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10 Best Games to Play with Your Friends Online!

Thank god it’s Friday! Weekends allow me to watch TV shows/ movies, catch up with friends online, sleep an extra hour in the mornings, and take a break from the daily writing and reading demands of this gruelling blogging challenge called A to Z!

One activity that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing with my friends during lockdown, is playing online games. My friends, who are more tech savvy than I am, have introduced me to some really fun games that last for long or short durations of time.

Here are some reasons you should be playing community games, if you aren’t already:

  • They are healthy distractions from the negativity born of the coronavirus lockdown
  • Most of them are free, allowing you to save your money
  • They make you interact and connect with your friends
  • They also make you meet new people
  • Many of these games enhance your knowledge, or at least impart new tidbits of information
  • Playing games is a good, clean and old-fashioned pastime

Many hardcore gamers are taking advantage of this lockdown period to hone their skills at playing their favourite video games. Others, who are new to the online gaming community, are enjoying being introduced to it. After all, there is a limit to the amount of TV you can watch!

I have always had only three games on my phone, built for solo play. These are time-tested ones and I continue to play them.


  1. Solitaire– the single player card game built on well-thought strategy
  2. Word City– a crossword puzzle game where you have to create words from the given 6-7 alphabets in each round
  3. Candy Crush– the addictive matching game
  4. Cut the Rope– though now deleted, I used to enjoy this physics based game a lot

I’ve never been one for excessive gaming, and these three options fit my occasional gaming needs. However, for the first-time since owning a phone, I’ve downloaded community games which I’m thoroughly enjoying!

On the basis of my friends’ recommendations, I’ve rounded up a few popular community games that you can try during lockdown.



In this game, every player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions. Then each player has to guess the real answer amidst the fake ones. The real answer is usually extremely outrageous and quite difficult to guess!


Essentially a group chatting app with many in-built community games. You can play with your friends or with new people who are users of the app.


Similar to Plato, Houseparty is a video chatting app that comes with built-in games.

  1. BUNCH:

Similar to Plato and Houseparty.


We’ve all played this drinking game with our friends in real life, but now you can do it online without having to think of funny questions to ask!


Basically, dumb charades with many variations, where players can dance, sing, act or sketch to make their team mates guess the allotted word or phrase.


This game is basically online Scrabble, and can be played as slow or fast as you need, with known or unknown players


Make a move and wait for your buddy across the world to make theirs!


This is not an app-based game, but can be easily coordinated over Whatsapp. One person makes clues and posts on the group. A time of half an hour is given to each player to find the clues in their respective homes. The answers to clues have to be submitted as pictures with the player clearly visible in the picture, and must be shared only with the coordinator of the treasure hunt. The player who solves maximum clues in the shortest time wins!


Get your uncles and aunts or college gang together for some old school fun on Zoom or other group video apps. Sing or act your heart out as individual players or teams per household!

My daily 4 p.m. ‘Psych!’ game has become an important part of my routine, and really helps beat the drudgery of everyday tasks. I hope you’ll try some of these games this weekend and feel happy while doing so. I’d love to know if you do try them.

This is also my tip to beat the lockdown blues today. Just play a game with your friends or family online- it’s an instant mood-lifter!

As for a TV show recommendation:

“Project Runway” is a fashion-based reality TV show that I absolutely loved watching in my college years. Much like Masterchef, the contestants of this show are small-time designers who have to prove themselves through weekly fashion based challenges. There’s plenty of talent, loads of good-looking people and a lot of bitchiness involved!

A book I love is:

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen, which is a fabulous treatise on the way people lived in 19th century England. It strangely rings true to Indian circumstances even today. Austen’s sharp wit and beautiful writing make it an absolute pleasure to read.

That’s it for today folks- happy weekend to you!

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Poitu Varein till Monday! (Goodbye in Tamil)


This post has been written for the #AtoZChallenge 2020. My theme this year is #LockdownWithTheLadyLawyer, where I’m journaling my thoughts during the coronavirus lockdown, and sharing numerous recommendations that will help keep your spirits up. Read my other posts here:



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  1. I love reading online but never liked gaming somehow.,Candy crush though I find rather addictive.There was a virtual gardening game I played longtime back.Great resource.

  2. Noor I had no idea about all these games. Visiting you this AtoZ has made me realize how antiquated I am… Seriously! I have emerged with some hands on knowledge and I am promising myself that I will keep at it.
    Thanks so much. Your blog has worked wonders for me!

  3. I’ve played a few games in the beginning of lockdown but then I gave up! I just try to read blogs in whatever extra time I find. I’ve got to say this – you are full of life and it is extremely admirable 🙂

  4. Great post for weekend Noor, and you had listed great online game options to play with friends..among these I had heard about candy crush but never played it. loved today’s blog recommendation, pragun is one of dear friend from blogging world and I really admire her unique blog posts. happy weekend!

