling money, which is a possible carrier of the virus
  • Handling the packages of the delivered food properly
  • Retrieving the delivered food from the main colony gate, if the RWA’s (Residents Welfare Associations) don’t allow the entry of outsiders into the colony

We had assiduously avoided ordering from restaurants till last Sunday when we finally gave in, and ordered pizzas from Baking Bad, through Zomato. Despite the extra work involved, it was nice not having to plan and cook a meal. Ordering food from restaurants also helps the economy, so I would recommend ordering in, but being cautious while doing so. Here are some things that you should keep in mind.


  1. Limit your food delivery orders to once, maximum two times in a week.

This virus is known for its exponential spread through various points of infected contact, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic. Hence, just limiting contact will help in the long run. Order in if you must, but as few times as possible.

  1. The same applies to groceries and essential items as well.

We have strictly followed a once-a-week grocery delivery rule so far. Be prepared for this- make lists of exactly what you need throughout the week. Please resist the urge to over-order large quantities that will deprive others of essential items.

  1. Go cashless for payment.

Pay using netbanking or UPI. If you really must handle cash, I suggest using hand-sanitiser immediately after exchanging the money.

  1. Opt for contact-less delivery.

Delivery services like Zomato and Swiggy offer contactless delivery options, which involve paying online and having the package dropped outside your door, so there is no reason to come in contact with the delivery person.

  1. Sanitise the packages.

Use hand-sanitiser on a tissue or a cloth to wipe down the packages as soon as they arrive. Wash your hands immediately after this activity.

  1. Put the contents away and wash your hands.

After sanitising the outer packaging, remove the contents of the package into plates/bowls, and immediately wash your hands.

  1. Leave the packaging out for as long as possible.

If medicines or other non-perishable items have been delivered to your home, one easy trick to sanitise them is to leave them at a safe place without touching them for a few hours (depending on the material). Research shows that the virus doesn’t last on cardboard and other surfaces for longer than a few hours.

I hope these pointers help you, when you decide to order something in. Now, I’ll list out the places in Delhi that are currently delivering with strict hygiene standards.


  • Check Zomato and Swiggy for the restaurants that are delivering to your area. I recommend checking by cuisine or by area, for a comprehensive list.
  • After being assured they are delivering, you can get in touch with the restaurant directly and ask questions about their hygiene practices.
  • Mamagoto Fun Asian (+91 8588860204), Noshi ( and Namaste Asia ( deliver delicious Asian cuisines across Delhi.
  • Maalgaadi by Dhaba (+91 9599590099) and Koyla Kebab (011-41627744) deliver Indian delicacies.
  • Caara delivers on certain days of the week to select areas of Delhi.
  • Aku’s Burgers (+91 8826669279) for burgers.
  • Baking Bad (on Zomato) and Caffe Tonino for pizzas
  • Nirula’s is delivering all across Delhi
  • Hyatt, Andaz, Taj Mahal and Taj Vivanta Ambassador are also delivering food from their in-house kitchens


  • All local chemists and grocery stores are open but if you prefer not to step out, then you can order in for delivery.
  • Online retailers like and are delivering, but they are low on stocks and have waiting periods.
  • Foodhall is delivering throughout Delhi NCR. Call on +91 7400444647 for Promenade branch; +91 956060412 for MKT branch; +91 7506292093 for Two Horizon Center branch
  • ‘The Taste’ (011- 24333733) in Defence Colony market delivers across a significant South Delhi radius.

I hope you find this post useful. If you know someone who lives in Delhi, please do share this post with them too.

As for my tip to beat the lockdown blues today:

Try a recipe exchange with your friends. It can get boring to eat the same ‘ghar ka khana’ every day, but you’ll be surprised at how different each person’s home-cooking is! Start an email recipe chain and you’ll have lots of new dishes to try at home.

The TV shows I highly recommend include:

“The Office” which I’m currently binge-watching on Amazon Prime Video. This show is about a set of people working in a small paper company in small town America. You’ll be surprised at how funny seemingly boring events can be! If you’ve ever worked in a small office, like I have, you will be able to identify with much of what the show talks about.

“Odd Mom Out” is another hilarious TV show about a misfit mother in New York who is forced to fraternise with ‘perfect’ socialite New York moms, because of her husband’s family.

A book that I loved reading with the letter O is:

“One Day” by David Nicholls, which is a love story that replays a single day in the life of two endearing characters, over the span of 15 years. The book is a delight, and surprisingly, so is its movie adaptation.

That’s it for today folks!

Please check out my daily update videos on Instagram Stories for #LockdownWithTheLadyLawyer and follow me there to stay better connected. Also tell me your favourite TV Shows/ movies/ books/ bloggers with the letter O?

O (au) revoir till tomorrow!


This post has been written for the #AtoZChallenge 2020. My theme this year is #LockdownWithTheLadyLawyer, where I’m journaling my thoughts during the coronavirus lockdown, and sharing numerous recommendations that will help keep your spirits up. Read my other posts here:



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  1. Wow what a post. Firstly I am getting to learn a new word everyday. On a serious that a delivery boy has been found infected your post is just in time and clearly lays out what all should people follow as safety precautions. Keep the amazing work going. You are doing a fabulous job.

