Tips on Dressing for High Fashion Events

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There are millions of fashion influencers on social media, but I find very few of them actually share any practical advice on styling and fashion. Please don’t get me wrong – I’m no real expert in this domain. However, I am the daughter of fashion designer Harleen Anand, and I have always keenly followed fashion trends and learnt to adapt them to my personal style. I have also always loved to play and experiment with fashion. I thoroughly enjoy the creative challenge of dressing according to the occasion. And when it comes to certain events, that creative challenge is further enhanced – which is why I’m here to share my best tips on dressing for high fashion events.

Perhaps not everyone has the chance to attend high fashion events regularly, so when they are invited to an event of this nature, maybe they’ll be stumped as to what to wear? If that’s the case, I hope my tips can help them with their last-minute dressing woes for high fashion events.

Tips on dressing for high fashion events

Just to provide some context, I’m speaking particularly about what I wore to the Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI (Fashion Design Council of India) Spring / Summer 2024 held in October 2023 in Delhi. As an independent journalist, there are few perks of the job better than being invited to events catered around my particular interests. I’m not keen on free meals, nor do I care much about fancy red-carpet events with lots of corporate money on display. However, I do love fashion, so when I first started getting invited to cover the Delhi Fashion Weeks, it felt like I had finally arrived in my chosen profession of lifestyle journalism! In this post, I will share what I wore to the recent edition of Fashion Week but honestly I love playing around with my outfits no matter what the event or occasion.

Here is everything I wore this Fashion Week. Let me know your favourite look!

Tips on dressing for high fashion events


Without further ado, let’s get to my tips on dressing for high fashion events. Before I begin, I must share that I absolutely love playing with things I already own and there’s no better place for me to experiment with clothes in my closet than during Fashion Week.

Here are a few things that help me determine my clothing choices:

  • As a medium-sized curvy girl, I prefer to dress modestly, while highlighting my good bits and taking attention away from my wobbly bits! This means I’m ok with wearing fitted silhouettes that highlight my narrow waist, but I avoid anything fitted around the tummy or hips to avoid the lumps and bumps there. I also don’t mind showing a little bit of cleavage and I love showing off my shoulders and back.
  • During this Fashion Week, I was battling a severe psoriasis inflammation on my leg, which I was keen to hide from view. This meant wearing long silhouettes on the bottom such as lengthy and flowy skirts and pants that were longer with a boot cut leg. When I wore an ankle length pant, I paired it with heels that covered the inflamed skin around my ankles.
  • Comfort is key when you need to stand for long periods and walk around a lot. So, my outfits, shoes and bags had to be picked on this basis. I love to wear heels and over the years I have accumulated a bunch of wedge and block heels that I can even run around in if needed! Bags also needed to be small and cross-body style, so they didn’t feel cumbersome. Similarly, too tight or too sheer or too uncomfortable clothing had to be avoided so I could be in work mode for long periods of time.
  • For the last couple of years, it has become standard practice for designers to “dress” influencers with free outfits for their shows, which are then returned after the show is over. I obviously didn’t receive any outfits from designers (very happily so!) but I did want to dress as per the aesthetic of the designer whose show I was attending, just to stick with the vibe. This posed a unique creative challenge for which I had to dive deep into my wardrobe and find pieces that had a similar aesthetic to that of the designer in question.
  • I have no problem with repeating outfits, but I prefer to do so creatively. This means that though individual pieces are repeated multiple times from past looks, they will always be styled uniquely. This could be done through matching them with different kinds of accessories or by repurposing them entirely (for example, make a skirt into a dress and a dress into a shirt).
  • I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m a hugeee shopaholic!! But I never buy new things specifically for occasions like Fashion Week. It’s so much more fun to play with what’s already in my wardrobe! Another little secret? Fashion Week is an amazingggg place to shop! On the last day of the showcases, most of the designers put out heavily discounted clothes from their past collections for sale at an open-to-public pop-up at the Fashion Week venue. It is truly the best way to score some awesome designer deals!

Here is a mini vlog of my time at the recent Fashion Week where I share all the highlights of those five days.

Tips on dressing for high fashion events

Thanks for reading this post and if you found it useful, do share it with others too. Also, tell me your favourite fashion tips in the comments section below.


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  1. Wow Noor! What an opportunity! Being a fashionesta yourself, i’m sure you had fun covering the fashion week… that too wearing your ensemble of impressive outfits. You look good in all but my fav is the silver/grey frill maxi dress… its beautiful. Btw, your mum’s stunning… so elegant and pretty and her creations are equally lovely.

  2. I did fashion designing way back in 1988, never used it much though as I worked for sometime in an export house. The scene was far different then. I like your tips though, you dress boldly and smartly. It’s definitely worth giving yourself a boost, as I have realised over the decades.

  3. Noor now I got to know about the secret behind your excellent taste of fashion. Perhaps I have appreciated you the previous week for this. When parents are fashion experts, daughter will definitely that will flow in the gene. Honestly there is a touch of soberness in your styling sense which soothes my eyes and make me look at your pics for sometime. I really liked the way you shared the process of choosing your outfit for the event. I wish some day I get the chance to see a fashion show live. But let me tell you the weirdest thing of my life. Can you imagine this average looked, short figured and in-confident lady in terms of fashion only walked the ramp in new year society fashion show :)… but that’s the first and perhaps will be the last in my life

  4. This was interesting to read as I’m not into fast fashion nor do I attend any event for any matter. My last social event I’ve been to was my sister-in law’s wedding last August but before that was about 4 years ago for my sister’s wedding. haha..My niece just turned 4 years old this year!!! crazy fast! Anyways, loved your fashion tips!

  5. Honestly, I read your piece very carefully as I really enjoyed it. Of course, I have never been to any events like the ones you’ve attended, but I loved the fact that you have carefully chosen your outfits that not only suit your personality but also the event. My personal favorite is the black sequined dress with ankle length pant. I also am always in awe in the way you dress up for all occasions and whether I buy or not, I also follow your make up videos in Insta. 🙂

  6. Whenever I read your posts, there’s always something I can relate to. I love experimenting with outfits, mixing and matching, and I don’t always buy new clothes for every occasion. Your dressing style are amazing, and as I mentioned earlier, you truly look like your name ‘Noor’. Personally, I enjoy adding accessories to every simple dress I wear. When it comes to sarees, I never wear the set blouse; I always buy a contrasting piece and get it stitched.

  7. You are always impeccably dressed. I really liked the tips you shared. We can be creative with the same clothes and style them differently. Don’t need to go buy new clothes each time.

  8. You have been my window to the Delhi Fashion Week scene. I love catching your stories and how your styling is fashionable yet practical. How you add in an element about the show you are covering. Not sure if I will be attending a high fashion event anytime soon but I am surely going to keep your tips in mind.

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