  5. I am not very fond of mobile games but yes these days always on a hunt of some online games to play with group of friends on weekends, kahoot and tambola already done, was looking for something new, and here your post came with all my answers Noor, Thank you so much dear!

  6. I used to play Solitaire quite a bit when I was young because those days it was one of the most popular games. This was in the predinosaur era. BTW I waatched Freud and I did not find it bad. It did contain a lot of paranormal hogwash but it held my attention to the end. I want to watch Quantico season 2 badly but I am only able to find season 3 in Netflix. I have already watched season 1 and 3. I am planning to watch Taapsee pannu’s thappad on YouTube today. Ever since I saw Pink and Mulk I have become a Taapsee pannu fan. I would welcome more suggestions along the lines of Alias Grace and Freud from you.

  7. My friends are playing online games aaall the time! Ludo king is a big hit, so is online pictionary. They get addictive and consume so much time that I have to drag myself away from it sometimes. 😛

  8. Candy crush, Chess, Word chums and Solitaire have been my favorites. Would surely try the other games recommended here. Awesome!

  9. You recalled my memories when Candy crush and solitaire was my all-time favourite but now I am exploring some craft activities with kids.

  10. Hey!!! We used to play Psych in office. I didn’t there was never have I ever online. And oh so many games! I’ll check them out. Thanks 😊

  11. Haha, we never grow up na?? We still love to play candy Crush, cut the rope!! My sister is a huge fan of treasure hunt games you know! And I leg pull her telling that kya yaar tum pura din kya kya dhoondte rehte ho.. Haha.. Loved the post Noor.

  12. I used to play that game Psych with a friend. It was a very interesting game and so is your list. Will try a few of them once this A2Z is finished.
    — rightpurchasing.com

    In addition, we at rightpurchasing are having an open day on Monday along with the “Q” post. We will be open to any of your queries regarding Blog monetization or suggestions. Hope to see you there.

  13. Woot woot for this post..I play only scrabble online and had no idea of the other games, especially, psych..bookmarked this post for reference.Thank you Noor for this much in need distraction 🙂

  14. That was a lot of games 😍 I was not aware of many games, I don’t play but would love to try one day. Some games Are interesting. Let’s see I can may be try with my team 😉 Thanks for sharing ✨🤗 Have a wonderful weekend ✨💐🤗

  15. I am not a online games enthusiast, but am going to bookmark this post. just in case boredom gets the btter of me post this AtoZ and I might want to explore these options. I think I am going to introduce my elder boy to Dumb charades. It will be fun.
    As always a very well researched post Noor.

  16. Not a fan of gaming. I love reading and watching stand-up comedy online. I’m also exploring webseries and more comedy channels. But great collection for those who love this genre.

  17. I was not aware of the online community games. However, I used to play candy crush which I deleted last year. These days me and my daughter play bubble shooter. Shall check out these games. Thanks!

  18. I’ve downloaded a number of free games on my cell. I play them until I get bored. The ones I keep to are the interactive game ones: Word Chums, Yahtzee, Scrabble (I know; two of the same, but different people like different apps). Thanks for this list.


    Book: I’d go with Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov or Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut. Both of these are their first published novels.

    Movie: The Passion of Joan of Arc. (Carl Dreyer, director, 1928) is my favorite Silent movie. Dreyer did some groundbreaking storytelling through cinema. You can see Orsen Welles knew of Dreyer by certain scenes in his movie, especially the opening one camera take in A Touch of Evil.

    TV Show: There is/was a TV show called “Psych.” Mystery of the week but played almost solely in humor. I always looked forward to a new episode, and watching reruns can still make you laugh at the goofiness. If you like animation, then my favorite is Pinky and the Brain. Out there comedy.

  19. First of all, Thanks a lot for the shout out, you made my day dear.

    I don’t play a lot of online games except for chess & scrabble, which is my kiddos favorite too, but after reading your reasons will try to enter the gaming arena and try a few.

    Pride and prejudice since school days is a classic read and have seen few seasons.
    Lovely post as usual.

    Poitu Varein from TN. Have enjoyed my every bit in this land of traditions and dosas and loving it till date.

  20. I was hooked to playing Ludo with my friends online when the lockdown started but have backed down now coz it’s very time consuming. I watch shows on Netflix and Amazon prime or read a book.
    Pride and prejudice has always been one of my favourite classic books!

  21. I love playing Word Cookies on my phone. In fact have been playing it since the last 4 years!
    We used to watch Project Runway. Is it still airing on the TV? Playing with Fire on Netflix is another interesting series. It’s Spainish with subtitles in English!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! Project Runway isn’t available for streaming online but there’s a similar show with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on Amazon Prime Video…

  22. I relate to every bit of your post buddy. I was a little overworked and was looking for the weekend break but ended but doing more. Loved your game recommendations will try my hands at them

  23. I’m playing a lot of Ludo and Scrabble these days. Of course, there’s video-calling too. But I like the sound of Pysch. I’ll check it out. Right now, I’m binge-watching the TV series by the same name! What a coincidence. Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favourites! 🙂

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