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Today is the first day since lockdown where I haven’t felt the need to be ‘on the go’. I’ve been forcing myself to be productive all this while, but there’s something to be said for embracing one’s feelings and allowing oneself to be lazy. It’s not necessary to be doing something at all times!

One thing I’ve been enjoying during lockdown, even on lazy days like today, is reading the random newsletters that flood my email inbox. Every service I have partaken of, every online retailer I have shopped at, every hotel I’ve stayed at, every blogger and magazine I’ve subscribed to, and every airline I’ve travelled on; is now sending me well curated newsletters with attractive content.

It’s a known fact that businesses are building their digital presence, unsure of what the future holds. Staying in touch with their existing customer base through email newsletters is the first step in this digital expansion.

Im particularly enjoying reading engaging articles, trying out recipes, imbibing self-care and meditation tips, attempting easy exercise routines, and learning new things via free online sessions, through these newsletters. Today, I thought I’ll share my favourites with you, in case you’d like a dose of quick and high-quality information in your inbox too! Just click on the highlighted blue titles to go to the respective websites where you can sign up for these newsletter subscriptions.


  • TRIPADVISOR for information on cancellation policies of airlines and hotels as well as air travel FAQ’s addressing queries of these difficult times
  • CONDE NAST TRAVELLER– currently offering a one-month free subscription to its digital archives as well as access to the latest edition
  • LONELY PLANET TRAVEL NEWS – virtual visits of museums and other iconic sites around the world
  • ADIDAS RUNTASTIC– nutritious recipes, exercise regimes and tips to stay healthy
  • ANANDA SPA– this wellness retreat sends out regular 14-day weight loss programs with exercises/ yoga asanas / meal plans included
  • NICOBAR– This clothing brand focusses on sustainable living, along with mellow music playlists and free meditation sessions
  • POPSUGAR- I enjoy glimpsing through celebrities’ outfits and the latest trends on this American website’s newsletter
  • REFINERY29 Similar to the above, this American website also has some interesting political articles and highly addictive ‘money diaries’ series
  • VOGUE- All magazines under the Conde Nast banner are currently free for a month along with free access to past issues
  • NYKAA- my favourite online makeup site is sending out interesting articles on a daily basis
  • MARION HOPFGARTNER OF TLI PEDAGOGICS- the founder of this Austrian primary school education system makes short and simple youtube videos guiding parents through this unprecedented crisis
  • DR. SHIMMI KANG OF DOLPHIN POD- this Canadian education system seeks to supplement early learning programs through its unique interactive methods, and is currently hosting free online sessions for young children on a daily basis
  • ALL THINGS BABY- this online retail site organizes fun book-reading sessions with writers and celebrities
  • BOOK MY SHOW- arranging concerts, comedy shows, plays and curating ‘what-to-watch-next’ lists
  • ALL STREAMING SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES– I receive the latest updates from all my subscription streaming services, so I know about the latest movie and TV show releases every week
  • MOBILE NETWORKS– your mobile service provider often ties up with online entertainment providers and shares information on what to watch on which platform
  • PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE– tells you about exciting new book releases and shares essential reading lists based on preferences
  • GOODREADS– for the best book related information
  • ANANDA- easy, tasty and healthy recipes from their in-house kitchen
  • OBEROI HOTELS– their best recipes with a specific focus on immunity building
  • TAJ RECIPE BOOK– from the kitchens of the Taj Hotels
  • GQ
  • GOOP

This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just the newsletters that I receive in my inbox which I find useful. Your bank may also send you interesting information, including e-versions of national newspapers.

Hence, my tip to beat lockdown blues today, is to rummage through your email inbox or junk folder, and find newsletters that may be useful to you. I’m sure you’ll find some or many gems!

Since there are no TV shows that I’ve seen from the letter Q, I have a movie recommendation instead:

“Queen” starring Kangana Ranaut is the story of a naïve Indian girl who decides to go on her European honeymoon all by herself, when her fiancé ditches her at the altar. This movie was well-made and struck all the right chords. Even if you’ve seen it before, it’s definitely worth a repeat watch. Catch it on Netflix.

Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find a book I’ve read that begins with the letter Q?! Very very difficult. Finally, I settled on a title that at least contained a word beginning with that letter:

“The Mystery of Three Quarters” by Sophie Hannah is the third novel in this series, where a modern-day author recreates Agatha Christie’s iconic detective Hercule Poirot. Though Hannah’s stories are nothing in comparison to the smooth plot lines created by Christie, she writes the character of Poirot quite well, which makes her books a pleasure to read, solely for that reason.

That’s all for today folks!