    1. Thanks Manas! So grateful that you read and appreciate my posts 🤗
      Actually it’s been quite interesting to go with the flow for my posts… Most of them are inspired by daily happenings/news articles. Quite a journey this lockdown is!

      1. Haha true I took inspiration from you for daily writing! You did such a fabulous job last year, so that assured me that it’s indeed possible to do the challenge without preparing beforehand 😃

  2. Noor i love your titles and this was a great post like the others. We also resisted but gave in on my birthday and now do it once a week. We follow most of the tips you mentioned and opt for contactless delivery. I am sure your post will help many.

  3. The news of the delivery boy has further lead to fear. Today we were almost about to order a Pizza when we heard this news. As for food, we keep trying new recipes everyday and are careful to order and use grocery with care. As always great post Noor.

  4. One friend of mine lives alone in his quarter and cooks himself everyday. It’s very hectic for him as he is a novice in cooking but still, instead of ordering from online food delivery he opted for cooking himself. I feel sad for him but yes we are happy that he is away from delivery boys. People who are still ordering online foods they have to be concern and aware and cautious too. Nice one Noor.

  5. Each time we get our groceries we sit and sanitize or separate all the items. As for exchanging cash. we try to either give the required amount or ask them to keep the change. Such measures are necessary now. The tips you shared are a must-do.

  6. That’s a wonderful tip shared to stay away from virus if it was invited by us through a delivery person. And a nice recommendation of books and series, I have started Money Heist now and completed it referring your other posts for new recommendations😉 Have a wonderful day Noor✨💐

      1. Yup you didn’t, I’m going to now look on your other recommendations as I started to like one now ☺️👍 Thanks Noor!

  7. This is so helpful and informative especially in current situation. Thank you for this great post Noor! Forwarding this to all my friends and family 😊

  8. Exactly!! Sanitizing has become a task now. Once in 10 days grocery shopping and that day 1-1.5 hours go in washing, sanitizing and storing these items. Today was that day for me. Don’t know what the future holds for us. Let’s hope for the best.

  9. We are totally saying NO to outside food, it’s been 2 months only and only home made food for us. agree with your pointers specially the cashless one.

  10. Your post has come in at an extremely opportune time with the recent Delhi Pizza Delivery boy incident. Though I would personally still suggest to not order in, but your post lays out a good watch out plan for all who do intend to

  11. A very informative and detailed post indeed Noor. This comes at a time when a delivery agent in delhi who was reported to have delivered food being sick to as many as 88 families. Thank you.

  12. I’m far far away from online food in the hills and I’m glad about it.
    Great post for all ordering online to keep safety in own hands.
    Haven’t checked the office as yet, will surely give it a watch.

  13. I know it is tedious to plan and cook everyday but I would think twice or more before ordering food Noor. Seems to be really very risky..too many people touching the food. Yes, i am ordering groceries but cleaning really well.Please do take proper precautions.

  14. Great pointers, Noor. The news has definitely sent a lot many into panic mode. Given my food allergies, we rarely order in as is.

  15. Still not able to summon up the courage to order food from restaurants though the craving is at peak. I liked your idea of ordering groceries once a week to minimise contact. Hope you enjoyed the pizza.

  16. I agree noor that ordering food from outside carries a risk and we have to take precautions if we are doing that. you had given really great tips..sanitize the outside items is very important nowadays to prevent chances of getting infections. I really love the idea of exchanging recipes..I had taken part too and send these to my friends too.

  17. I mean I ca’t believe how fast things changed and by how much. We are still ordering in here in Bangalore, but the precautions must be taken. I know a lot of popular small restaurants had to close down temporarily because of this.

  18. I cannot tell you how frightened I am. I haven’t stepped out almost 40 days. Ordering food was my favourite thing in this time but now after the case it’s giving me chills. Ita going to be tough. Thnaks for these tips. They do ease some pressure and stress.

  19. I wouldn’t really be considering ordering food right now but with all the precautionary steps you have given I see it could be a possibility. Though I liked the kitchen exchange programme.

  20. The points you have mentioned are 100% true and must be followed for our own safety. This is the best time to switch to UPI or cashless transactions. I am yet to watch The office, will be watching it soon

  21. Life changes without warning. Few months back we were so freely ordering outside food specially on weekends, now doing just that involves so much of stress. It’s tough to convince kids why are we not doing that.

  22. I have refrained from ordering in any food. I know how to cook and I go to the supermarket about once a week to restock the perishables in the produce or dairy section. It helps in two ways: financial and diet wise.

    I LOVE the name of the pizzarea: Baking Bad. Very clever wordplay.


    Book & Movie: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Book by Ken Kesey. I love both mediums.

    TV show: I LOVED Orphan Black. Scifi action thriller. Tatiana Maslany will blow you away playing many characters in the series. The less you know going in, the better.

  23. This is a wonderful guide! I have not at all ordered food during this lockdown. I have a lot of time on my hands and I’m using it to get more familiar with my kitchen. 😀 This is the longest I have gone without ordering food online. Whenever, I give and order, I’ll definitely follow your advice. I leave out most of grocery items for as long as I can. Otherwise I sanitise them along with all the other surfaces that I have come in contact with. Makes one seriously dread the thought of even going out! I have written a blog post about the hassles! 🙂 The Office is one of my favourites.

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