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Qal milte hai! (‘see you tomorrow’ with poetic license on the spelling!)


This post has been written for the #AtoZChallenge 2020. My theme this year is #LockdownWithTheLadyLawyer, where I’m journaling my thoughts during the coronavirus lockdown, and sharing numerous recommendations that will help keep your spirits up. Read my other posts here:



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    1. I usually subscribe to blogs but hardly go over all of the newsletters. Queen is movialso mye choice for th letter Q. I started to like Kangana’s acting after this movie.

      1. Actually I find blogger’s newsletters are not very good quality so I skip over those- these are more newsletters of businesses and other informational services 😊

  1. I might have subscribed to newsletters but never read them, they just pile-up in mail inbox. Reading your blog today has really shown me a new way to get out of boredom. Will check your suggestions.

  2. I am feeling ashamed that I hardly opens any newsletter from my inbox, will check some picks from your list like Nykaa and Penguin books.Quest of Q made me crazy too, coincidently my today’s pick is also Queen movie.

  3. This is a great list with full of good suggestions..I had heard about some of them already and some were new to me..will surly check out health and wellness category..sounds interesting to me. thanks for sharing noor.

  4. I do read newsletters in my inbox occasionally. Agree that all the brands are increasing their digital presence and are working on creating good content! Love Queen for the message that it shares.
    Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain is on TBR.

  5. Your recommendations look great Noor! Have been surfing some of them already. Will try the rest as mentioned here. Thank you!

  6. Newsletters were cluttering my inbox for a long time, I think I unsubscribed most of them since I wasn’t reading them. Now would be a good time to go through whatever’s left. You’ve got a long list. Maybe will check out some of them. 🙂

  7. Enjoyed your recommendations Noor. I am still in thought of finding a book I have read with Q. Yes, found it! Two years ago I read The Last Queen of India. It was about Rani Lakshmibai. Enjoyed your post. And really loved the thought, Qal milte hai! Lovely. ☺

  8. I knew that google is offering a lot of virtual tours but I didn’t know about lonely planet. Those are some great suggestions. Queen has been on my watchlist for so long. I haven’t heard about Sophie Hannah. I’ll definitely add her books to my TBR. Thank you for the daily suggestions. 🙂

  9. I have a few favourite emailer subscriptions too and they have been a boon during this time. Since the lockdown started and my mission to read more books this year, I also rely on Goodreads heavily for reccos, etc.

  10. Queen is a personal favorite. I think it gave Kangana the fame she deserves. I’m not a fan of Sophie Hannah’s books. I have read a couple of them and believe that Christie’s genre of work is best left untouched.

  11. Queen is an awesome movie and I loved kangana in it a lot.
    wow, you actually gave quality mails the credit they deserve, seems I just go past them.
    Have just loved Agatha Christie till date, haven’t touched Sophie.

  12. Loved your post Noor, feels like I am talking to you as I read you. The newsletter list you mentioned is just so awesome. I just subscribed to some of them, thanks a lot for sharing and I love reading you everyday my friend

  13. This was a fun guide to newsletter content.Looking forward to getting subscribe to few of them

  14. That is quite a list, Noor. Thanks for sharing. Refinery29 is a favorite, I love their range of topics (I may be biased since I have worked with them :)). When it comes to books, my picks are Brain Pickings from Maria Popova and The Curious Reader for things closer to home.

      1. New York is my karmabhumi of sorts. Refinery has a writers call from time to time. They generally have one for travel writers during the Holidays. You can shoot a pitch at Not sure if these still work now with Vice taking over.

  15. To do nothing all the time…How’s that?? I’m almost always doing nothing consequential.
    Honestly I don’t give my subscription list so much attention but I’d like to try now. Queen is a personal favourite too.
    As usual great compilation Noor!

  16. Reading newsletters is a wonderful tip Noor. I love Agatha Christie’s books but haven’t read Sophie Hannah’s books. Going to read them for sure

  17. Thank you so much Noor, it feel so much honor that I got a space in your blog and heart . Truly you made my day. I am so glad to know about great newsletters.

  18. I read a lot already (esp this month with the AtoZ Challenge). Thanks for your lists. There were definitely some I will check out.

    Q Recommendations:

    Movie & TV: the Quartermass TV series of the 1950’s(BBC) and the Hammer Film Production series. I saw most of the movies before I found the TV show. Still haven’t seen them all. Closest I can give you an idea: Dr Who meets The X-Files with a bit more scifi aliens and such. Films are great.

    Book: Queen of Angels by Greg Bear. SciFi novel that was nominated for three of the highest awards in the SciFi world. The Nebula Award is a surprising omission.

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